In today’s world of hectic lifestyle, professionals are increasingly choosing to work from home to bring about some semblance of order and stability in their lives. However, often the challenge remains in looking for legitimate work from home jobs and make them work for real.

By real work from home jobs, I mean the ones that actually pay and where the mode of working and payment is very transparent. Given the huge demand base, the number of real legitimate work from home jobs is now increasing. More and more companies now understand the importance of work from home jobs for their employees and their eventual profitability.

Indeed, legit work from home jobs are a win-win situation for both employers and employees. The employers can undertake significant cost rationalization. A lot of overhead expenses like electricity costs, data charges and resource investment like laptops are reduced. For employees, these real work from home jobs free up a lot of time and bring about extreme flexibility to their schedules.

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This makes employees very relaxed mentally and improves their efficiency a lot. The company too, as a result, experiences higher profitability and better margins. The employees are happy that they are able to devote more time to their families. So the question that comes is what are the real work from home jobs for moms or anyone looking to work from home can pursue?

One simple way to look for legit options is by going via reliable online job posting sites. The advantage is most times, these companies undertake the due diligence in their own interest. They conduct background checks for companies offering work from home jobs to help establish their own authenticity and credibility. As per the studies, here is a quick list of some legitimate work from home opportunities.

1. Freelance Content Writer:

Freelance Content Writer

In the list of legitimate work from home jobs that work for real, I think the job of a content writer is one of the most commendable. Thanks to the advancement in technology, this is one of the highest in-demand real work from home jobs.

The gradual rise in internet and the need for having well designated websites is also a crucial factor that has led to the rise in a total number of content jobs the world over. You now have several web postings across the world enabling real work from home opportunities for many.

The presence of these postings on sites like Upwork and the like further help establish their credibility. From double checking details of those who are posting job offers to making sure that every freelancer associated with them get their due payment, it goes a long way to establish its legit status.

In fact, the range of topics on which you can create content makes it undoubtedly one of the best real work from home jobs for moms. It allows them to have financial security despite being able to spend adequate time with their kids and tending to home responsibilities.

2. Blogging:


If you want some examples of real work from home jobs that pay, then there is nothing better than blogging. Just open the internet or log on to any blog spot like Word Press, the results are out there for you to sample. Not only can you use your expertise to earn money in this work from home, but you can also monetize the blog by placing ads or product reviews. Additionally, blogging also establishes you as a credible voice, and you can also earn money as an established expert.

Moreover, this is one of those legitimate work from home jobs where you do not have to go via anybody. You think of a topic and decide on a content and just blog about it. It is that simple. The money that you earn from this real work is totally dependent on the number of viewers you can generate.

Therefore, the onus of generating better and greater number of viewers is totally on you as well. You can make your own analysis, and depending on that demand; you can identify the kind of content you want to put up. So in real terms, you become your own boss.

3. Medical Transcriptionist:

It would be wrong to simply term this as yet another legitimate work from home jobs. It is today an upcoming industry in itself. Today across the world, there are millions of medical transcriptionists. A significant chunk does this job in call centers, while there are many others who do it from home.

Technology has now enabled you to handle this job remotely using an internet connection, a laptop and a simple earpiece. Since you are just converting the medical records into mere text, there is no time limitation in this. You can choose a time that is convenient for you and give the client deadline as per that convenience. They are not bound by geographical limitation either. They can be located in Australia and work for a client in Europe.

There are many reliable sites like Flexjobs and Upwork who list out these work from home postings. In fact, many interested and large corporates put out these job vacancies in their firm just like any other.

Demand and supply both ways have risen to the extent that the US labor department lists the annual earnings of medical transcriptionists around $35,000. This roughly gives them a billing rate of over $15 every hour for a real work from home.

4. Virtual Office Assistant:

Virtual Office Assistant

In the list of legit work from home jobs, a virtual office assistant is a unique position that is climbing up the popularity chart. Remember how the office secretary works, the virtual office assistant does pretty much all that and a lot more staying at home. As the name suggests, it is a virtual position that allows you to work from home.

You connect to the office and its necessities via an internet connection. You are essentially working remotely to address day to day office necessities. Given the increase in business opportunities, the rise in a number of administrators who execute the required work is also rising.

However, given the limited number of available help, the virtual office assistants help fill up the available gap. They provide technical, administrative and creative support and can simultaneously service a wide variety of clients across a wide range of industries in a coordinated and cohesive manner.

