Ibotta is a popular mobile app. It helps you take advantage of both mobile coupons as well as cash back every time you shop with it.

A fairly new introduction in the world of coupons and cash back, Ibotta has already gained a relatively strong following.

As per most Ibotta reviews, this application is extremely user-friendly, and the whole procedure to earn cashback is quite simple.

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You have to just buy a product, do a few tasks, provide a proof of purchase and take advantage of the amazing offers and rewards that you are entitled to.

The Ibotta app is gaining popularity also because the extent of savings is quite large.

Most user reviews indicate that Ibotta offers quite substantial savings.

This is why users don’t mind investing the time in understanding how to use Ibotta.

You have to remember that this savings is generally in addition to other rewards programs, coupon stacking and redeeming them as well.

This is exactly why Ibotta deals become such an important addition to your overall savings program.

After understanding what is Ibotta, the next point to ponder is how does Ibotta work?

Here is a quick lowdown on the key elements of this coupon based app.

The good news is that the Ibotta app is rather simple to use and the steps to get the gains are quite simple.

Moreover, there are very clear instructions which make it quite easy to maneuver.

Ibotta Review and the Way You Can Use It

The first step is, of course, downloading the Ibotta app.

You have to make sure that the smartphone you are using has software that is compatible with the app.

The Ibotta app is compatible with Apple devices with iOS 5.0 or higher.

So if you have an iPhone 3GS and all other subsequent models, a 3rd generation iPod touch, iPad 2 and all versions after that, you can download the Ibotta app.

For Android-based devices, if you are using Android 2.2 or higher, you will be able to use this app rather seamlessly.

Downloading this Ibotta app is pretty inexpensive.

It is available for free on Google Play store and iTunes.

You have to simply look for it and download it.

But remember that along with downloading the app, you must make sure that you have a PayPal account.

Unlike many other coupon-based systems, this one gives you access to real money that is transferred to your PayPal account directly.

Therefore, this is one of the greatest reasons for Ibotta’s popularity.

How to Start Using Ibotta

You can start using Ibotta by tapping on the icon on your smartphone and explore the offers section.

It is important to properly go through the various details on the offers page.

That will give you an idea of the various ways you can earn cashback using the Ibotta app.

The offers section on the Ibotta app will give you details of the various Ibotta deals.

Unlocking these deals would make sure that you never miss out an opportunity to earn cash and add to your savings.

Here is the list of the different sections, products and services of Ibotta:

  1. Ibotta Offers Key to Your Savings
  2. The Number of Tasks That You Need to Complete to Get Cash
  3. Proof of Purchase on Ibotta
  4. Other Profitable Features of Ibotta App
  5. Maximize Your Earnings Using Ibotta App
  6. After Reading the Various Ibotta Reviews
  7. Necessity of Using FaceBook
  8. The Wide Range of Stores Associated with Ibotta

1. Ibotta Offers Key to Your Savings

Ibotta Offers Key to Your Savings

The Ibotta offers section is created in a way that gives you an idea about the most profitable ideas that you can take advantage of.

They use a combination of audio-visual elements to create the most lasting impact.

Needless to mention, Ibotta through this means can quite successfully woo more and more shoppers to download the Ibotta app and take advantage of the various deals that have in the pipeline.

  1. The amount of cash back that you can earn is clearly stated. The clear display leaves no scope for confusion and users can get very precise estimates.
  2. As you are browsing through the offers list, you can easily identify a product you want to buy and check the offer on it. Just tapping on the ‘earn $’ icon on the product will help you get a fair idea of how much you can get back in cash.
  3. You will also get to know the various tasks that you need to complete to earn the cash back.
  4. The most interesting element about the offers on the Ibotta app is that you can earn them in multiple ways.
  5. You can earn cash on Ibotta in many ways. You can complete either the bare minimum task or all offered. The more tasks you finish, the more money you can earn.

2. The Number of Tasks That You Need to Complete to Get Cash

The Number of Tasks That You Need to Complete to Get Cash

Now, this can pose a very serious question for you?

After all, what is this task or the number of tasks that you need to complete to get cash?

Often, this is one of the most primary aspects of how does Ibotta work.

Funnily enough, most Ibotta reviews are tight-lipped about these tasks and first timers often confused.

However, the good news is Ibotta deals can help unlock great cash earnings by doing simple tasks.

This could range from watching a short video to reading some fact, from completing a survey to writing a short feedback on the product.

