Is HyperFund a Ponzi Scheme?

“Is HyperFund a Ponzi scheme” is the first question that comes to our minds when we see that HyperFund rewards their members so much. They reward 0.5% per day until each member normally receives 2x of their membership value, which is a lot (of course they are now paying more as an special offer). Does HyperFund make so much money to be able to reward their members so much? The answer to this question determines whether HyperFund is a Ponzi scheme or not.

Before I answer this important question, you must note that the Internet is full of fake, false and misleading information, mainly published by anonymous trolls who don’t dare to disclose their identities and locations. These crooks/scams don’t care about the integrity of what they publish on their blogs. They just want to receive traffic to make some money. That’s why their blogs are usually full of ads. They publish articles on controversial topics that attract more clicks. But the sad thing is that there are some superficial people who believe everything they read on the Internet. One of these things that I have recently been dealing with a lot is about HyperFund and whether they are a Ponzi Scheme or not.

As I see, there are some blogs/sites claiming that HyperFund is a Ponzi scheme, without representing any evidence, proofs and documents. They “think” that HyperFund is a Ponzi scheme, just because they substantially reward their members. It is stupid to come to such a conclusion, based on “thoughts”, not reasons, facts, evidences and rationalization. It is even more stupid that you publish your wrong conclusion on the Internet to mislead people and sabotage a company or person. It is a lot more stupid if someone reads and believes these publications, without even asking who has written and published them, what their evidences are, and where they are located.

So far, I haven’t seen even one single article that says HyperFund is a Ponzi scheme or scam while it is published by known people. All of them are published by anonymous ghosts and trolls 😀

Therefore, whenever you found a negative review against a company or person, first ask the publishers whether they are man enough to reveal their identities and locations, if the review is published anonymously (which is what I see with all the negative reviews published against HyperFund, especially the ones that say HyperFund is a Ponzi scheme). I guarantee that you won’t receive any answer from a real person.

Anyone can create a site/blog and anonymously publish negative reviews against any person or company. This is stupid. However, something which is even more stupid is that you read and believe these reviews. So, don’t let the stupid make you think the way they want.

After this introduction, let’s focus on the subject of this article.

Is HyperFund a Ponzi Scheme?

No, it is not because they make a lot more money than what they pay their members.

To understand this better, first you need to know the definition of a Ponzi scheme.

What Is a Ponzi Scheme?

Ponzi schemes pay huge interests, like 20% per month, for the investments, while the only source of money they have is the money that investors/members invest. They get money from the new investors and pay the old ones.

No doubt that all Ponzi schemes will collapse because they will owe the investors a lot more than the money they receive from the new ones over time. If a big group of investors decide to withdraw their capital and leave, the system won’t have enough money to give them. It is when the Ponzi scheme will collapse.

Ponzi schemes are illegal all over the world.

What About HyperFund?

HyperFund pays daily rewards of 0.5%, until members receive 2x of the value of their memberships. They are currently paying more as n special offer.

So, HyperFund is also paying lots of rewards to their members. If they don’t make this money from their other sources of income, then we can say that they are a Ponzi scheme too because the only way to pay their members is the money they take from the new members.

However, HyperFund, or I’d better say HyperGroup makes a lot more than what they are paying their members, and so they are not a Ponzi scheme.

How Much Money HyperFund Makes and How?

HyperFund and HyperGroup make billions of dollars. They make much more than what they are paying their 200,000 current HyperFund members.

HyperFund has tens of websites, companies, cryptocurrency exchange portals/apps, and so on. I cannot talk about all of them here in this article. However, I’d like to talk about two of the income resources they have:

HyperGroup bought for $100 million in 2017. Just the domain name alone ( is worth millions because it is a 2-letter domain name, but this doesn’t matter that much, because is now the biggest cryptocurrency mining company in the world. They mine up to 60% of the bitcoins in the world. They are one of the top four biggest crypto miners.

It is not only that. BW handles over $400 million cryptocurrency exchange trades per day.

40+ Crypto currency exchanges

HyperFund has over 40 different crypto currency exchanges with billions of dollars of trades every day. These are some of them:

  1. with over $45 billion of 24hr trading volume and as a global cryptocurrency leader since 2013.
  2. with over 20 million+ cryptocurrency traders.
  3. with over $1.5 billion of 24hr trading volume.
  4. with over 10 million users.
  5. HyperGroup owns 3% of Binance with over $25 billion daily trades and as the biggest crypto exchange in the world.

These are just a small portion of what HyperFund has. As I mentioned earlier, here in this article, I don’t want to talk about everything they have and the money they make. You can watch the presentations below to learn more about these and then you do your own due diligence:

So HyperFund makes billions of dollars per month, and they are expanding like crazy. This is more than enough to say that HyperFund is NOT a Ponzi scheme because the amount of the money they make is a lot more than the money they pay to their current 200,000 HyperFund members.

Why Does HyperFund Pay Their Members Then?

HyperTech wants 30 million customers/members to formulate and execute stock market IPO CIRCA of $300 billion. Their 5-year goal is to have 300 million members. Members/customers are what HyperFund needs to make more money and expand their products/services. Recruiting members and rewarding them is the best way to build the community they want to have.

What Next?

Now that you have learned that HyperFund is NOT a Ponzi scheme, you should sign up for an account to start getting rewarded as soon as possible. If you are curious to know how much you get if you join HyperFund, please watch at least one of the video presentations above. Then, submit your email address through the form below to receive the HyperFund Invitation Code, sign up link and instructions:

Once you join and start getting rewarded, you can refer your loved ones and friends to this fast growing community. You raise by lifting others. Enable others to start getting rewarded by HyperFund, and you will get a lot more rewards too.

This opportunity is for the open-minded people who want to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones, friends, relatives, followers, subscribers, etc. It is not for mediocre minds as Einstein say:

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

So, instead of listening to crooks who publish negative reviews on everything including HyperFund, while everything is a scam and Ponzi scheme from their point of views, join this huge community today and start making money with them.

Is HyperFund a Ponzi Scheme?

Next time that you see a website that is trying to sabotage a company or a person, the first thing you must find out is their identity and location. If they talk anonymously and it is not clear who they are and where they are located, then they are crooks and what they say cannot be trusted at all. Honest people are not afraid of disclosing their identities and locations on their sites. Stay away from those who talk from behind the curtains 🙂

I must emphasize once again that HyperGroup is a multi billion dollar company with billions of dollars of income that is increasing over and over constantly. They have created HyperFund to grow the community of their members and customers. They reward the HyperFund members the minimum of 0.5% of the value of their membership purchase until normally doubled. This is a great strategy to attract more customers and members. Unlike a Ponzi scheme that makes money only through the membership fees that members pay, HyperFund makes billions of dollars every day through their different sources of income.

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