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Is MOBE a Scam or It Is Legal and Legitimate?

There are always some sick people around who like to sabotage anybody who is doing good.

This is all these people know very well.

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As I said they are sick and because of the special kind of sickness they have, they’ve never been able to achieve anything in their lives.

All they can do is trying to sabotage those who work hard and are doing great.

Keep in mind that these people are your success indicators.

If you work hard and make great achievements, there will be so many who will support you and will appreciate your great work, but there will be some who will try to sabotage you as well.

This is normal, because there are good and healthy people, as well as bad and sick people everywhere.

Fortunately, the number of those who are good and supportive is much more than those who try to sabotage.

But these sick people who are the minority, are good success indicators.

If you don’t have enemies and if nobody talks against you, it means you haven’t done anything outstanding yet:

You have enemies?


That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. – Winston Churchill

When it comes to the Internet, these sick people spend all their time to call the others scams.

Anything that you do, you will be a scam from their point of view.

No matter if you sell something or offer something for free, they know you a scam (they are sick after all.)

It is like someone who sees the world through dark gray glasses.

Everything is dark and gray from his point of view.

I don’t want to waste my valuable time on these sick people here, because there is no cure for them and they get worse and worse every day.

What I want to explain is about MOBE that some of these sick people also call it a scam.

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Is MOBE a Scam?

MOBE has generated over $150,000,000 within the last a few years.

People have joined it from over 60 different countries, specially USA and Canada.

MOBE actively offers workshops and seminars in different cities of USA and Canada, and has thousands of active members from these countries.

If MOBE was a scam, illegal and illegitimate, then it would be stopped by USA and Canada governments long time ago.

These governments stopped the scam Forex brokers long time ago.

Even they kicked many of the well-known ones out of their countries because they didn’t want their people to lose their money in the currency market.

Canada kicked all the Forex brokers out of the country long time ago and Canadian citizens are not allowed to open a live account with any Forex brokers that is out of Canada.

There is almost no Forex broker inside Canada too.

Therefore, retail Forex trading was closed to Canadians long time ago.

USA government almost did the same few years ago.

What do I mean by this?

I am trying to say is that USA and Canada governments are so tough and strict about the scams.

Therefore, if you see a company like MOBE that has been working and promoting actively in these countries for so many years, it means it is fully legal and legitimate, no matter what some sick people say.

What sick people say against the others, always comes from their sick minds.

If they were not sick, they would also join MOBE and would be a multi-millionaire like Darren Salkeld or Mike Williams now (watch the below videos.)

Therefore, MOBE is not a scam.

It has hundreds of great products and services that has made so many people millionaires so far: What Is MOBE?

It has enabled so many poor and debtors to achieve financial freedom.

Why Did We Offered MOBE to Our Followers?

After several months of research, we decided to offer MOBE to our followers to help them develop a reliable and strong source of income which is what they have to do to complete the first step of our Wealth Building Strategy.

We concluded that while there were so many scams out there, MOBE was a fully legal and legitimate company that had everything that the LuckScout followers needed to become rich and richer.

Through the MOBE’s fully automated system, the LuckScout followers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Therefore, we proudly started offering the MOBE online business opportunity to our followers and we support them to become multi-millionaires like Mike and Darren: LuckScout Millionaires Club

We will keep on promoting and supporting MOBE and its great system.

The sick people who can’t tolerate this, they’d better to see a doctor as soon as possible.

They still have a chance to cure, come back and join us to become millionaires one day.

As long as they call the others scam without representing any evidences and any true reason, they are the real scam and they can be taken to the court because of this.

Be careful about the words you use against the others.

It can cost you a lot sometimes.

(I am talking to those sick people, not you 😉 )

Are These People Stupid?

Look at the below videos.

Are the people you see in those videos, stupid, but those who call MOBE a scam, are smart and wise?

Have these people done something illegal by joining MOBE?

Are they breaking their countries laws?

Definitely not.

If these people were stupid, they wouldn’t be multi-millionaires now and they would be miserable and broke like the sick people that I described above.

You can never find any successful and rich person among those who sabotage the others.

They are all sick, broke, poor, unhappy and miserable and they will become sicker and poorer every day.


Because they spend their energy on negativity, and so they get negative results all the time.

It is like digging the ground: You go lower the more you dig.

Negativity can’t be ended to the positive results.

Wealth and success are the fruits of working hard and doing positive things, not sabotaging the others and calling the legitimate companies and persons, scams.

Darren Salkeld from central Canada…

The former factory labor who was heavily in debt but became a multi-millionaire in 2 years after joining MOBE:

Mike Williams from USA who has made over $17,000,000 so far with his partner:

Ryan Williams from USA:

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