In Order to Survive, We Have Only One Choice: We Must Become Stronger, Stronger and Stronger

While there is some great news about the future of humans (here and here), and I personally think that humans’ future will be brilliant, there are still some threats that should not be ignored: The enemies of humanity want to dominate the world at whatever it takes, be it killing all other nations or subjugating them.

Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula)

It is not the first time that someone, a nation or a party has such a dream and goal. From Alexander the Great to Changez Khan that are the most famous in ancient history to many smaller and obscure dictators or empires like Vlad Tepes (also known as Dracula👹), to the most recent ones like Hitler, they all dreamed of dominating the world and becoming the only empire and king on the earth. They all failed and took their dreams to their graves. But, the communist ideology that was founded by Karl Marx and then developed and promoted by Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union is still a big problem for the world.

The Soviet Union collapsed due to their inability to manage their economy, as they had only focused on manufacturing their useless weapons to win the arms race and cold war from The United States. Now I don’t think that Vladimir Putin dreams of dominating the world because he doesn’t see himself and Russia strong enough even to have such a dream. Their failure in the overnight defeat of Ukraine also proved this. However, there is still one big problem with the same rotten ideology and stupid dream left: China!

Back in 1975, China even had no money to import machinery and technology. When they came to my country to buy trucks at that time, they said they had no money to pay and they could only exchange goods for trucks. The goods they offered were lamps, shovels, shovel handles, etc. 😀

What has made them this arrogant that they want to dominate the world now? What has given them the courage to create biological weapons to spread in the world and kill millions?

Just in The United States alone, the Chinese virus and their recent pandemic has killed over 500,000 of the useful and demanding work force, in a way that some part of the current economic crisis is because of not having enough skilled workers. The media didn’t talk about this that much, probably because they didn’t want to scare the public. However, the FED chairman, Jerome Powell, talked about it in one the most recent FOMC meetings a few months ago.

So, the same question again: What has changed the Chinese from having no money to buy the things they needed 50 years ago, to attempting to kill people all around the world and even in The United States?

China only had one thing: population and cheap workers

Greedy western companies who didn’t want to pay wages to their people, and wished to gain all they wanted at the cheapest possible price, built their factories and production lines in China. As a result, trillions of dollars have been transferred to China in the past few decades. Now, Chinese communists who couldn’t even provide enough food for their people, have everything they need to dominate the world:

  • Money
  • Army
  • Population
  • Conventional weapons
  • Nuclear weapons
  • Biological weapons
  • Chemical weapons

Why shouldn’t they think about dominating the world? It was the west that gave power to these starving monsters, and took these devils out of the lamp. Their crypto scams are ripping people off around the world (here, here and here), while their viruses are still killing people, and they have more plans for the future pandemics. They are occupying lands in Africa and many poor countries through giving even zero-interest loans that they cannot return, and so China takes their lands as per the contracts they sign. Wake up the world!

They even force thousands of their own people to live in the countries they are occupying their lands, to promote the Chinese culture and language there. Why?

I told you. They want to dominate the world, kill other nations and become the sole owner of the earth. They are doing genocide inside China too, like what Joseph Stalin did in the Soviet Union, from 1924 to 1938.

What Can We Do?

Same thing that happened to the Soviet Union is waiting for China. The money stream toward China is becoming slower. But, it has to become completely stopped and these enemies of humanity have to become 100% isolated and abandoned. Then, they will lose their power, and their weapons can’t do anything for them, as the Soviet Union nuclear weapons could do those losers any favor. They lost everything and could never get up again. Same thing will happen to China, but not that easily because the Chinese used the Soviet Union experience and are prepared for it. The rest of the world must become stronger and self-sufficient to isolate China.

Unlike the Chinese, we don’t want to dominate the world. The United States of America that has been the strongest country of the world, at least in the past century, not only never wanting to dominate the world, but also they have always helped other nations and countries. If it wasn’t The United States’ support, Hitler would win the second world war. If the enemies of humanity weren’t afraid of The United States, now the world would be under their full control and most probably we wouldn’t exist now.

Only sub-humans and enemies of humanity think about dominating the world when they become strong. Humans don’t do it.

But, we humans must become stronger than ever. We must support each other against the enemies of humanity. We must take humanity one step forward and one level higher. How?

We must help each other to become stronger. This is one of the reasons that The LuckScout Community was created. Instead of giving up on what we have, we must help each other to have more and more. As a member of this community, you help the community to become stronger, and the community does the same for you. When humans become strong, the enemies of humanity will forget about their evil dreams. They will go back to where they were: offering to give lamps, shovels and shovel handles instead of money. They don’t deserve more than that.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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