Get Paid to Play the LuckScout Pac-Man

To get paid to play The LuckScout Pac-Man, please do the following:

  1. Sign up for an account on our website.
  2. Click Here to pay the monthly membership fee ($95) through PayPal.

Note: Effective from 21 Feb 2021, The LuckScout Club services will only be offered to our Epic Team members for free. They can publish content on our site for free. However, they no longer will get paid for the points they collect.

By completing the above two steps, you will become a member of The LuckScout Club, and so, you will become eligible to get paid at the end of each month, based on the points you earn. If you spend some time on our website and play our games, you can turn the $95 fee into a lot of money at the end of each month. In addition to playing our games, there are 15 other ways to earn more points on our website to make more money. Your points will turn into money at the end of each month, based on our pointing system and under some special conditions that you need to learn about them here.

Get Paid to Play the LuckScout Pac-Man

If you have completed the above steps, then you need to add your email to our mailing list using the form below,  and wait for us to send you the opportunities and contests to earn points. You can get paid at the end of the month, based on the points you have earned and the special formula that our system follows. You can earn more points by playing our other games. Also, there are 15 others ways that you can follow to earn more points.

You can play the Pac-Man below or our other games to earn points, even if you haven’t paid the $95 monthly fee. However, you won’t get paid at the end of the month, based on your earned points. You just to sign up for an account on our website to become able to play our games.

Submit your email and wait for our daily messages, to refer to our website, play our games, earn points and get paid at the end of the month:


Submit your email above to participate in our Weekly/Daily Pac-Man contest and earn thousands of points. We will email you when there is a contest.


LuckScout Pac-Man’s Top 100 Players:

