Is Forex a Pyramid Scheme or Has Nothing to Do With It?

Forex trading has become so popular in the past ten years because people see the potential of making money with it. Whether people are right and they can really make money with it or not, is a different discussion that I’ve covered in some other articles (e.g. here and here). This article is focused on two other important questions because many of those who are new to Forex think that Forex is a pyramid scheme. If this is your question also, make sure to read this short article carefully because it prevents you from having wrong impressions and taking wrong decisions.

Is Forex a Pyramid Scheme?

No, it is not. Forex has nothing to do with Pyramid scheme, although pyramid schemes are not always bad and illegal. Pyramid scheme is a network marketing system. It has nothing to do with Forex because Forex is buying and selling currencies against each other. As a Forex trader, you trade currencies, whereas in a pyramid scheme, you must refer and recruit to grow your team to earn commissions.

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In Forex trading, you don’t deal with people. You just open a trading account with a broker. It is like a bank account that you deposit some money in it, and then you use your money to buy and sell. This is what Forex is all about. Therefore, it is completely different from pyramid schemes.

Although it has nothing to do with Forex, still I must emphasize that pyramid schemes are not always bad and illegal. They are just some marketing methods. It is just the way that some companies act that makes pyramid schemes illegal.

Recently, a new company has combined pyramid scheme with Forex. They have a Forex training and signals package that they promote through a very strong pyramid scheme compensation plan. When you sign up, you can make money with their Forex signals, while you can also recruit members to get paid through their referral compensation plan. Some people join only to use their Forex signals. Some others join to recruit members to build their teams to earn commissions. And, some people do both at the same time.

The good thing is that if you join through us, we will build your team, so that while you make money through their Forex signals, you will get paid based on their referral compensation plan and by doing nothing. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate a great source of passive income. Read this article to learn how it works.

Although Forex and pyramid schemes are completely in different and separate sectors, this company has combined them with each other to enable people to make more money.


Those who want to make money through Forex trading need to know when to buy and sell. They either have to learn it on their own to analyze the markets and locate trade setups (buy/sell signals), or someone must give them the signals, otherwise they lose and can even wipe out their accounts. Forex trading which is a great opportunity to make lots of money turns into a disaster for some people who don’t know how to do it.

What if some professional Forex traders get together and sell their Forex signals?

If so, even those who know nothing about Forex trading can make money through it. They just need to open a live Forex account, deposit some money in it and buy/sell currencies according to the signals they receive from these professional traders. This is what Epic Trading has done. They share their signals with their members. I am one of them. They help us to grow our accounts steadily. You can learn more about their signals and sign up for an account with them here, if you like to generate a great source of income that makes money by doing nothing but taking some positions on the Forex market every day.

To promote their package of signals and Forex courses, they have created a Pyramid Scheme with an amazing and highly profitable referral compensation plan that can literally make you a millionaire if you promote it. It means, whether you use their signals to make money through trading or not, you can promote their package/program which is called Epic Scholar to get paid through their compensation plan as well: EPIC Trading Pyramid Scheme

In other words, although Forex has nothing to do with Pyramid scheme, Epic Trading promotes their Forex signal program through a Pyramid or MLM system, which is a great opportunity for us to make a lot more money. The good news for those who cannot refer and recruit is that we build their teams to enable them to get paid through Epic Trading referral compensation plan. They just join and then we build their teams and they make money, 100% on autopilot. Don’t miss this short article to learn how this system works: Become a Millionaire with Epic Trading

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