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Before talking about the JPY Currency Pairs, I have analyzed EUR/USD and USD/CHF in this video.

EUR/USD has formed a resistance level at 1.19152, while USD/CHF has formed a support level at 0.90494. Both of these currency pairs have to break through these levels in order to continue the uptrend and downtrend respectively. I have talked about these two levels in this video. I have explained that these levels are not too strong and important, and they are small local levels, but in order to continue the trends, they have to become broken:

In case of EUR/USD, the 1.19152 resistance level breakout is the introduction of the resistance line breakout on the monthly chart:

Now, let’s talks about the JPY Currency Pairs.

JPY Currency Pairs

The first one is CHF/JPY:

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CHF/JPY has been moving sideways almost since 4 years ago. Now, CHF/JPY is going up to test the resistance level of this sideways market. In my next article and video, I will talk about using Fibonacci Levels to see where this market will go, if it breaks above this level, and why the resistance level is there:

JPY Currency Pairs


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There is a resistance level here as well. It is more visible and tangible on the weekly time frame:

There is a too strong long trade setup on AUD/JPY monthly time frame, that can move AUD/JPY price up even for years. However, to continue the upward movement that has been started after this long trade setup, first the above resistance level has to become broken.


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NZD/JPY doesn’t look like the other two JPY currency pairs I talked about above. The only similarity is that there is a strong long trade setup in this case too. But there is no resistance level. In spite of this, there is a resistance line that looks valid. I think NZD/JPY will go down and from another low that most probably will be higher than the last lowest low:


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GBP/JPY is almost at the lowest low on the monthly frame. Therefore, it is normal to have a strong tendency to go up:

There is a resistance line about 480 pips above the current market price:

Now the best part of the GBP/JPY is that there is a resistance level on the daily chart, that if it becomes broken, this market will go up to test the weekly resistance line you see on the above chart. The current daily candlestick is going up to test the resistance level:

This is was short report about four of the most important JPY currency pairs.