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I Am Always Happy… Do You Know Why?


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I am always happy. Happiness is what most people love to have, but many of them can’t. It is not because they don’t have the things that bring happiness. It is because they don’t know how to be happy. Happiness is not in having things like money, beautiful cars and houses, fame and…

Money and wealth are great. I am not against having a lot of money. Indeed, I encourage you to work toward becoming a billionaire one day. But, you also need to know how to be happy if you like to enjoy your life and your wealth.

– I am happy, because I don’t expect anybody to do anything for me. You get hurt when you expect a lot from the others. Instead of expecting from the others, expect from yourself to become better every day.

– Life is too short. So love it as much as you can and smile all the time, even when you aren’t feeling good. Your smile helps you feel good finally. It attracts the energy you need to be happy. So start smiling now 🙂

– I live for myself. I always do the things I enjoy. I never do something that I hate, just because someone expects me to do it, or because it makes the others think good about me when I do it. I am myself and I serve myself and my feelings. Be yourself if you are looking for the true happiness.

– I listen more than I talk, and I think before I talk. Therefore, I rarely say or write something that gets me into trouble.

– I make money before I spend. I know how to manage my life. I have worked hard enough to be financially free. I am enjoying it now. Do the same. Work hard while you love your job, because it makes you happy. Love your job.

– I forgive anybody. I don’t keep anything bad against anybody in my heart. I love anybody, and I ignore and forgive peoples’ faults and mistakes. Even if someone does or says something bad against me, I do the opposite. Not because of him/her; but because of myself. I love myself.

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– I never say or do anything that hurts anybody. You will get hurt more, if you hurt someone. You receive a lot more than the happiness and joy you give to the others.


Smile now and keep smiling for good. Love yourself and others. Always think and talk about the good things, and do the best as you can for yourself and others.

Good luck 🙂

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"Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right." - Henry Ford

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23 thoughts on “I Am Always Happy… Do You Know Why?
  1. Ben Aqiba Ben Aqiba says:

    Hi Chris,

    this is a really amazing. We are just talk about happiness today in forum and we have concluded the same thing.

    It is very important that happiness we not identify with our goal because if we do that we will never be happy, because we will always have some another goal.

    The way you think is truly enlightened way of thinking of a man who exudes of wisdom.
    All we need to work of ourself to reach that level of thinking and enlightenment.

    Happy is the state of mind.It is in us, and we need only to look at the things that we have allready and to strive to the things that we want to have.
    As long as we focus on things that we don’t, we will never be happy.

    Thank you a lot.
    Thank you because you lead us in this wonderful journey towards enlightenment and financial freedom!

  2. Thanks Chris.

    Quiet inspiring.

  3. Never ever forget your simple lessons and your name.

    Thank You dear Chris 🙂

  4. Hi Chris,

    Beautifully inspired, make my evening here.
    Thank you

  5. Nihat Temiz Nihat Temiz says:

    I did it because of your articles I have read about the mind set and the emotions and vampires and many more while I was in Luck Scout Millionaires Club where I learned very very good most of the time enthusiast and feelings and mentality
    so just let the master daily trading weeks months.
    and I see it’s working wonderfully, this is true that it works! so I’m getting smiling and happy at home with my kids and family!

    I have a long day for me to grow successfully and I miss doing something with my family and have fun!

    Well done Chris Pottorf!
    and many other employees team!

  6. Dear Chris,
    Thank you for so many inspiring articles you have written for us.

    I learn a lot, not just trading strategy, but also life strategy.

    You and the team are unsung heroes.

  7. James NM James NM says:

    Happiness comes from within you nobody will ever give you happiness but yourself…it’s a great article with best info

  8. Lovely post Chris, thank

  9. I could not help smiling as I read through the article and even afterwards.
    Thank you Chris.

  10. Luncai Batu Luncai Batu says:

    Hi Chris, I love this site because of the positive enviroment you create

  11. Great post! Post like these always remind me to evaluate my current condition mentally and gives me a chance to make corrections. I would like to share with the community a old book I find very helpful on the subject of manifestation and universal law. Its a free study course written by Charles F. Hannal called the Master Keys system. Enjoy!


  12. S Aaberg S Aaberg says:

    Chris, thank you. I especially like your mindset when it comes to forgiveness.

    Forgiveness is an ability that I´ve totally ignored for so many years. I now have to work with it on daily basis. My life is slowly changing for the better.

    The absence of forgiveness creates many negative emotions such as bitterness, envy, greed and so on.

    I am generally more happy since I started to take action towards true forgiveness within my heart.

    It´s easier to enjoy wealth if I live for myself and people / things I love, instead of constantly focus on revenge. Money aside, time is the most valuable asset so it´s important to chose a healthy happy mindset.

    Forgiveness is the word!


  13. Dear Chris

    I sometimes wonder where one gets some much wisdom and love for another human being.
    Chris you must be the luckiest man alive.

    Thank you for helping me to be a better person.

  14. What a great inspiration. Thanks

  15. Ssy Ssy says:

    I’m only human so I don’t necessarily forgive anyone, I just cut ties with them. I don’t hate them, just not think about them anymore.

    Imagine if we were to lose a million dollars in a day, can we still be happy?

    This guy can:

  16. Amazing article, it made my day even better than it was 🙂 Thanks a lot Chris

  17. Great attitude, Chris! working on getting there… 🙂

  18. Robert B. Robert B. says:

    Simple but excellent and motivating article full of wisdom.

    Thank you Chris!

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