The following article explains the system that will enable you to make a fortune on our site, using your personal computer or phone, from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to have any special skill, besides using the Internet and your web browser. Please make sure to read the following completely. Thank you πŸ™‚ has so many followers who like to find a good way to establish a source of income, preferably through the Internet. They are interested in business and would like to create an extra source of income to have a better life. Maybe you are one of them.

Additionally, has so many other followers who are retail traders. They learn the trading techniques here on this site. But many of them have some big problems:

  1. They don’t have enough money to open a live account, when they are ready to start live-trading.
  2. They have enough money to open a live account, but it is the money they cannot afford to lose. It is their only savings which is not that much in most cases (You must only trade with the money that you can afford to lose).

You can be in the second or both groups.

How Can LuckScout Support These Followers?

During the past several years, we have done so many things to help our website’s followers to generate a good source of income. This has been our priority during all these years. We have tried some ideas so far, but either they didn’t work very well for many of our followers, or they stopped working after a while for some reason. We even spent thousands of dollars to help some of our followers upgrade in some affiliate systems that needed their affiliates to upgrade to earn more commissions.

However, the followers who received our grants didn’t make any money, and so we learned that we were wrong. Those who received our financial support (The LuckScout Grant) didn’t do anything at all and still expected to receive more or to start making money by doing nothing.

People deserve to be trained and motivated. But, they must also know that if they don’t take action, they won’t get any results. That mistake taught us a big lesson: When people want to change their lives, first they must be brave enough to risk their time and money and accept the costs. We cannot take the risks for them, and then expect them to take the next steps!

This is what I have done my whole life. Nobody has ever supported me, nor have I received any freebies from someone. I have learned to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true on my own. I have always been brave enough to take risks and spend time and money, whenever needed. And, I have always gotten good results: I never lose. Either I win, or I learn.

You Can’t Force People to Get Rich

Not all opportunities are for everybody. It is really hard for some people to make money with some systems. Besides,Β not everybody deserves to be supported. First, they must prove that they are serious and consistent, otherwise supporting them will be wasting of time and money.

In spite of all of these failures, we have never given up on trying new ideas and systems to enable our followers to make money:

β€œOur greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” β€” Thomas A. Edison

So we develop systems, train our followers, and encourage them to take action to start getting good results. This has to be done on our side. On the other side, it is our followers who must be serious enough about working hard and risking their time and money to get good results.

At, our goal is to enable our followers to make money. If our followers make money consistently, we can make money too. So, our followers’ success is our priority here. But this can’t be a one-way street. Those who want to succeed must take enough action, otherwise all of us will fail.

We Are the Solution

Several years of trial has made us come to the conclusion that the solution is here on this site, with The LuckScout Team, not anywhere else.

We cannot be dependent on any other company, website or system. Even the best and most reliable ones can change, stop working, be stopped, or may not work for majority of our followers. But we can develop a good system that matches The LuckScout Community to help us achieve our goal, which enables our followers to have a reliable, strong and consistent source of income.

And… it is time to start a new system that everybody can join and make money with…

As a member of The LuckScout Club, you can make money on our website and from the comfort of your home.

Please keep reading to learn how this system works.

How to Make Money as the LuckScout Club Member

As a member of The LuckScout Club, you can make money through your activities on

  1. Browsing our website’s pages and reading our articles and pages;
  2. Reading questions and answers;
  3. Asking questions;
  4. Answering questions;
  5. Sharing stories;
  6. Commenting and answering stories;
  7. Writing articles;
  8. Selling your products;
  9. Buying other members’ products;
  10. Referring visitors and members;
  11. Posting comments; and

(I will explain about each of the above in more detail, in separate articles.)

To make money with this system, you don’t need to have any special skills, besides using the Internet and your web browser.

You earn points through each of the above activities and your presence on the site. Our system tracks your activities and records your points in your account.

At the beginning of each month, a group of The LuckScout Club members (The Top Earners Group) who have earned the highest number of points during the previous month will be paid for their previous month’s activities and based on their total points in that month. Following this, all members’ points will be reset to zero and they can start earning points for the month again.

