If You Don’t Go Up, You Will Go Down

Most people think that if their business makes money, it is successful and they don’t have to do anything more than what they are doing. From my point of view, a business that makes a constant amount of income, is a struggling business, even if its income is currently high. There’s only one exception, which is when your business has no competitor. If a business has competitors (which is true about most businesses) and the income doesn’t go up every month and year, it will start going down and will eventually collapse.

History is the biggest witness for this. We know so many good companies that have been working for decades. But, they don’t exist now, because they haven’t been able to increase their income, and so they lost the game to their competitors.

Big companies know this, and they always do their best to increase their net income. They do this through lowering their expenses, adding new products/services, strengthening their mass-production and finding new customers. But, most small businesses don’t know this. They think if they make some profit, they are doing good. But, they are doing good, as long as conditions haven’t changed. A new stronger competitor, in the same area, can easily knock them down. Or a problem like the pandemic will cause them to shut down. Even in Canada that the government helped small businesses during the pandemic, many of them shut down, after decades of working and while some of them had thousands of dollars of products in their stores. The reason was exactly as explained above: They had been happy with a constant profit for years. They had survived with a small profit. When their income dropped because of the pandemic, they didn’t have enough savings to keep going.

It means, being happy with a constant profit is like walking on a narrow rope. You will fall down by a small shake.

Even if something like the pandemic doesn’t happen, businesses that their income doesn’t go up, are doomed, because they cannot maintain the same income level forever. Their income will start going down eventually, and soon, they won’t be able to cover their expenses, and so they will have to shut down.

It is the same with many other things in life. If you don’t go up, you will go down. You can’t keep moving on a horizontal line forever. You should either go up, or you fall down. You must work harder, better and more than yesterday, every day. You must get better than yesterday, every day. If you become happy with what you have and what you are, you will go down. You have to advance and learn more every day. If you do so, you won’t have to be worried about your competitors because they will always be behind you. Just be better than you were yesterday, every day. That’s all.

It is a nonstop struggle. It is a never-ending battle. But it is what it is, whether you like it or not. That’s why you don’t see too many successful people around. They are extremely rare. They are the ones who have never stopped fighting to get better.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. —Albert Einstein


You can do this alone. But, it will be harder because you have to be your own motivator and engine. In most cases, there is no one who supports you nonstop. You have to do it yourself. You have to fight with disappointment and weakness, all the time and nonstop, and still chances are you will get disappointed and give up. Life is tough. Not everyone wins this battle.

But, you have another choice too: You can do it with a community and team who have the same goal. You complement and support each other, and your power resonates and intensifies. You still have to keep working and getting better every day. But, you are not alone anymore, and so you are closer to success. This is what we are doing. Join us and keep moving with us. You help the community, and the community helps you. It works 🙂

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By Vahid Chaychi

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