Whether to invest in Ethereum or not is one of the most popular talks at the moment.

After the drastic drop in prices in January 2018, interest in this cryptocurrency is on the rise.

Almost inevitably everyone seems to be making a beeline for these alternative investments.

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The future price predictions have made this gold rush even more pronounced .

Estimates indicate the Ethereum prices may top $2000 levels by 2018-end.

Should You Invest in Ethereum?So the question is, does it make sense to invest in Ethereum now?

With prices hitting a new high every few days, making an assumption can be difficult.

But at the same time, the lure is too strong.

This is because Ethereum has had an amazing run thus far.

As of now, it is the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap.

The current market capitalization of Ethereum is almost $70 billion.

This is when this cryptocurrency is a relatively lesser known entity.

So many analysts expect a much higher price movement when more people start to invest in it.

If you study just the 2017 price moves, the numbers can be quite mind-boggling.

At the beginning of 2017, Ethereum traded around $7.98.

But by the time 2017 ended, the price was closer to $720 levels.

Now that’s a straightforward 8900% jump in prices.

It is needless to mention, that the euphoria understandable.

It is considered one of the best ways to invest in cryptocurrency.

In fact, Ethereum is considered one of the most promising investment avenue for technology.

Currently, though the process is lagging behind Bitcoin, most experts are optimistic.

They feel it is only a matter of time before this cryptocurrency overtakes Bitcoins.

Investing in Ethereum makes sense at different levels.

Here is a quick lowdown on the top reasons for the bullish stance.

Ethereum Boasts of Better Technology

Ethereum has come into existence many years after Bitcoin.

But most market analysts believe that it is, after all, an improvement on the Bitcoin.

In many ways that is also a reason why cryptocurrency experts are bullish about it.

It is expected to usher in the absolute disruption in the investment cycles.

Remember the original concept that led to the growth of blockchain technology.

Blockchain promised a decentralized and transparent financial dealing.

In many ways, it is considered that the Ethereum can help realize it best.

The Ethereum is a Turing-complete technology.

This means this technology is well equipped to run any program or contract.

They are also capable of solving complex equations as well.

It is complex and decentralized operating platform.

It enables easy payments across the internet without any third party intervention.

You don’t need either a bank or any other third party mediation.

Needless to mention that it is now considered one of the best options to invest in.

There is an unusual spurt in prices in the past 6 months or so.

What really makes it score over the Bitcoin is the ever-expanding eco-system.

While Bitcoin investments are nearing saturation, the equation is very different for Ethereum.

People are only beginning to invest in Ethereum.

It is a story that they are just discovering.

As a result, the eco-system has only begun expanding.

So there is a constant demand for this AltCoin and nowhere near saturation.

As a result, the price prediction is also extremely positive.

Assumptions of a price rise anywhere from $1500-2000 by 2018 is doing the rounds.

So when you are looking at options to invest in, this surely comes across as a positive story.

It highlights the latent profit potential in the cryptocurrency space.

Invest in Ethereum: Transactions Are Faster

What is particularly reassuring is that this price rise is backed by strong technology.

That makes it a very compelling story to invest in for long-term gains.

This also introduces a certain speed in the overall transactions.

The good news is that Ethereum sails through those comparison clouds.

It is significantly faster compared to Bitcoin, its nearest rival.

Moreover, the blockchain driving Ethereum is also significantly more advanced.

As a result, transactions happen at a much faster rate.

It also creates records in a matter of seconds compared to minutes in case of Bitcoins.

If you just consider the block generation time, it is the fastest cryptocurrency in the world.

In many ways, the relatively lower user base is working towards Ethereum’s advantage.

You have to understand that more the number of users, slower the transaction speed.

Given the huge number of Bitcoin users, the transaction speed is suffering at the moment.

But Ethereum is still a relatively new phenomenon for most investors.

They are still in the process of exploring its potential.

As a result, the number of users is significantly lower.

This also helps Ethereum maintain higher average speed.

This has a direct bearing on the overall transactions.

Users experience a distinct difference in speed.

It is needless to mention that this becomes another reason why you may invest in Ethereum.

After all, any investor will want to bet on a growth story.