Establishments like the International Virtual Assistants Association lend credibility to this kind of work from home jobs. It makes them authentic and also makes organizations reach out to potential employees a lot easily.

5. Web Designer & Developer:

Web Designer & Developer

Like we mentioned earlier, internet is one of the fundamental triggers for the increased rise in real work from home jobs for moms and all others who are interested. So what exactly is your access point on the internet? Well, it is the websites of course. The question now is who creates the websites and is that an opportunity in the waiting?

Indeed, web designer and developers are much in demand and given the rising need for them and ease of access created by the internet; you can now have anyone design websites from any place across the web for anybody.

Even if you are not a trained web developer, you can also take lessons on the internet and become self-employed. You can also attend the various coding camps that are held. Postings for this work from home jobs are easily available on sites across the world and sometimes clients who need the service also reach out to individuals directly.

According to US labor department statistics, the top rung web developers earn up to $100,000 annually and the average salary is close to $70,000. Of course, the quality of service and competence could impact the pricing, and the project too might have some impact. But overall, the demand-supply matrix as well as the salary outlook makes it an extremely legitimate work from home job.

6. Social Marketing Consultant:

Social Marketing Consultant

Given the advent and increased use of the internet, social media networks have also become marketing hubs. Every big business today has got a significant internet presence. Just like their print and television marketing allocation, the web too now claims a sizeable chunk of the marketing budget.

But even for big businesses to appoint a full-fledged social media marketing consultant becomes a big ask. So one easy option is to hire a freelancer and that, in turn, creates a vibrant and real work from home jobs. Sitting in the comfort of your house, you can easily manage media accounts of a whole lot of clients and service them equally deftly.

Another big advantage and the reason that makes this one of the most legitimate work from home jobs is the fact that it is predominantly through the internet. As a result, creating a remote access is never too much of a problem, and the same person can service multiple clients quite easily.

7. Event Management:

Event Management

One fundamental factor driving most real or legitimate work from home jobs is the demand for a service that is not being addressed otherwise. This is the reason why an opportunity like an event management job becomes such a cool candidate for a real work from home alternative.

Depending on your preference and the kind of demand around your locality, you can start off with organizing birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and the like. Though technically, these events happen outside your home, the planning can easily happen staying at home. It all depends on the individual’s expertise and creative knack along with the ability to organize effectively.

As an event management executive, you can take up events as per your convenience and space them out as per the time slots you have. The payment also happens directly from the customer, and you don’t have to deal with anyone in between. Therefore, you have much better negotiation power and a greater guarantee of the money being dome promptly.

Though most times, it is the type of work from home that essentially starts locally, you can also use the internet to spread the word and expand the scope of your business.

8. Data Entry:

Data Entry

This undoubtedly remains one of the most popular work from home jobs that are legitimate. You find job postings on websites; can easily get jobs through your connections. The ease with which you can create data entry content further makes this as an attractive as well as credible work from home option.

The limited academic and experience requirements ensure that you can apply for this job and get it quite easily without much ado. The payment terms and conditions also maintain parity on an international level and make this a practical and legit work from home jobs.

9. Customer Service Representative:

Customer Service Representative

A relatively new entrant in the list of real work from home jobs, this one scores very high on a legitimate count. Invariably, companies who are customer centric and who need customer service representatives put out advertisements on their own.

They interview candidates as per the strict set of educational and experience qualifications that they have already decided. In most cases, the training and the cost of setting up office at home are also entirely or partly borne by the company. For the individual, they enjoy all corporate benefits at home.

10. Travel Agent:

Travel Agent

Many times, your friends might have approached you to help with their travel bookings, taken your suggestion for a good holiday destination or even sought out your bargaining expertise in getting the best hotel deal. Have you ever wondered how you can actually work from home using all these capabilities and getting a real taste of financial security without having to report to a boss? All you need to do is take a few certifications and establish your own network and get started with a profession that supports your passion. Not only is this a legitimate way to earn a living, but it also allows you the flexibility of pursuing real work from home jobs.

So when you are on the lookout for some real work from home jobs, it is very important that you choose the appropriate work from home alternatives. Just don’t be happy reading a headline that attracts you to apply for work from home jobs. The real jobs are the ones that help you experience financial security without compromising your convenience.

Given the easy access that the internet enables, you now have real work from home alternatives available quite easily and in a wide range as well. So, whether you are looking for real work from home jobs for moms or college students, the options available are vast and to your satisfaction.