Sometimes it would need you to simply mention your buy on Facebook.

So technically there is nothing wrong or ethically inappropriate in doing these tasks.

The fact that you can actually get cash in return is also a strong motivation for completing these tasks.

But, Does It Mean the Moment You Finish the Task, the Cash Would Be Yours on Ibotta?

If you probe a little further on how Ibotta works, you will understand that this exactly is the case.

Once you have completed the task that the offer listed, the product is automatically shifted to your checklist.

Therefore, the moment you buy the item, you can earn that money.

However, there is a catch in it.

You will only get the cash back on your Ibotta app if you buy the product from a store that is participating in the Ibotta deals that are on offer.

The most recent innovations introduced by Ibotta simplify the entire procedure for you.

You can easily find the products and the stores where it is available.

There is one more avenue on the offers page that I am sure, you would want to explore.

The Store Extras offer Ibotta shoppers some extremely cool deals.

For example, there might be some specific offers in WalMart, but these will come to the forefront only when you buy from the store.

3. Proof of Purchase on Ibotta

Proof of Purchase on Ibotta

We mentioned right at the beginning, the cashback on Ibotta app is a simple 3-step.

Process, identify products, complete task and then redeem rewards with proof of purchase.

So when you buy a product from the list of offers, you will need to show Ibotta an exact proof of purchase.

In many ways, this is almost like a safety mechanism in place.

It makes sure that only the rightful customer enjoys the advantages associated with the Ibotta deals.

When you are trying to understand how does Ibotta work, this is one of the most crucial links.

You will, first of all, need to tap the ‘Redeem’ icon and then select the store from which you bought the product from.

There will be clear instructions about how you need to click a photo of your receipts and submit it.

You will have to scan the product barcodes and make sure you redeem the offer before it expires.

Make sure that your receipt is complete, i.e. you take all possible snapshots to provide a comprehensive picture and cover all details.

Ibotta then verifies what is your overall shopping.

Once your cash back reaches $5, they transfer it to your PayPal account.

The best part of it is this deal happens within 24 hours. So you don’t have to wait for weeks and months to enjoy the benefits of your rewards.

4. Other Profitable Features of Ibotta App

Other Profitable Features of Ibotta App

Something unique about Ibotta is that it is absolutely dynamic and continuously looking at extending benefits to users.

In many ways, this is the reason why it is gaining popularity so quickly as well.

Reviews indicate that the latest features added to the Ibotta app have made it even more beneficial for its users and added to their savings.

These latest innovations are extremely user-friendly and act as incentives for new users to embrace them.

Moreover, who doesn’t like making a few hundred bucks on the side if they can manage it?

– Bonus:Free $10 Ibotta Bonuses

Ibotta offers this unique feature to its users to make extra money.

This one is directly proportional to how often you use this app.

A section, the more you use Ibotta, greater the chances of making additional money.

You can explore the Bonus tab through the main menu on Ibotta.

There are individual listings here.

Each one clearly explains how you can go about earning them.

Not just that, earning one bonus also opens the door for earning many others subsequently.

– Referring Friends:

When You Refer Ibotta to Friends, and They Register as Well, Bonus Gets Credited to Your Account.

If you have an active friend’s circle, it could add to your gains even more.

When you refer Ibotta to friends, and they register as well, bonus gets credited to your account.

The more the number of friends you refer successfully, greater becomes your cash earnings.

There is no pre-decided limit.

As a result, you can continue adding these friend bonuses and take your earnings to fresh highs ever time.

But remember your friends have to click on the personal link that you have sent them.

It is only then that you can unlock the bonus.

– Expiry Dates:

Ibotta Coupons Expiry Dates

When you are checking for offers, always remember to check its validity along with the amount of cash that you can earn.

There is a special expiry flag for offers that are particularly close to their expiry dates.

So, a look at them and you know that the specific offer is set to expire in 5 days.

This is a very useful feature.

It makes sure that you never miss out an opportunity to win cash and are always able to earn maximum possible returns.

– Track Your Earnings:

Track Your Ibotta Earnings

You can even keep a track of your earnings.

Most reviews about Ibotta peg this as a major plus.

It is a complete tracking tool.

You don’t just track your earnings.

You will also track all other activities as well like:

  1. A number of friends you referred to
  2. The receipts that you have submitted
  3. The bonus you have earned and claimed thus far through this process.