There is no reason why you want to spend your resources on a saturated story.

It is always a better option to channelize your money in resources that promise better returns.

Investing in Ethereum makes sense in this context.

It definitely delivers better value at the current rate.

Bitcoin meanwhile is not seen as a value play at current levels.

Ethereum Has Wider Ambit of Operation

When you consider whether to invest in Ethereum, a comparison with Bitcoin is inevitable.

Ethereum score significantly higher than Bitcoin in this context.

Its broader ambit of performance is significantly large.

Moreover, the speed has enhanced its overall efficiency.

Its flexibility is also a big beneficial element.

This has also made the blockchain extremely adaptable for companies.

It is a rather attractive feature for corporates looking for efficient blockchain.

These can enhancing quality in a significant way.

Ethereum impacts process efficiencies in a convincing manner.

The smart contracts are also a major positive for improving cost-quality connect.

These Ethereum contracts are essentially decentralized.

In other words, these contracts coded in blockchain are often self-executing.

That means these completely obliterate the need for a third party intervention.

They are self-servicing, fast and do not need any third party players.

Transactions are complete without interaction with a third party.

Whether you want to trade or transact, you don’t have to go about establishing Ethereum.

This process is already incorporated in the way it is coded to the blockchain.

The adaptability is well borne out by the conceptualization of other new coin offerings.

Many times, you will notice that many new offerings are based on Ethereum.

Therefore, its blockchain becomes the mother source funding and sourcing new offerings.

This has also created significant momentum for this cryptocurrency.

The latent value base is distinctly greater.

In fact, experts believe that this can actually be the disruptive force in the financial market.

It may stir-up the market pretty much the way Uber or Airbnb has.

The issuance is limited to about 18 million tokens a year as of now.

But you can only gauge the potential on a longer-term basis.

It is primarily a function of the effective demand-supply matrix.

Ethereum Is Widely Accepted

Whenever you explore options about whether to invest in Ethereum, one basic factor comes to play.

The widespread acceptability of Ethereumis the biggest positives.

It has the backing of some of the biggest corporates in the market.

In fact, if you calculate, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is one of the world’s largest alliances.

This open-source blockchain groups together some of the world’s largest group of companies.

These are all primarily Fortune 500 companies.

But there are many start-ups, technology vendors and also academics in this alliance.

It is more or less a holistic alliance that is bringing together like-minded players from the world over.

That in itself is one of the most distinctive capabilities.

It has become instrumental in regrouping some of the best-known corporates from around the world.

Needless to mention, that creates a healthy playing field for most.

It’s capability in handling complex business processes scores significantly in bringing together the alliance.

It is decidedly aiding demand management and supply-side efficiencies.

Moreover, the Ethereum Alliance is an ever-growing phenomenon.

Increasingly companies are understanding its need and benefits.

As a result, the alliance now has close to 180 members.

What is particularly encouraging is this alliance is constantly expanding.

The list of members includes some of the marquee names in the corporate world.

It includes the likes of Mastercard, Microsoft, ING and JPMorgan.

But that’s not where this is ending.

For the corporates, Ethereum’s own platform is a major advantage.

It does not just enhance their efficiency but also rationalizes cost for them.

Moreover, when corporates lookout for reliable options, Ethereum surely presents a case.

Outside the conventional financial transactions, this is considered one of the best avenues.

It highlights a self-sufficient and reliable eco-system.

That helps them cover meaningful ground in terms of user appeal.

The Ethereum Contracts a Smart Option

One of the biggest factors abetting the popularity is the Ethereum smart contracts.

Many corporates see this as a convenient alternative to the conventional options.

These are essentially computer codes that execute on its own.

These automatic contracts are triggered by certain key programs.

When sufficient terms and conditions are met, it automatically gets started.

So it is not monitored by any single controlling body.

Therefore, in many ways, these smart contracts highlight the decentralized approach.

Let us remember that the cryptocurrency shot to popularity on this decentralized concept.

But most blockchains have a central power authorizing the Ayes and the Nays.

That, in many ways, defeated the core thinking.

Moreover, it also delayed the entire transaction to a large extent.

They are most times self-operated pre-programmed codes.

