We are offering live Forex market analysis on YouTube. The first session was done last night at 05:30pm EST. Please watch and like the first video that was broadcasted live.

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We analyze several currency pairs and stocks and you will have the chance to ask your questions through the chat box.


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We analyzed GBP/USD last night. Please make sure to watch the video to see everything we explained about GBP/USD monthly, weekly and daily charts.

GBPUSD Monthly

GBP/USD Weekly Chart:


GBP/USD Daily Chart:



We plotted new resistance line on EUR/USD chart:

EURUSD Monthly

Probably forming Bollinger Bands Squeeze:


In our most recent live market analysis, we analyzed some other markets like USD/JPY, USD/CAD, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Amazon. Please watch the video analysis that was broadcasted live.

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