What is something that often projects your professional standing in the most appropriate manner?

Do you know it?

The LinkedIn headline for job seekers is crucial.

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However, there are many pitfalls when you set out to put the right headline.

It should neither brag about you nor should it say very little about you.

The question then is how do you attain this balance?

Before answering this questions, first let’s learn what a LinkedIn headline is.

What Is a LinkedIn Headline?

Your LinkedIn Headline

Where exactly is the LinkedIn headline placed?

Many do not even understand even when register this initially.

It is a small description of you just below your name.

Often, LinkedIn provides a default headline, if you do not complete the entire profile.

It gives recruiters the first-hand idea about your specialties before they undertake a detailed study.

For example, if it says ‘digital marketing enthusiasts,’ recruiters would instantly know the type of job that suits you.

However, if it just says ‘unemployed,’ it is very vague.

People would not be able to decipher about your exact specialties are or the kind of job you are looking for.

So it is important to project the right type of image about your professional specifications.

But remember, the default headline is never a great choice for job seekers or unemployed people.

The Default Headline Is a Big No

LinkedIn continuously prods you to complete your profile.

In case you do not complete it, it provides a default option.

But you have to understand that this is based on the data you have included.

Most times, it could be vague or even a neutral phrase.

This will result in recruiters ignoring the profile quite often.

So it is very important that you use this 120 character space to write something eye-catching and interesting about yourself.

It will serve two purposes.

While on one hand, it improves your visibility on LinkedIn, it also provides a fair idea of how keen a candidate is.

If you have taken time out to project the right kind of image about yourself, it highlights your commitment.

Recruiters understand that you mean business and they would be interested in recruiting you.

The default headline is also generic in nature.

This means that there are many candidates with the same type of description.

It further makes the competition tougher.

But when you take time out for establishing your unique identity, you set the benchmark differently.

You get an opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

How to Project Your Unemployed Status?

Well, in this context, the LinkedIn headline for job seekers or unemployed people is most important.

You don’t have a job at the moment, and you are not keen on projecting a negative yourself?

You don’t want to flaunt your unemployed status.

So you should aim to reword your unemployed status in a way that exudes a positive image.

You can, therefore, use words like, ‘seeking opportunities’ or ‘available for new opportunities’.

You can even go on to write about your special talents or name the prestigious college that you graduated from.

This serves a dual purpose.

On one hand, you avoid unnecessary highlighting your unemployed status.

On the other hand, you are able to bring in a positive twist and highlight your strong point.

So a potential recruiter would be able to understand how you can add value to the organization.

For example, if you just mentioned ‘Principal Director’ it would not mean anything specific.

Only if you are in a popular MNC, recruiters can quickly assess your role.

But in other lesser known or local companies, it is a vague concept.

So the question is you can add value to an organization.

This is what will help you land with better opportunities.

You might not have a job today.

But that does not mean, you will remain unemployed forever.

But if a recruiter known how well you can add value, there is a higher probability of landing with the job faster.

Let’s assume I am looking for an operational manager.

If your LinkedIn headline says ‘excel in operational management & available’, I will be more likely to spot you.

When you compare this with ‘Job Seeker’ or ‘Unemployed’ as a default headline, the difference is quite apparent.

Add Value Using the LinkedIn Headline

The need to add value using the LinkedIn headline is crucial for any job seeker.

Ultimately this is how you make a meaningful impact.

When potential employers are looking for candidates, they always look for specific details.

So when your headline lists the special talents or skills you have, you improve your chances of being hired.

More and more employers are keen to establish beforehand how a specific candidate can enhance their profit margins.

Often, it is the skill sets that you possess that can make a difference.

It will make sure that employers never miss your profile.

This will also mean that you will get call you for interviews quite often too.

This also stems from a deep conviction in your ability.

You must remember that you need to be confident to excel.

A striking headline is often the best indicator of your self-belief.

It tells the employers also about how convinced are you about your abilities.

A forceful and assertive LinkedIn headline goes a long way in projecting your efficiency.

So adding value is a key factor to consider.

Don’t just think of writing a wacky line.

Think of what it conveys to a potential recruiter or employer.

Then you will able to strike the perfect balance.

While it is very important that your LinkedIn headline stands out, it is also necessary that it makes sense.

This is exactly why there is the 120 character limitation.

In 3-4 words, you have to explain what you are good at.

This is how you will be able to make a lasting impression.

It also improves the ability to land a job a lot more easily.

Even potential recruiters are more likely to spot your profile.

How to Write an Effective LinkedIn Headline?

This brings us to the key point how you can write an effective LinkedIn headline.

Whether you are unemployed, looking for a change or a fresh graduate looking for jobs, an effective headline is crucial.

Here is a step by step guide to writing effective headlines that can surely help you get a job.

1. Analyze

First and foremost analyze your profile

Understand what you excel in.

Think deep about how you can project it best.

This should then be the key to wording your profile with the perfect description.

It should describe your skill sets best and highlight your strong points.

2. Assess Benefits

The next step is to explain how you can benefit potential employers.

How can you help enhance their profit margin?

What are the key elements that can help you make a difference in your area of work?

Let’s face it the job market is, after all, a marketplace.

You sell your talent and effort in exchange for a salary.

Just like in a market there are always many sellers, and the employer is undoubtedly the buyer.

They will look for the best bargains.

One of the easiest ways of highlighting that is by telling them what you are good at.