While you cannot see how many points other members have earned for the month, you can compete with them every month when you want to get paid based on your total number of points. Therefore, competition is the most important part of this system, because as I explained above, we want our members to take action to get results (however, competition has a 100% different meaning in this system. I will explain it below).

To get paid for the month, you must earn enough points to be in The Top Earners Group.

Since the points will reset to zero at the beginning of each month, you will always have a chance to earn points and get paid.

We won’t disclose how the pointing system works exactly, and how the payments will be calculated. The reason is that we want the activities of our members to be normal and healthy, although the system is able to track and report the cheaters to our admins.

You can earn more money the more the program works and the larger The LuckScout Club grows. Therefore, referring more people to the program will help you to make more money every month, provided that you earn enough points to be in The Top Earners Group. The income of the members of The Top Earners Group goes higher every month.

The good thing is that you will always have a new chance to be in The Top Earners Group at the beginning of each month.

This system’s algorithm is too complicated to be explained in more detail here. However, earning points and making money with this system is as easy as I described above. We will explain more about the different features of the program in other articles and videos. We can show you the ways to earn more points and can help you to achieve it every month. We communicate with our members through email. So, make sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

There’s a Membership Fee

Yes, there is a monthly membership fee to participate in this program and make money with it, because as above: We want the members to show commitment and dedication.

We have already learned that those who don’t want to spend their time and money on something and want everything to be offered to them for free, not only won’t take any steps, but they also expect a lot more than others.

Therefore, this program has a $95 membership fee that will be billed monthly until canceled.

This membership fee is NOT refundable once paid. But members can stop paying at anytime, if they want to stop working with this system. All transactions will be handled through PayPal, so it is easy for members to cancel their subscription anytime. You need to have a PayPal account to participate in this program.

You will be eligible to get paid for each month, if you have paid the membership fee of the same month. For example, if you have paid your monthly membership fee on 20th of January, you will be eligible to get paid for your January’s activities at the beginning of February. However, if you cancel your payment and don’t pay the monthly members fee on 20th of February, then you won’t get paid for your February’s activities, at the beginning of March.


Those who are more active and earn more points will have a higher payment for the month. However, at the same time they help the system to grow bigger and faster through their activities, they also help all members to earn more money over time. Therefore, being more active not only helps a single member to make more money for the month, it helps all the other members to make more money in long and short term.

So, competition has a different definition in our system. While there is a competition among members to earn more points to get in The Top Earners Group to get paid, earning more points by each member also helps all the other members to earn more money.

It is really hard to explain how this system works exactly, because there is no other similar system on the Internet, and there is no precedent in people’s minds. Besides, this system is too hard to explain in a way that everybody can understand. Above all, I don’t want to reveal the whole algorithm of this system, because:

  1. I don’t want others to duplicate it;
  2. I want all members to work under a fair and equal condition (I don’t want some members to be ahead of the others, just because they can understand the system’s algorithm better); and
  3. I don’t want any members to cheat the system.

While we won’t reveal the system’s algorithm completely, what we reveal is enough for all members to work and make money in the best possible way. You know that you make money through the activities I listed above (more activities will be added from time to time).

This is not an affiliate program, because in affiliate programs, everybody works for themselves and the number of the sales or their income has no impact on other affiliates’ sales and income. But in our system, members are linked to each other through their activities. Their activities help the whole community to make more money, while they cannot prevent each other from earning points. This is the healthiest kind of competition that can’t be found in other systems.

For example, when someone refers more visitors and members to the system or publishes more articles on the site, not only they will earn more points themselves, but also all the other members will benefit from the activities of the new referrals and the traffic that the new content drives to the site.

There is no doubt that individual active members will make more money in long/short term. But they help the other members of the community to make more money as well.

By introducing our revolutionary system, affiliate systems will become obsolete!

Residual Income

Those who are able to write quality articles, or create good and strong products (I will explain about writing articles and creating products in other articles) can generate residual or passive income, because their articles and products remain on the site, and generate points for them every month and when people read their articles, products’ sales letters, or order their products.