You can also keep track of the amount of cash you have withdrawn thus far from these channels.

5. How to Maximize Your Earnings Using Ibotta App

How to Maximize Your Earnings Using Ibotta App

Now that you are aware of the various features of Ibotta, it becomes important to understand the ways that you can maximize your savings using them.

Often when you simply key in what is Ibotta on the internet, you come across several options to maximize your gains.

But the point is to take a realistic view of these steps.

Most importantly you have to explore options where you can look at sustaining these gains in a constructive manner.

This is important because only then, you can really work towards creating a sustainable earning module.

Theoretically, Ibotta offers you some brilliant savings, but we will help you understand the trick that will offer guaranteed scope for non-stop returns.

In these steps, you are just aligning your shopping in a specific channel.

– Link Your Loyalty Card to Your Ibotta App

Link Your Loyalty Card to Your Ibotta App

Ibotta works with close to 300 stores, but there are a few that are its preferred partners.

The advantage is you don’t have to scan your receipts when you shop at these stores.

But before that, you have to make sure that you have linked the store loyalty card with the Ibotta app.

After downloading Ibotta on your phone, you have to search for the stores where you buy regularly and have loyalty cards.

Then in the column where you have to verify purchases, you need to simply key in the loyalty card number.

As a result, all your purchases become auto-linked.

You can simply buy and take advantage of the cash back opportunities.

– Bonus Rebates

You Can Use the Ibotta App to Maximize the Overall Gains.

There are special holiday based bonus rebates throughout the year, be it Christmas or Easter or any other holiday.

Now you can use the Ibotta app to maximize the overall gains.

The idea is apart from the cash back that you will access via Ibotta, you get the opportunity to make more savings.

Moreover, the assumption is if there is a bonus rebate, there are individual options as well.

This helps you to further lock your gains in a constructive fashion for an extended period.

– Ibotta Recurring Rebates

Ibotta Recurring Rebates

When you get used to Ibotta for a while, you would realize that there are some rebates that show up at regular intervals.

This is a particularly intriguing one to explore because Ibotta offers one rebate per receipt.

But if you are confident that a particular rebate will show up again, simply go ahead buy and redeem and the look for the second opportunity and the third.

Basically, you can then take advantage of all rebate offerings that might be displayed on a product.

This will, no doubt, help you to clock bigger and far better gains.

– Buy the Cheapest Combination

Buy the Cheapest Combination

When you are exploring the cheapest offerings on Ibotta app, many times the size of the offering makes a big difference.

Sometimes you might find buying multiples of a smaller size might result in a relatively greater amount of savings than buying 1 unit of a bigger size.

Essentially to maximize your gains on Ibotta, you need to follow the various rebate offerings and then chalk out a strategy.

Don’t follow the same strategy for all discount rates.

That will never allow gaining too much.

On the contrary, it could erode profits to an extent.

– Look for Store Specific Discounts

Look for Store Specific Discounts

The advantage of Ibotta is that you can often explore the range of discounts available in a particular store and then take a call about the amount of cashback you can take advantage of.

For example, there could be some stores with close to 25 rebates and offers.

If a few of these rebate offerings are more than $1, you would end up making a profit on every purchase.

So you can then conveniently make money using Ibotta by shopping at these stores.

It is important to stay alerted to log substantial gains.

– Look at Stacking Rebates

Look at Stacking Rebates

When you are shopping through Ibotta, it is all about how effectively you can take advantage of the various rebates.

This is exactly why you need to be very alert and keep a note of the various offerings that are available at any given point of time.

You can always earn more using Ibotta by stacking multiple rebates.

For example, if a particular store offers 25 cents cashback on any brand and also 50 cents on a specific product available in the same store.

So if you buy two things from the same store, you straight away pocket 75 cents cash back from a single buy.

A little careful consideration can help you maximize your profit.

– Combining Rebates + Coupons

Combining Rebates + Coupons

Often the Ibotta deals or the rebate offered on the Ibotta app is part of a promotional plan.

Invariably you will notice that the product is on sale anyway as well.

Now if there is so much promotion, it is almost certain that the product promotion coupons would also be available for the same.

Now is the time for you to capitalize on these gains.

Look at taking advantage of the triple advantage that comes your way.

Now it is possible to take advantage of the multiple such offers and look at constructively expanding your profit margin.

So when you are looking at maximizing your earnings using the Ibotta app, it is very important that you are able to combine as many of these deals.

