I am sure you might have often seen ads in the weekly papers about work from home jobs in stuffing envelopes and make $1000 a month.

I am often intrigued by this whole advertisement and the sheer length of time that they have continued to woo potential participants.

The question is how does this entire working from home envelope stuffing really work?

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Most importantly, is it legitimate at all?

Stuffing EnvelopesThe point is why anyone would pay you that kind of money for stuffing envelopes in a day and era where computer and emails have pretty much taken over the communication world?

Why Do I Doubt Legit Work from Home Job Stuffing Envelopes?

There are many reasons why I feel that the work from home job of stuffing envelope is simply too good to be true and borders more towards the side of a potential scam in terms of its authenticity overall.

The Rationale of Investment Weak

The first reason that the working from home envelope stuffing raises my doubt is because of the claim of the potential money involved in this transaction.

The fact is for earning $1000 a month, how many envelopes a month would you have to stuff and most importantly where would all these envelopes be going.

Let’s face it, when people can easily distribute flyers, pamphlets, why would they want to distribute mailers stuffed in a proper envelope.

Marketing is all about getting maximum exposure with the minimum expense involved.

Today, you can email flyers or even whatsapp them, so why would anyone want to actually pay money, invest in postage stamps and then send these mailers.

What kind of information would be there in these envelopes to deserve that kind of expenses?

Cost Involved

Postage stamps and envelopes are really expensive these days.

No one gets envelopes and stamps free unless these are self addressed.

The point is why anyone would send you self address envelopes with postage stamps.

This is a rather remote concept and seems so out of sync in today’s world.

After all, the primary motive of any business and its marketing initiative is reducing expenses and assuming these are meant for marketing.

You can get a lot better impact by creating a Facebook page for almost zero cost and sending invites to a host of contacts.

Start-up Kit

It is a myth that you will require no fee to start.

Most times they camouflage the fees as the cost of a start-up kit to help you understand the dynamics of work from home stuffing envelopes.

Well, you might be at home for whatever reason, but the fact is at no point of time, would you be so dumb that you won’t be able to understand how to stuff an envelope.

That is basic, and almost anyone can tell you how to start stuffing envelope.

The fact is anyone who is able to read their name would be able to stuff an envelope.

Spreading Misinformation

Most times, you would hear people talking a lot about work from home stuffing envelopes before they start but once they get on with it, the chances are you have never really heard from them.

Have you wondered why?

Well, that is because they never get paid for stuffing envelopes really.

What they get paid for is convincing another set of people to fall in the trap.

So for every person whom you can convince to buy the starter kit, you get a percentage as commission and that is how you get an opportunity to make money.

Let’s face it that cannot be legit, and neither is the claim that work from home stuffing envelopes has no fee to start.

Therefore, a business which has its roots based on unethical business practices cannot be a fair trade to be associated with.

It surely reeks of malpractices and misinformation, and it can’t be something that you would be proud to talk about in your friend circles.

This is exactly why when anyone tells you that it is a great business, think twice, ask relevant questions, and only then you should go on to make a decision about joining it or not.

Type of Pyramid Structure

Most times, there is a huge question mark on the legitimacy of a pyramid structure that does not sell anything exactly.

This is exactly why I am not convinced about the legitimacy of the work from home option of stuffing envelopes.

Let’s face it; you are getting paid for convincing others to fall into the trap.

So knowing very well about the dangers involved, you are actually trying to get more people into the scheme just to retrieve the money that you have put into it.

This is exactly how a pyramid scheme works and puts a huge question mark on its authenticity.

This is exactly the reason that there is a question on whether the scheme of envelope stuffing as working from home option is legit.

Though there is no regulatory warning against this business, the truth is that this is a scam from the word go.

There is absolutely no business sense in getting more and more people in the scam.

In the absence of any real product for sale, the only gainers can be the people who are perpetrators of the scheme or who start it off and collect money for the start up kits.


While envelope stuffing as a working from home alternative has merit in the concept that it needs no skill, no degree or experience to excel, the relative purpose of the whole scheme is extremely questionable.

There are many red flags in the business model.

These include

  • Whole purpose of the effort
  • No end product to sell
  • Intent to create a pyramid structure by getting more and more recruits
  • Charging for a start-up kit.

Come to think of it.

Do you really need a start-up kit to learn how to stuff envelopes in any form whatsoever?

The biggest problem with the whole initiative is the fact that in this era of social media marketing, the idea of sending envelopes stuffed with flyers with postage paid for seemed extremely out of sync with the current need and the demand trends.

It is almost like trying to light the fire using stones when you have matchsticks or gas lighters at your disposal.