Is HyperFund a Pyramid Scheme?

Good programs/companies and successful people have enemies. This is normal and expected. If you don’t have enemies, it means you haven’t done anything important in your life yet. It is the same with HyperFund. Although it hasn’t been around for long, there are so many anonymous trolls that talk against it, and I hear the phrase “HyperFund Pyramid Scheme” here and there.

You can never find any known person who talks against HyperFund. Any article that is published against HyperFund is written by anonymous and behind the curtain trolls who make money through publishing negativity on the Internet. “Negativity” makes money because it is controversial and it attracts attention. So, it drives traffic to their websites. Publishing negativity on the Internet is a Black Hat digital marketing method. I have explained this in more detail, in this article that explains why HyperFund is not a Ponzi Scheme.

But, what is the truth and reality? Is HyperFund really a pyramid scheme?

Before answering this question, first let’s learn what a Pyramid Scheme is because most people don’t even know the definition of a Pyramid Scheme, but as soon as you talk about any referral program with them, they call it a Pyramid Scheme.

What Is a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid Scheme works based on recruiting members and making money through the membership fees they pay. There are multiple levels under each member, and members earn different percentages of commissions from each level. At the same time, there are some other structures like binary that means each member can have, for example, only two downline members, directly under his/her account, and so the scheme really looks like a pyramid or triangle with multiple or unlimited levels.

Therefore, pyramid schemes have almost the same structure as MLM or multi level marketing systems. The difference is MLM systems are legal marketing methods to promote real and demanding products or services, but Pyramid Schemes are to make money from the membership fees that members pay to be a n active member, not to buy products or services.

In Pyramid Schemes, both the company and the top level members make money through the membership fees that all members, especially the new and lower level members pay. If new members join the scheme, the income of the company and the top level members will go up. If not, their income won’t go up, and so members of the lower levels will stop paying their membership fees, and this will expand to the higher levels gradually. As a result, the Pyramid Scheme will collapse.

This is the definite destiny of all Pyramid Schemes. That’s why they are illegal around the world. Some companies try to add products to the scheme to turn it from an illegal form into a legal multi-level-marketing or MLM system, which is legal when there are good, real and strong products. However, this is just to deceive officials. As long as their main source of income is the monthly membership fees, and the lower levels have to pay the membership fees, in order for the higher levels to get paid, the scheme is known as Pyramid which is illegal, whether there is a product to sell or not.

In Pyramid Schemes, you must recruit members to make money. If you cannot recruit members, you won’t make any money at all.

Many of the Pyramid Schemes even have more tricks to make more money through their members: They force their members to buy some special packages to upgrade to a higher level or rank to make more commission or percentage. Therefore, many of those who join, will buy these packages because they want to increase their commissions and income. However, they will never make any money because they cannot recruit any members. As a result, it is the company that enjoys the income and returns nothing to members.

Is HyperFund a Pyramid Scheme?

HyperFund is NOT a Pyramid Scheme because their members don’t get paid through the membership fees that other members pay. Each member gets rewarded based on their own membership they have bought. In HyperFund, you make money with your own money, not other members’ money. Therefore, HyperFund Pyramid Scheme, as a phrase that some people and websites use, is invalid, inaccurate and wrong.

HyperFund has a referral program that members get rewarded through it too. However, this referral program is not a Pyramid Scheme for several reasons:

1. You Don’t Have to Recruit

First of all, members do not have to recruit members to make money. They make money with their own money. They can recruit members if they want, and they will be rewarded too, however, they don’t have to do it. Just this reason is enough to come to this conclusion that HyperFund has nothing to do with the Pyramid Scheme.

2. You Make Money When You Join

The other reason that HyperFund is not a Pyramid Scheme is that members who are recruited by other members, also make money with their own money, and unlike Pyramid Schemes, they don’t pay membership fees without making any money. They start making money once they sign up and set up their accounts by picking a membership package and without having to refer and recruit.

HyperFund Referral Program

While you can make money with your own money when you join HyperFund, they offer a referral program that rewards you if you recruit members. HyperFund referral program also supports multiple levels with different reward percentages, from 20% to 1%. In spite of this, why is the HyperFund referral program not a Pyramid Scheme?

1. There Is No Pyramid in Case of HyperFund

In the HyperFund referral program, you can have an unlimited number of personally recruited members in the first level, and then unlimited number of members that are recruited by your direct referrals, their referrals and so on, in the next levels. Therefore, your HyperFund team can grow unlimitedly from the sides, and down to 20 levels vertically:

Is HyperFund a Pyramid Scheme? No, It is not.

In Pyramid Schemes, each member can have a limited number of direct referrals, like two (left and right direct referrals) in binary systems. Therefore, in Pyramid Schemes, your team cannot grow unlimitedly from the sides, but it can unlimitedly grow vertically, and so your team forms like a pyramid:

Binary Pyramid Scheme

2. All Members Make Money in HyperFund

Unlike Pyramid Schemes that members have to join and pay membership and upgrading fees while they make no money, all members start making money from the first day they join and set up their accounts in HyperFund.

In Pyramid Schemes, members pay different membership and upgrading fees, just to keep their accounts active and eligible to get paid through their referrals’ payments. However, they won’t make a single cent if they don’t recruit members, which is something that 99% of members are unable to achieve. Therefore, they keep paying the fees for a while, but then they will give up and quit because they don’t make any money. That’s why all Pyramid Schemes will collapse after a while because most members stop paying fees. Pyramid Schemes are nothing but a loss for 99.99% of their members. Only the top level members make money as long as the scheme is still up and running.

In HyperFund, all members make money while there are no monthly/upgrading fees and upsell. People join HyperFund to make money with their own money, not by recruiting members, although many of them also recruit members when they see that they can make more money.

Team building and recruiting members is what most members cannot do. However, these people have no problem in making money with HyperFund because they don’t have to recruit members to make money.

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money With Pyramid Schemes

Joining Pyramid Schemes is nothing but a waste of time and money. Besides, they are illegal all over the world. However, if you are really serious about making money and achieving financial freedom, then HyperFund is the best option because you will start making money from the next day that you set up your account.

When you join HyperFund and start making money, people will ask you about it because they see the happiness of money, time and location freedom on your face. When you talk to them about HyperFund, they will request you to register them too because they want to duplicate your success and follow your footsteps.

That’s the time that you will make even more money because the community rewards will be added to your HyperFund income as well. And, you will keep making more and more money because your referrals also share it with others and your team grows over time.

Therefore, you are in the right place at the right time. Start now by submitting your email address through the form below. We help you set up your account instantly:

HyperFund Pyramid Scheme doesn’t exist because HyperFund is a revolutionary membership program that has a reward-based referral system at the same time. While you can make a lot of money without having to refer and recruit even one member, you will get rewarded a lot more if you also share the program with others.

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