If You Never Give Up…

There are some signs that if they can be found in you, you are or can be a good entrepreneur, and if they are not in you, you can develop them in yourself. We humans are able to make big changes if we want.

I have already talked about one of these signs here. It is about having a small circle. If you are in touch and you spend time with too many people, you cannot be a good entrepreneur. Good entrepreneurs have a very small circle and are in touch with a very limited number of people who are all winners. That is the first sign. What is the second sign?

Successful people and those who have a strong entrepreneurship spirit, never give up. They always find a good way to go forward and reach their goals,  no matter how many obstacles they are faced with. Winners are the ones who never give up.

Again here, I must emphasize on the importance of having winners around. If you are surrounded with winners, you will win because they push you to win. They always remind you that you are strong enough to do it and you will do it. But, if you are surrounded with losers and cowards, they will discourage you and will make you give up and lose. You’d better either be alone, or surrounded with winners, strong, brave and successful people.

Just look back to see how you have behaved so far. If you have given up so easily, then did those who were around cause you to do it, or you used to give up yourself?

If those who are around you cause you to give up as soon as you are faced with a problem, or when you want to start something new, then either kick them out of your life, or leave their lives. If it is you who doesn’t have enough power not to give up, then you must change yourself at whatever it takes.

If you don’t have the power to be alone in the journey of life to pass the ocean of obstacles and reach the harbor of success and freedom, then one solution is to mix up with the people who have the same goal and are supporting and pushing each other to achieve it. Our community is a good way to do this because not only is it serious to achieve the goals it has, but also it is free and risk-free.

Join our community to create a new circle from so many loving people who all have one goal that is helping the community to achieve financial freedom for all members, including you.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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