LuckScout Is Created Based on Love❤️, Passion, Respect, Friendship, Support, Teamwork and Cooperation

It has been over ~30 years that the Internet has become accessible to the public. Since that time, there have always been two groups of users who were online to use the Internet. One group is the ordinary people who make the regular Internet users. The other group are those who have always looked at the Internet and the regular users as opportunities to make money.

There’s nothing wrong with making money. But, the problem arises when the first group always has to pay, and the second group always wants to take more and more. Even when the regular Internet users don’t apparently pay any money, their time and presence have been used to take money from another group of people, that is what the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. do. The traffic that your online presence generates has always been sold to the advertisers by these websites. You don’t pay anything to them, but you enable them to make billions while they give you nothing, which is what I call Virtual Slavery.

It means, people have always been victims. Either they paid their money, and got scammed in many cases, or they have been used in different shapes and forms. These people deserve a lot more than this. They deserve to have a share from the money their online presence makes for websites.

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What the websites like Facebook do, is not currently illegal, not because what they do is good or is not harmful, but because there is still no law that knows these kinds of actions as a crime and illegal (legal gap).

LuckScout is the first in the world that is talking about these. LuckScout has started a new age for humanity. You will witness that one day we will have laws that prevent websites and companies from taking advantage of regular Internet users and ordinary people without paying them anything. That’s why we always say that we will take humanity one step forward and one level higher. “Slavery” that used to be a business and routine for centuries, is now illegal and a crime, because humanity moved one step forward and raised one level higher, and learned that slavery is such a disgusting crime that people can ever do to each other. They haven’t been used to thinking like this from the beginning. They learned it later.

LuckScout will also take humanity another step forward and another level higher to make them understand that there are other types of slavery that are also disgusting. Virtual Slavery is one of them that is now ended here on this site and in The LuckScout Community.

In my last two posts (here and here), I explained what LuckScout is, how and why it pays the members, and what LuckScout is not. But I also explained that LuckScout is a lot more than these.

LuckScout is built based on love and respect. I always wanted to focus on things that I loved to do, even when I wanted to make money:

Working hard for something we love is called passion. —Simon Sinek

If I am supposed to love what I do in LuckScout, and if LuckScout is supposed to be a community that is called The LuckScout Community that consists of members, then not only I must love LuckScout and The LuckScout Community, but also I must love all the members of this community. Above all, The LuckScout Community system and algorithm must be designed and developed in a way that it improves and spreads love and respect among members. Not only must they see and feel that they are all the same and have the same rights and opportunities, but all of them, not just a group of them, must be able to be winners. At the same time, they must see no competition among each other.

And, we have done these so far. All of our members have the same opportunities. They start behind the same line and follow the same routes and rules. They see no reasons to compete with each other. Conversely, they see that if they help each other to grow, they will grow too. Those who are more active, earn more points and money, but at the same time, their activities help other members of the community to earn more points and money too. As a result, such an algorithm triggers a chain reaction that benefits all members.

No other system has ever been like this so far. LuckScout is 100% innovative and revolutionary.

Why Are We Doing This?

We do this because we want to take the humanity one step forward and one level higher 😀

Change your focus, from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in. —Robert Kiyosaki

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By Vahid Chaychi

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