Karma: The Law of Responsibility

So far, we have talked about four Karma laws: Great, Creation, Humility and Growth

All of them are about YOU, not others. We can make them so easy to understand and implement in our lives:

You should admit that you can get better every day. Better than your yesterday, not better than others. It is all about you. That’s all.

Karma is not about others. It is about you. When you do good things for yourself, you will be good for others too. To do bad to others, one has to be bad at themselves first. Those who are bad to others, are not at peace with themselves too. “Them” are their biggest problems, not others.

The 5th Karma law is Responsibility. It is also the same as other Karma laws. We must accept the responsibility of what is in our lives. Let’s keep it simple again: We must become better every day, and we must accept this responsibility.

– We must work a little harder today.
– We must spend a little more time and energy on doing good things and performing our tasks today.
– We must communicate with others a little better today.
– Our today must be better than our yesterday.
– We must repeat this every day.

And, we must accept the responsibility of doing these.

Anyone can do it. First, we should admit and accept that we could be better (HUMILITY). Then, we should become better than what we were the day before. And, we repeat this every day.

Forget about expecting God or the universe, or whatever you believe in, to send you what you want to have. This is wrong. You cannot get anything by expecting and waiting. You must create it yourself. And, this is called CREATION.

So, YOU are the axis of everything in this world. Start from yourself and work on yourself. Everything else will become better if you do so.

Learn about the first four laws of Karma too:

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By Vahid Chaychi

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