International Fraudsters Won’t Leave You Alone😳☠️

I am preparing to write a review about one of the sites that an international fraudster has created to scam more people. This scammer has already ripped off millions of people around the world, but he has not given up on scamming more people yet because there are some idiots who still want to believe what he says, and there are some others who don’t know him and his background, and so they can easily become fooled by him.

The fraudster I am talking about is called Sam Lee who used to be the cofounder and CEO of HyperVerse and then HyperNation, although now he is gradually denying his participation in those programs.

If you are interested to know about these programs, and also my story with them, you can refer to the articles below:

Sam Lee has clearly told one of the HyperVerse leaders that “Pump & Dump” is one of the best ways to become a multi-billionaire.

For your information, “Pump & Dump” is a kind of fraud. To do it, they create a cryptocurrency, which is indeed a token (not a real cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain), and so it has no real value. However, they pump the fake value of the cryptocurrency, through advertising and with the power of MLM or Pyramid marketing, and by giving lots of rewards to those who refer people to the investment scheme they create for the cryptocurrency.

They advertise that the value of the cryptocurrency will dramatically go up, and if you want to make a fortune, you can buy a lot of it while the price is still too low. At the same time, if you refer others and ask them to do the same, you will receive lots of rewards.

As a result, they collect millions or even billions through the deception of public opinion about the cryptocurrency. Once they have collected enough money, they go to the next phase which is called “Dump”. They stop supporting the scheme, paying the members, and promoting the cryptocurrency. They are done. They have already stolen billions from millions around the world.

For your information, Elon Musk has done the same with Dogecoin which is one of these kinds of tokens or cryptos. Read this: Elon Musk Got Sued for Dogecoin Pump & Dump

“Pump & Dump” is what Sam Lee has been doing and is still doing. I will write my review about his relatively new site, which is another combination of “Pump & Dump” and Ponzi scheme, with some more innovations to fool people easier. However, if you don’t want to get scammed by these fraudsters, you don’t have to know all the details about what I explained above. As usual, I will simplify everything for you:

If a program promises to make money for you and make you rich and financially free, and at the same time wants you to pay membership and upgrading fees, and also it wants you to buy different investment packages with different rewards and profits, while it says if you refer and recruit, you will receive a lot more rewards, just do one thing: Run away!

It is a 100% scam.

I can make it even simpler than that:

If a program asks for any membership, setup or upgrading fees, just do one thing: Run away!

If they are able to make money for you, then they don’t need your money. Why should you pay them first and then wait for them to pay you??? Isn’t this ridiculous?

A good program has to be free. That’s the first sign while there are many other signs that have to be seen too.

For example, if the founders don’t communicate with members, or if you don’t know who they are and who is behind the scene, or if they are overseas and reside in countries like Dubai, like what Sam Lee or NovaTechFx founders do, then you must run away again because someone who is a United States, Canada or Australia citizen, but goes to Dubai to launch his membership/investment program, should not be trusted at all.


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