CountUser NameScoreDate
1Leno Jean Pierre2444902021-01-25 10:08:04pm
2Ahmad Khasan1786902021-01-25 03:32:00am
3Leno Jean Pierre1136802021-01-25 11:06:19am
4Leno Jean Pierre1115702021-01-25 03:50:07pm
5Leno Jean Pierre569002021-01-25 04:30:33pm
6Mui Noi Phey429202021-02-01 08:00:34pm
7Muda Markus Dolopoto383202021-03-02 05:06:02pm
8Mui Noi Phey365102021-01-25 05:47:42pm
9Gareth White346002021-01-26 06:05:36pm
10Mui Noi Phey343402021-02-01 03:23:30pm
11Mui Noi Phey299902021-02-01 03:05:05pm
12Mui Noi Phey296702021-01-25 06:00:45pm
13Mui Noi Phey295002021-02-09 04:51:56am
14Muda Markus Dolopoto294202021-02-19 09:31:47am
15Mui Noi Phey293902021-02-09 07:06:23pm
16Gareth White284402021-01-27 11:27:26am
17Muda Markus Dolopoto284202021-03-03 06:19:40pm
18Muda Markus Dolopoto281902021-02-19 09:03:00am
19Mui Noi Phey281802021-01-25 01:20:48pm
20Muda Markus Dolopoto279302021-03-03 08:42:22pm
21Muda Markus Dolopoto279002021-02-21 11:28:31am
22Muda Markus Dolopoto277302021-02-07 03:07:24pm
23Gareth White273802021-02-01 05:54:06pm
24Leno Jean Pierre263902021-01-29 05:18:16pm
25Muda Markus Dolopoto257302021-02-19 04:32:29pm
26Muda Markus Dolopoto255202021-03-02 01:47:01pm
27Muda Markus Dolopoto254402021-03-03 10:33:14am
28Muda Markus Dolopoto254402021-02-15 08:48:07pm
29Muda Markus Dolopoto252302021-03-03 06:18:39am
30Mui Noi Phey249902021-02-16 12:56:35pm
31Muda Markus Dolopoto248402021-03-03 06:25:00am
32Muda Markus Dolopoto246002021-02-19 01:58:16pm
33Leno Jean Pierre243502021-02-02 07:44:38pm
34Muda Markus Dolopoto242502021-02-18 02:27:55pm
35Muda Markus Dolopoto241202021-03-02 05:22:01pm
36Gareth White241102021-01-26 05:53:20pm
37Mui Noi Phey239702021-01-30 08:29:05pm
38Muda Markus Dolopoto239302021-02-21 07:13:04pm
39Muda Markus Dolopoto236602021-02-08 06:58:13pm
40Muda Markus Dolopoto234002021-02-25 04:40:01pm
41Muda Markus Dolopoto232702021-02-17 08:56:00am
42Muda Markus Dolopoto230502021-02-08 11:01:38am
43Mui Noi Phey228802021-02-08 07:31:41pm
44Muda Markus Dolopoto221402021-02-08 10:44:38am
45Mui Noi Phey215502021-01-25 04:54:57pm
46Mui Noi Phey213402021-02-16 01:07:38pm
47Muda Markus Dolopoto213102021-02-17 07:56:30pm
48Mui Noi Phey212102021-02-16 01:14:49pm
49Leno Jean Pierre211302021-01-25 01:35:20pm
50Muda Markus Dolopoto208302021-02-05 10:16:28am
51Muda Markus Dolopoto207602021-02-15 03:31:59pm
52Muda Markus Dolopoto206602021-02-06 05:59:59pm
53Muda Markus Dolopoto205602021-03-03 08:49:44pm
54Muda Markus Dolopoto205002021-03-03 06:14:04pm
55Mui Noi Phey204202021-01-30 08:22:48pm
56Muda Markus Dolopoto203302021-02-18 05:13:00pm
57Leno Jean Pierre202902021-01-25 02:47:49pm
58Muda Markus Dolopoto200902021-02-19 04:08:35pm
59Mui Noi Phey200902021-02-09 05:16:21am
60Mui Noi Phey200502021-02-01 03:11:31pm
61Mui Noi Phey199702021-02-01 03:28:14pm
62Muda Markus Dolopoto199402021-02-08 08:42:52pm
63Mui Noi Phey198602021-01-25 03:24:22pm
64Muda Markus Dolopoto197702021-02-22 03:05:31pm
65Mui Noi Phey197302021-02-08 07:46:23pm
66Muda Markus Dolopoto196702021-02-17 08:53:23pm
67Mui Noi Phey195002021-02-08 07:02:13pm
68Muda Markus Dolopoto194002021-03-02 08:36:57pm
69Muda Markus Dolopoto192002021-02-16 12:56:15pm
70Mui Noi Phey191602021-02-08 07:49:47pm
71Muda Markus Dolopoto189002021-03-03 10:28:53am
72Muda Markus Dolopoto188202021-02-02 10:14:06pm
73Muda Markus Dolopoto188002021-02-18 05:17:05pm
74Mui Noi Phey188002021-01-30 02:55:24pm