Therefore, the trick to how to use Ibotta to your advantage is by combining as many of these super deals together as possible.

It increases both the relative earnings per deal and the total earnings from your overall Ibotta shopping spree.

– Look for Team Offerings

Operating as a team can be beneficial in many ways on the Ibotta app.

You have to understand that apart from the referral programs and the cashback that you can earn from this, there are many rebates that are available as a team.

This will, no doubt, help in further boosting your gains.

In this regard, the rebates that your teammates redeem also increase the monthly bonus income that you can pocket.

Therefore, this helps you to both share your gains and also add to your individual income.

There are many Ibotta deals that offer you this opportunity to make money as a team.

– Curate Your Cart With Care

Think about it- why exactly are you shopping using the Ibotta app?

It is essentially because you want to maximize your earnings and reduce your expenses.

So, therefore, it is important that you are not in a hurry to put things in the cart.

Carefully consider every addition that you make to the cart.

It is extremely important that whatever you choose to buy adds to your earnings.

It so happens many times that I put in products that I feel have a discount, but in reality, they don’t have any relevant offer.

So it is best to avoid this type of confusion.

The more careful you are in curating your gains, the better the prospect of gains that you can clock in.

One simple way to double check this is available on the Ibotta app.

If you scroll down in the rebate section, you have an option to check barcode.

To make sure you are never too far away from a discount deal, simply check every buy using the barcode.

– Mobile Offerings

The range and variety of the Ibotta deals is an absolute game changer most times.

Apart from the various deals available on conventional shopping, you can also take advantage of the many offers that Ibotta curates especially for the mobile shoppers.

The bottom line is whatever and wherever you are shopping, Ibotta deals are never too far away.

It is a cool and constructive shopping initiative.

Whether you are buying flowers through your mobile or using the online facilities, you can always enjoy assured discounts and cash backs.

6. After Reading the Various Ibotta Reviews

After Reading the Various Reviews

After reading the various Ibotta reviews and analyzing the different Ibotta deals that the overall feedback for it is rather positive.

You might not be a very app oriented but still, take advantage of this easy to use Ibotta app.

Some user reviews, however, had some objection about the multiple steps involved in claiming and redeeming the rewards.

But overall, I would call it a pretty fair system and the steps involved in redeeming the cash rewards not so complicated.

It can be done rather quickly and the relative gains more than compensate for the effort involved.

One of the best parts of the Ibotta deals is the type of savings you can achieve on your grocery dealings.

The majority of the items carry double-triple coupon redemption opportunities along with cash back.

So the Ibotta app can meaningfully improve your gains on a wide variety of food items, especially grocery products.

This is a fairly straightforward way of earning money, and there is no confusion in this.

7. Necessity of Using FaceBook

Necessity of Using FaceBook

Perhaps the only negative point highlighted in most reviews about Ibotta is one of the tasks that necessitates FaceBook post.

This is particularly annoying for many users.

They often have reservation about posting promotional offers on their personal Facebook page.

As a result, they are not able to take advantage of the maximum cash back that is on offer.

For many exploring how to use Ibotta, the uploading of receipts and the scanning barcode also seems to an area of concern.

But that is nothing new.

We have been through times when these barcodes had to be cut and mailed for receiving rebates.

In comparison, scanning seems almost child play.

Moreover, it makes the cashback process relatively secure as well.

There is no chance of a mistake in crediting the cash back to the rightful owner.

8. The Wide Range of Stores Associated with Ibotta

The Wide Range of Stores Associated with Ibotta

The wide range of stores associated with Ibotta is another big advantage of using this mobile shopping app.

Apart from the sheer numbers, the type of stores associated with is also a major positive.

You have an extremely healthy mix of departmental stores, dollar stores, grocery and other daily necessities.

That is extremely useful and enables users to take advantage of maximum deals in one go.

Last but not the least, the Ibotta app can be easily downloaded on most smartphones that are available now.

The easy interface and convenient navigation facilities make sure that almost anyone can use this app with relative ease and convenience.

Moreover, you don’t have to track and transfer your payment manually.

Ibotta app simply transfers the cash to your PayPal account in a seamless manner.

The moment you have $5 in your account, it gets transferred to your account.

Therefore, in short, Ibotta is a sure and steady way to create relatively stable earnings over an extended period of time.

Every time you spend on grocery, you can create cash backs and sustained profit channels.