They should be convinced about investing in you and your abilities.

3. Prove Your Ability

In this context, it is very important to highlight your accomplishments.

The LinkedIn headline does not always have to be your professional designation.

It can also showcase your credentials and highlight your achievements.

In many ways, this can also prove your worth to the potential recruiters or employers.

They can also analyze how you can add value through these credentials.

4. The Ultimate Formula

Therefore, in many ways, your ultimate formula is a mix of all these factors.

Think of a newspaper headline.

In just two or three line, it tells you the ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the news.

Similarly, in 120 characters, your headline needs to convey the same set of information.

In this context, the first step is to understand the keywords important in your sector.

You can identify three or four most important ones.

The next step is to include as many of these in your headline.

For job seekers or unemployed people, this will also help in improving visibility.

When you are searching for jobs, this is very important to get maximum possible options.

At the same time, it is important that you put a coherent statement about your job prospects.

One simple way to nail it is to refer to other LinkedIn profiles in the same sector.

Look at the relatively successful ones.

See how candidates have projected themselves.

This will go a long way in helping you identify the right words for your headline.

Also when you refer to other profiles, you will be able to identify the problems easily.

The other important factor is the tone of the headline.

Remember you need to sound convinced, committed and most importantly positive.

Use strong and assertive adjectives like ambitious, enthusiastic and many others.

These kinds of positive and strong adjectives always have a positive impact on the reader.

You need to make your headline interesting.

It is never sufficient to just list your abilities.

It is very important that you put it up in a way that can catch the reader’s attention.

They should feel positive and may even get excited reading your headline.

Key Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Headline

Call me a grammar Nazi if you will, but proper grammar is important.

Often when I come across a LinkedIn profile with inaccurate spelling or grammar, I lose interest.

While you might be great at your work, it is important to put it across properly.

Don’t publish a profile till you have corrected all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Remember that a sloppily written headline often reflects a lazy personality.

Your readers might feel that you are too lazy to even correct the basic mistakes in one sentence.

While you do not have to write in a flowery language, it is important to use the correct words.

Often many candidates try to impress using heavy words.

More often than not, it does not help.

Remember the 120 character limitation is there for a reason.

The idea is to highlight your best achievements in one short sentence.

Most times recruiters skip headlines that appear long or indistinct.

Don’t sound desperate in your headline pitch.

Even for job seekers and unemployed professionals, you need to be dignified.

Therefore, always avoid headlines like ‘seeking opportunities.’

This does not convey anything and does not highlight your credentials either.

On the contrary, it makes you sound desperate.

It almost feels like you are badly in need of someone spotting you and giving you a job.

This is never the right tone.

It is also important to avoid boring options.

Don’t just list out a long designation.

Your HR team might have taken a lot of pains in writing it but does it make sense to outsiders?

It is a much better idea to write about what you do or what you excel instead.

People who read your profile would instantly know about your strong points.

Don’t Confuse Your Readers

Another key factor to remember in the LinkedIn headline for job seekers is clarity.

You must always remember that you are very clear about what you want to highlight.

Don’t confuse the reader.

The outcome would be pretty simple.

They will skip your profile.

But you have created a profile to get interesting job opportunities.

So take extra effort in framing your thoughts appropriately.

Remember you have a long profile page to cram in every detail about you.

The headline is one place to highlight the best for you.

Write less but write effectively.

You have to write in a way that the reader is compelled to go through the entire profile.

This clarity will also avoid your headline becoming tacky.

You might consider your efforts as revolutionizing but is that what everyone feels.

Unless you are a pioneer like Steve Jobs or visionary like Naval Ravikant, avoid using words like transformer or magnet and the like.

They convey nothing about your real abilities and make your headline appear tacky.

Well, tacky headlines are best avoided.

This will not generate readers and therefore jobs either.

They are only going to eat up precious character space without yielding the desired result.

They become a liability on your LinkedIn profile page.

Examples Of Some Great LinkedIn Headlines

Well, I might write column after column, but practical examples are often more effective.

It conveys the point succinctly and without too much hassle.

We, therefore, collated some popular and talked about LinkedIn Headlines.

These will give you a fair idea about the Dos and Don’ts of writing these headlines.

Example 1

I found a marketing professional who could highlight his worth in the headline.

It said that he could increase sales using a specific approach.

The message was quite clear.

Any reader who read that profile knew how this professional could add value to their firm.

Example 2

Another headline I referred to simply said, ‘guarantee increasing sales for you’.

Well, look at the confidence in this line.

Do I really care about whether he is unemployed or not?

This is what this person promises to deliver.

So my course of action is simple as a potential employer.

I will read through the entire profile.

I might even call this professional for the interview.

The purpose of the LinkedIn headline is therefore complete.

Whether you get the job or not eventually depends on many other factors but it got you the attention you wanted.

LinkedIn Headline Has to Be Effective to Get Your Favorite Job

Therefore, balance and clarity are the key factors to remember.

After all, the reader needs to have a clear understanding.

When readers are looking for potential employees, this is the most important factor.

Whether you are a job seeker or a veteran, the headline has to be effective to get a job of your choice.

The easiest way to achieve it is writing directly.

You need to put forward your perspective clearly.

Avoid winding and twisted perspectives.

Keep it short and simple and you can get the most favorable results.

The idea is to get more visibility and better job prospects.

Clarity in thoughts and confidence in your ability can help you write the most striking LinkedIn headline for job seekers.