These points will be added to their activity points every month, thus they make it easier on themselves to be in The Top Earners Group. Therefore, their articles and products can help them to earn more points and money.

No Income Guarantee

We don’t guarantee any income. Those who are not active enough won’t get paid for the month. But they always have the chance to work harder to get paid for the following months.

You can make more money by earning more points every month. The system also increases payment, the more it grows and the more products and content we add to the site.

This Is a Legitimate Program

There is no MLM or Pyramid scheme here, nor is this even an affiliate program or a two-tier affiliate system. There are no levels here at all.

This is just a big opportunity for those who want to make money online, using their computers and from the comfort of their homes. Making money with this system is not complicated, although there is a complicated algorithm behind the scene.

No Work, No Payment

While you earn more money, if you work more than the other members, your activities and others’ activities help the whole community to get paid more. The system is developed in a way that if you help the other members to earn more points, you will earn more points too, and so you will earn more money, while you help the whole community to have more eligible members to get paid.

Competition has a different meaning in our system. While your activities help you to earn more than other members, it also helps other members to earn more points and make more money. I cannot emphasize this enough.

That’s why I said this system is unique and there is no similar system the Internet over. We are LuckScout πŸ˜€

No Special Skill Needed

You make money on this website and with this system, even if you know nothing more than how to browse our web pages. If you can post comments, reply to the other members’ comments, ask questions, and answer other members’ questions, share stories and comment on the other members’ stories, then you will make more money. Those who can write strong and quality articles, or have products to sell on our website, they can make even more money.

There are so many ways to increase your income and make more money. But, if browsing our web pages and reading our articles are all you know and you can do, then you can still make money with our system. You can do this with your computer or phone and from the comfort of your home.

Enabling the LuckScout followers to make money like this has always been our dream. Now, we have made this dream come true, and you can make a fortune with our system, if you participate and work.

Are You Ready to Start?

We want to test the system for a couple of weeks first. During these two weeks, you can also try the system to see how it works. However, you won’t pay the $95 membership fee during these two weeks, and so you won’t get paid once the two weeks test is ended. But as soon as the two weeks trial ends, we will announce it and the program will be started officially. Then, you can pay the $95 membership fee, and start working to make money.

We are doing this two-week beta testing to make sure that the system works properly. We may extend it if necessary. Although you won’t earn any money for your activities during this trial period, your participation is a big help for us to test the system and fix all problems and bugs. So, thank you for your participation in advance πŸ™‚

Please start now:

1. Sign up through the form below

Click Here to sign up for a LuckScout Club account.

After registration, you will be logged in automatically and you can see your points balance below. You will see your points balance only when you login to your account. You may need to refresh this page to see your points below:

2. Subscribe to our newsletter

You must do this to earn more points because we email you the opportunities during the day. We will email you several times per day, and this is part of this program. If you are among those who don’t like to receive emails, then this program is not for you. However, our emails will help you to earn more points.

We help The LuckScout Club members to earn more points and make more money. The LuckScout Club members must open our emails and click on the links. Please make sure that our emails don’t get placed in the spam folder, or social and promotions tabs:

3. Start earning points right away

  • Publish articles on LuckScout.
    If you publish articles on our site, you will earn points permanently, as long as people read your articles. It is one of the best ways to earn points permanently and on autopilot.
  • Refer people to our site:
    Your referral link for our website home page is:
    (You will see your complete referral link only when you login to your account.)
    You can refer people to all of our pages and articles, if you add ?mref= to the end of each page’s URL.
    For example, to refer people to the current page, your referral link will be:
  • Sell your products on our website. (coming soon…)
  • Buy the other members’ products. (coming soon…)

4. Repeat the above activities every day as much as you can and have time to spend.

All the above activities help you to earn points and enter The Top Earners Group for the current month. You will get paid for your current month’s activities at the beginning of the next month. Everybody’s points will be reset to zero at the beginning of each month, so that they can start earning points again from the same start line.

Please read The LuckScout Club’s FAQ here.