Is Growing Your Money Through Trading Easy?

Those of you who joined The LuckScout Community, back in June last year, attended my trading Zoom meetings for about three months. The last meeting  was on 23 December last year, and I have never resumed the meetings since then. There were several reasons behind stopping it. Some of the reasons are personal. For example, the meetings had affected my own trading, and so my success rate was going down, whereas I had been doing great for many years. When having a good performance before the eyes of an audience is more important to you than trading properly, you will lose, and this is what I learned from our trading meetings.

I don’t think any professional trader agrees to trade in front of an audience. I have been in touch with some extremely professional traders for many years. Although they are multi-millionaires, they don’t even have an account on social media. You can find nothing about them on the Internet. Even some of them stop trading for 6 months every year, because they want to control their greed and keep their balance. Yes, keeping the balance is tremendously important to them, and they avoid doing anything that makes them lose their balance, because they do know that if they lose their balance, they will lose money.

This may not make sense to novice traders who think they have become professionals, and they might say that they can trade under any conditions. Yes, they are novice traders after all. They will learn it the hard way sooner than later. Here, I am talking about the ones who have been trading for decades. Even if you make profit consistently for a few years, you cannot be known as a professional trader yet, because there are lots of things in the markets that you haven’t experienced yet. I must see your past 10-20 years of performance to tell you whether you are a professional trader or not yet.

Some of the other reasons for ceasing my trading Zoom meetings are not personal. After stopping our meetings, I kept trading. I trade almost every day, five days a week. And, my performance became good again. However, another important reason that caused me to stop the meeting was related to the members of The LuckScout Community. Many of them know nothing about trading. And my mistake was that I had mixed trading with The LuckScout Community program and this has caused many of the new members to think that in order to be a good and successful member of The LuckScout Community, they must trade too, whereas this was not true. Trading was just a side dish, and something I loved to share with our members for free to enable them to grow their money. The LuckScout Community system has nothing to do with trading. We will add lots of more sources of income for the community to enable our members to make more and more money, while they won’t have to do anything extra at all, nor do they have to pay any fees, take any risks, make any investments, or trade.

So, I hope those who left the community because they thought they had to trade, come back again. Trading has never been part of The LuckScout Community system because I always knew that it is not for everyone. Yes, trading is NOT for everyone.

In spite of this, there are also so many members who are interested in trading and want me to resume my trading Zoom meetings again. I love to do it because I love to serve the members of The LuckScout Community in any way that I can. I am thinking of reorganizing and rearranging it, this time in a way that it doesn’t impact anything, including my own trading.

But, What Is Trading and How Do We Do It?

I started with Forex trading unfortunately. I say unfortunately because Forex trading develops some bad habits in you that will hurt your trading journey. It took me such a long time to learn that the Forex market is not a real and reliable market. It is a scam somehow. I won’t go into details of this now. What I need you to absorb here and now is avoid Forex.

Later, I got to know an extremely professional trader who decided to share his secrets with me. He told me that I was wrong and I had to unlearn all I knew. We are still friends and I became familiar with some other professional traders through him.

Professional traders are really different creatures. They have some special habits that not everyone has. They also have some special sensitivities that if you ignore, you won’t see them anymore. You will never see a professional trader run trading courses because they say they will lose the balance if they do it. This is what they told me too. They said my Zoom meetings would cause me to lose my balance, and they were right, although I knew it too. They also told me one more thing: You won’t become a professional trader like us if you don’t stop your website(s) and online business 😀

Trading has to be the only thing you do. You can invest your money in other markets like the real estate market, while you are a trader. But, as a business, trading has to be the only thing you do.

Therefore, all trading courses you see out there, either online or offline, are by those who are not traders. They know about trading and they can teach. But, they are not traders. They are mainly marketers who know the trading industry as an environment to make money through those who are interested in learning how to trade. This simple fact makes you stay away from all trading courses.

No one can make you a trader. They can share some secrets with you, but it is you who has to learn how to do it. The reason is that trading is a mixture of techniques and psychological/mental skills. You have to know yourself and your emotions while you are learning the techniques. This is the most complicated part of the work. There are so many other differences between trading and other businesses. For example, in other businesses, the more you need to make money, and so the harder you work, the more money you can make. But, in trading, the harder you work, the more you will lose. And, you will lose in trading when you have to make money through trading.

In spite of this, trading is the best way to grow a small capital into a huge wealth. No other business can be compared with trading, when it comes to growing a small budget. In other businesses, you have to risk a lot. But, in trading, you can limit your risk and keep your losses very small, and then grow your money slowly but surely.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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