They do not wait for any third party authorization.

That, no doubt, adds a distinct layer of transparency to the dealings.

It also makes them terribly objective and fair.

The overall price determination is also market enabled.

That makes the core process terribly market focused too.

In many ways, that enables a better price discovery too.

Let us say ‘X’ and ‘Y’ undertake a transaction.

X bets Y that Ethereum prices will top $1500 by December 28, 2018.

Now they may put 100 Ethereum each to their respective escrow accounts.

On December 28,2018, Ethereum will validate the contract and transfer the money on its own accord.

You do not have a third party intervention.

If X loses the bet, Y gets 200 Ethereum.

If X wins the bet, X gets 200 Ethereum.

This smart contract clearly undertakes the appropriate transaction at the right time.

You don’t have to look at dealing only with trusted partners.

Anybody can undertake a contract.

The chances of misappropriation are fairly limited.

Easily Tradable on Exchanges

When you are looking at why you can invest in Ethereum, its availability is crucial.

This cryptocurrency is easily available.

What makes the deal even sweeter is that it can also be traded quite easily on the exchanges.

That means this is a decided game changer in the overall financial digital space.

Active trading will no doubt create a much better prospect for fair price discovery.

Moreover, the spikes in prices will become a lot less volatile.

A greater trading volume also enhances the credibility of the entire process.

The advantage is that the long-term prospects get enhanced.

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges that support Ethereum trade.

It does not just enhance the overall availability.

It also makes the cryptocurrency widely acceptable.

That simplifies owning and transacting using these.

In many ways, this is the key reason for Ethereum’s recent popularity.

Investors do understand that Bitcoin is nearing its saturation point.

The question is what will happen next.

In this context, Ethereum provides a simple and realistic solution.

It enables investors to access a stronger eco-system with assured gains.

In many ways, it is one of the best options now to take part in the cryptocurrency mania.

Alternative Transaction Opportunity

Often when you consider why you must invest in Ethereum, experts provide a comparison.

They highlight the multi-faceted advantage of this cryptocurrency.

Ethereum can be used for transactions too.

Increasingly you see corporates choosing Bitcoin as a mode of transaction.

Most times, these also support the use of Ether.

Needless to mention, this enhances the overall appeal of the cryptocurrency.

It creates a meaningful avenue for sustained gains and qualitative profits.

The wider use of Ethereum for transaction also enhances acceptability.

It is undeniably, the key to a greater and better price discovery process going forward.

Moreover, the use of Ether also works towards integrating cryptocurrencies in the mainstream market.

As more and more users get comfortable with the digital opportunities, the potential rises.

The financial market will experience a higher degree of transparency.

Also, the credibility of transactions will add to overall cryptocurrency acceptance.

The most important factor here is investors will not get saddled with a single AltCoin.

They can freely use it for future transactions.

So in many ways, Ethereum highlights the future of digital transactions.

It is a reflection of the time to come.

By investing in Ethereum, you get a better opportunity to play future challenges.

The Ethereum App a Game Changer

When you look at investing in Ethereum, the Dapps is also an important factor.

It is the decentralized Ethereum App.

In this app-driven mobile world, the Ethereumapp undeniably helps in its popularity.

In terms of functionality, the Dapps is more like a conventional app.

But the beauty is that this is decentralized like the core cryptocurrency.

It runs on the basis of a series of nodes strung in a network.

There is no central source monitoring the operations.

So the risk of a server crashing or being hacked is far limited.

It, therefore, creates a more dependable set-up.

Therefore, there is no chance of server downtime either.

So, Should You Invest in Ethereum?

In many ways, there is a lot of merit in investing in Ethereum.

It is a secure and reliable cryptocurrency with minimum run time errors.

It is better geared to tackle future demand comprehensively.

Furthermore, it reflects comprehensive value over an extended period.

Moreover, the reliability of the cryptocurrency makes it a value buy.

It is autonomous and decentralized.

As a result, you see a wider appeal for this cryptocurrency for an extended period.

Most experts feel you can invest in Ethereum now for realizing greater value in future.

That is one of the biggest factors in its favor.

If you want to have a meaningful role in future digital finance, invest in Ethereum.