Even the best product or service can’t resolve any of the people’s problems, nor can it make any money for you, if you don’t introduce it to the public through the proper marketing strategies.

So don’t be proud of yourself only when you’ve been talented enough to create a good product, service or system.

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Nobody knows who you are, how talented you are and how brilliant your ideas are, as long as you don’t make people know you.

Some people are against marketing.

They think it is not good to try to sell yourself or your ideas to make money.

But it is only through making enough money that a talented person can survive and keep on working and creating more great ideas, products, services and systems.

Therefore, those who think that a decent person, team or website, doesn’t try to make money through marketing, are wrong.

That was the first thing I had to explain for those who fret when they see the word “marketing”.

I love to create great ideas, products and services, but I love it more when I sell them and they make a lot of money for me.

When people pay for my products, it means I am really great in creating the products and ideas that people like.

Making money is an important part of this game.

Therefore, marketing is what you have to know very well.

If not, you will have to pay a lot of money to the others to do it for you.

If you don’t, then nobody will ever know you, your ideas and your products.

Internet Marketing

The good news is, the Internet and computer have made it so easy to support the talented people who have great ideas.

You can be one of those who has lots of great ideas that can be turned into great products.

But you have to be able to make money from your products to survive and create more products.

The Internet has made this much easier and more efficient.

Fortunately, it is possible to make money constantly and automatically through some Internet marketing strategies that work automatically.

Therefore, you can keep on making money without having to spend a lot of time and money on promoting your products.

These Internet marketing strategies give you the chance (1) to enjoy your time and life and (2) have enough time to create more great ideas, products and services.

Now, there is another good news:

Not only those who are talented enough to create great products and services, but also those who have no products and services at all, can make money through the Internet and its automation power.

The Internet has made it possible to make money automatically even when you have no product or service.


You can sell the others’ products and services and make commissions.

Therefore, having no product is not a problem if you want to make money online.

You just need to sign up for a good affiliate problem to become able to sell some good products that make a lot of commissions for you.

Then, you have to follow at least one strong Internet marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to the products you want to sell.

This is where most people fail, because it is easy and usually free or so cheap to license some good products to sell online and make commissions.

But something which is not that easy is generating the targeted traffic to generate sales.

It is where you have to know and follow the strong Internet marketing strategies that can be automated as much as possible.

Automated Internet Marketing Strategies

In this article, I am explaining about our internet marketing strategies that work fully-automated.

I am writing this article to show you how easy it is to use the power of the Internet to generate sales while you don’t even have a product or service.

What I am explaining below, works both when you have a product, and when you want to sell the others’ products.

The Internet marketing strategy is the same in both cases.

The good thing is that once you set up the marketing system, it works by itself and you won’t have to do anything.

It means it is automatic.

Of course, sometimes you will have to reply some emails from the potential customers or prospects.

But this rarely happens because we set up the system in a way that it usually doesn’t leave any questions for anybody.

So that there is no point to ask any questions.

Experience shows that 99.99% of those who still ask questions while the system hasn’t left anything unclear, are not serious buyers and they won’t buy anything, whether you answer their questions or not.

Therefore, you can ignore those who ask some questions that have already been answered in our customer acquisition process.

Or you can simply send them some canned responses that completely address their questions and what they want to know.

After a short while, you will get to know the prospects and what is important to them and what questions they ask more.

You can set the system to answer these questions properly.

But in case someone ignores the information that the system gives and he asks the questions that the system has already answered, you can easily send him the same answers.

So, here is how our automatic Internet marketing strategy works:

1. A Targeted Traffic Source

Having at least one source of targeted traffic is the first thing you need in any Internet marketing strategy.

What do I mean by “targeted traffic”?

Targeted traffic means receiving the visitors who are exactly looking for what you are offering to sell.

For example, you’ve created an eBook about Internet marketing with this title: Internet Marketing from A to Z

If someone refers to Google and searches for “Internet marketing in details” and finds your site that sells your eBook, then this visitor is a targeted visitor because he is exactly looking for what you are selling.

Therefore, there is a much higher chance that he orders your eBook after reading the explanations you have about your eBook on the landing page that this visitor has referred to.

But, if someone who is looking to buy a wireless mouse refers to your site, then he will leave within a few seconds because he is not looking for buying an eBook to learn about the Internet marketing.

When you have a blog about hair styling, then your blog readers’ and followers’ main interest is in hair styling.

Therefore, if you advertise an Internet marketing eBook on your blog, nobody buys it.

So you can sell a product to those who are looking for it, not to those who don’t care about it.

Now the question is how can you create a stream of targeted traffic to your product?

There are different ways of generating targeted traffic in our Internet marketing strategies:

a. Free Targeted Traffic

The organic traffic that your website or blog webpages receive from the search engines, are free targeted traffic.

For example, you publish an article on your blog on “making money online”.

Then the article receives traffic from Google when people google for making money online and related key phrases.

If your article appears on the search results and searchers click on it and refer to your article page on your blog, then you are receiving free targeted traffic from Google.

Now, on that article page, if you sell an eBook on making money online, there is a chance that the searchers buy it, because the eBook talks about their favorite topic.

It is the same when you upload a video to YouTube and it attracts people because of the specific subject that the video describes.

Then you can promote a special product in the video itself, or on the video page.

If the product also relates to the video topic, then there is a higher chance that the visitors buy it.

This is how YouTubers make money.

There are several free sources of targeted traffic:

Search engines like Google and online social sites and video directories like YouTube, FaceBook and…

You have to have some proper content to receive free targeted traffic.

It can be your blog posts, the videos you upload to YouTube and similar sites, and the content that you publish on online social media like FaceBook.

