Is the First Law of Karma, “The Great Law”, Really True?

Hope this email/post finds you happy and healthy.

It has been a long time that I haven’t emailed you. So, I decided to have a good start and share the 12 laws of Karma with you now that I want to get back to my daily work routine.

The first law is called “The Great Law”. Obviously, it is the most important law of Karma. It says,

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“Whatever we put into the universe will back to us.”

You will laugh if I tell you that I am not spiritual and I don’t believe in these things from a spiritual point of view.

I only rely on science, logic, fact and rationalization.

From my point of view, you will definitely receive the results of the things you do for/to yourself, if not the results of the things you do for/to others, universe, etc.

You may even receive the opposite for many of the good things you do for others.

Sometimes, your biggest enemies will rise from those who have made the most of you, which is against what the first law of Karma says.

You may say, if you receive bad from those who you did good to them, you will receive good from some other people instead, and so the first law of Karma is true.

However, there is no proof or guarantee for this.

Remember! I care about facts, not talks.

Life has taught me the opposite.

What I have experienced in my life are the facts that I trust, not what people say.

I like what I am because it works.

Facts are the vital elements that take you where you want.

So, let’s do it.

As I said, you will definitely receive the results of the things you do for yourself.

One of these things is, taking the important and good opportunities, in the first place and at the right time.

How many opportunities have you missed in your life so far???

When you could buy 1000 bitcoins only for $80, did you do it?

You would have about $59 million if you had done it.

That opportunity is gone forever.

But, have you learned the lesson or not yet?

Do you still want to let other opportunities be missed as well???

Don’t let history get repeated the hard way.

We should learn from our mistakes, not to let the bad things happen again, or good opportunities be missed again.

So, let’s do it…

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