We have started a campaign, known as Become a Millionaire to establish a strong source of income for our followers. We need to create a network of social media accounts to promote our articles, videos, live events, etc.

We will focus on Facebook because it is the best for our purpose.

Therefore, please kindly do the following:

1. If you have a Facebook account and you want to be placed in our network, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and share your Facebook account URL, so that we can send you a friend request.

2. Below is my Facebook account URL. Please send me a friend request:


3. We have also allocated a Facebook page  to promote our Become a Millionaire campaign. Please like it to receive all the related posts, updates and events:


Joining our social media network is so important, especially for those who have already participated in our Become a Millionaire campaign. It helps our EPIC team to grow much faster. Also, if you are planning to join our Become a Millionaire campaign later, you can join our social media network even now.