Without having professional and strong content, you can’t get any free targeted traffic.

You can start your blog if you are interested in creating a strong source of targeted traffic.

b. Paid Traffic

Buying targeted traffic is an option for those who don’t have a reasonable spectrum of contents that are focused on the specific topics.

Pay Per Click search engines (PPC) are the best sources of paid targeted traffic where you pay some money for each of the clicks that your ads receive.

Although PPC search engines like Google Adwords can drive laser targeted traffic to your ads, they are expensive and not everybody can afford to use them.

You have to know how to optimize and make the most of the clicks you receive.

That helps you save a lot of money and receive more clicks by spending less money.

Only in that case you will make a reasonable profit that enables you to advertise more and make more money.

Therefore, there is always a good way to move forward in our Internet marketing strategies.

You don’t stop just because you don’t have the required content, or because you don’t have any products to sell.

Enthusiastic and ambitious Internet marketers use all the free and paid methods to receive the maximum amount of traffic.

All these systems work automatically.

Once set up, they keep on working on their own without your supervision and effort.

2. Auto-Responder

An auto-responder is the system that collects the email addresses of the visitors who want to receive more information via email.

Most people prefer to receive more information about what they are looking for.

Receiving the information through email, helps them save the information in their inbox and read it when they can.

So, an strong auto-responder is an important part of all of our Internet marketing strategies.

An auto-responder collects the visitors’ email addresses.

Then it emails the visitors automatically.

You can set the auto-responder to send a series of emails automatically and one by one every day.

It helps the prospects learn about your products step by step.

Therefore, they can decide to buy your products with more peace of mind.

Above all, you can broadcast announcements and special offers to the whole list or a special part of it.

Your auto-responder enables you to build your mailing list.

Indeed, an auto-responder allows you to make the most of the targeted traffic your web-pages receive.

The reason is that most of those who visit your web pages, leave within few seconds and they never be back again.

But, if you succeed to get their email addresses, you can remind them about your products through sending emails.

Therefore, no internet marketing strategy works without having a strong auto-responding system that collects the prospects email addresses and emails them from time to time.

– We Set up an Auto-Responder for You

Fortunately, it is dead easy to set up a professional and strong auto-responder that takes care of everything automatically.

But this is too hard for those who have no experience with the online business systems and Internet marketing.

Therefore, we do it for our followers and members for free.

Most of them know nothing about these things while they still want to make money online.

There are so many scams who make the most of your desire to make money online.

But we help you for free make the most of the Internet and its capacities to make money as much as possible.

Setting up an auto-responder is an important part of our online business system.

We set up the whole system that the auto-responder is an important part of it, for our followers, for free.

3. The Sales Team

If you are selling your own products online, then it is you who has to take care of the customers and delivering the orders.

You have to handle the charges and transactions.

You also have to ship the orders and offer a proper customer service.

If you have a physical product, then you need a team to handle and ship the orders.

But if you sell digital products like eBooks, then the buyers can easily download their orders online.

Therefore, you won’t have to do anything after receiving an order, unless a buyer asks questions or requests a refund.

I mean, selling your own products is not that easy.

You not only have to create the products, but also you will have to handle the orders and customer service which are not easy tasks.

Selling the Others Products

If you sell the others’ products as an affiliate, then you won’t have to be worried about any of the above tasks.

The company takes care of everything.

All you have to do is generating sales and earning commissions.

It is the company who handles the transactions and also takes care of the delivering of the orders and taking care of the customers.

As an affiliate, when a strong company is behind you and takes care of the customers you refer to them, you just make money without having to be worried about anything.

It is not only that.

With some of the strong affiliate systems, you also make money whenever your customers make a purchase in future.

It means you don’t make a commission just through the first purchase your referral makes.

Your referrals will remain assigned to you forever and you will make a commission whenever they make a purchase in future.

This is the feature you can’t see with most of the affiliate systems like Amazon, ClickBank and eBay.

But there are some very special affiliate systems that offer such a great feature.

In other words, the other systems like Amazon, steal your customers, because they follow up with the customers you refer them and sell a lot of other things to them, but they only pay you for the first purchase your customer makes.

What I described above was the general view of all of our Internet marketing strategies.

This Is How Our Internet Marketing Strategies Work Briefly:

1. First you should create at least one good and strong product or service.

2. Then you have to create proper contents to receive free targeted traffic.

If you can’t do that, you can use the paid systems to receive targeted traffic.

We help our followers do both (free and paid targeted traffic) at the same time, to maximize the traffic they receive.

3. Then you should create a fully automatic auto-responding system that takes care of collecting of the prospects’ email addresses and sending follow up emails to them.

This is somehow a complicated task for those who haven’t done it before.

However, to make the life easier for our members and followers, we also do this for them.

Therefore, within a short time, you will have a fully-automated system that makes money for you automatically, based on our Internet marketing strategies.

Of course, there are some other parts and phases involved in our Internet marketing strategies that make them different from each other in some sections.

We change and fine-tune some parts of our Internet marketing strategies according to the nature of the business.

Also being offline or online makes some differences that have to be considered in the Internet marketing strategy you follow.

The kind of the products or services that are for sale, also make a big difference in setting of the different parts of our Internet marketing system.

What Will LuckScout Do for You?

We do know that most people know nothing about making money online and through the Internet.

In spite of this, they all want to use this great opportunity and environment (the Internet) to make money.

There is nothing wrong with it.

You just need to want and take actions.

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You have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business like McDonald’s which is not clear whether it will become profitable finally or not.

However, by investing a much smaller amount of money, you can start a fully-automated online business that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars for you.

Our advanced Internet marketing strategies and Data Technology systems, have made this so easy for everybody to achieve.