75Mui Noi Phey187002021-02-08 05:31:53am
76Muda Markus Dolopoto186702021-02-08 04:20:11pm
77adharad186102021-01-25 05:20:53am
78Mui Noi Phey185902021-01-25 01:11:01pm
79Muda Markus Dolopoto184302021-02-05 10:09:12pm
80Muda Markus Dolopoto183502021-03-03 03:36:32pm
81Muda Markus Dolopoto182802021-02-18 02:31:55pm
82Muda Markus Dolopoto182602021-02-16 08:48:39pm
83Muda Markus Dolopoto182302021-02-19 10:14:07pm
84Muda Markus Dolopoto182202021-02-08 12:53:22pm
85Muda Markus Dolopoto182102021-02-16 08:57:43pm
86Mui Noi Phey181802021-01-25 12:53:36pm
87Muda Markus Dolopoto180802021-02-16 04:37:58pm
88Muda Markus Dolopoto180102021-02-15 08:40:54pm
89Mui Noi Phey178902021-02-09 07:00:12pm
90Mui Noi Phey178902021-02-09 05:06:53am
91Mui Noi Phey176802021-02-01 07:48:31pm
92Mui Noi Phey176702021-01-30 08:33:05pm
93Muda Markus Dolopoto175502021-03-03 08:36:53pm
94Muda Markus Dolopoto175402021-02-16 10:33:13am
95Mui Noi Phey175102021-01-30 08:41:56pm
96Muda Markus Dolopoto174202021-03-02 04:59:18pm
97Muda Markus Dolopoto173702021-02-19 10:38:29pm
98Muda Markus Dolopoto173602021-02-21 10:40:37am
99Muda Markus Dolopoto173402021-03-03 01:35:17pm
100Mui Noi Phey173102021-02-08 07:24:36pm
101Mui Noi Phey172902021-02-09 05:00:16am
102Mui Noi Phey172702021-02-01 02:54:10pm
103Muda Markus Dolopoto172002021-02-02 03:25:59pm
104Muda Markus Dolopoto171602021-03-02 01:50:53pm
105Muda Markus Dolopoto170402021-02-20 06:05:44pm
106Muda Markus Dolopoto169602021-02-19 02:30:19pm
107Muda Markus Dolopoto169502021-02-21 07:23:14pm
108Muda Markus Dolopoto169102021-02-05 09:52:34pm
109Mui Noi Phey168802021-01-25 01:05:59pm
110Mui Noi Phey168802021-02-08 07:41:45pm
111Muda Markus Dolopoto168402021-03-03 02:16:59pm
112Muda Markus Dolopoto168302021-02-22 03:09:13pm
113Muda Markus Dolopoto168202021-02-15 03:27:07pm
114Muda Markus Dolopoto167302021-02-19 01:00:40pm
115Mui Noi Phey165902021-02-05 05:14:58am
116Mui Noi Phey163402021-02-01 03:32:56pm
117Muda Markus Dolopoto162802021-02-08 04:04:55pm
118Muda Markus Dolopoto162702021-02-05 10:05:20pm
119Muda Markus Dolopoto162402021-02-13 08:23:25pm
120Muda Markus Dolopoto161802021-02-02 03:31:31pm
121Muda Markus Dolopoto161002021-02-08 07:07:22pm
122Muda Markus Dolopoto160802021-02-17 08:48:49pm
123Leno Jean Pierre160502021-01-25 07:35:36am
124Muda Markus Dolopoto160502021-03-02 08:43:23pm
125Muda Markus Dolopoto159702021-02-08 04:16:44pm
126Muda Markus Dolopoto158402021-02-20 06:01:13pm
127Muda Markus Dolopoto158302021-02-09 05:18:16pm
128Muda Markus Dolopoto156702021-02-18 09:56:43pm
129Muda Markus Dolopoto156202021-02-09 05:34:04pm
130Muda Markus Dolopoto155902021-02-19 10:30:08pm
131Muda Markus Dolopoto155702021-02-12 06:35:13am
132Mui Noi Phey154902021-02-08 07:18:33pm
133Muda Markus Dolopoto154302021-03-01 01:14:29pm
134Muda Markus Dolopoto154002021-02-08 02:16:35pm
135Mui Noi Phey152602021-02-16 01:02:30pm
136Muda Markus Dolopoto152602021-03-01 10:55:11am
137Muda Markus Dolopoto152202021-03-02 08:40:03pm
138Mui Noi Phey152202021-02-09 06:56:58pm
139Muda Markus Dolopoto150702021-02-06 05:55:29pm
140Mui Noi Phey150602021-01-25 12:59:40pm
141Mui Noi Phey150502021-02-09 07:12:23pm
142Muda Markus Dolopoto150002021-02-15 03:36:30pm
143Muda Markus Dolopoto149902021-02-19 12:46:50pm
144Mui Noi Phey149902021-02-09 05:03:26am
145Muda Markus Dolopoto149202021-02-07 03:15:18pm
146Muda Markus Dolopoto149202021-02-06 09:11:22pm
147Mui Noi Phey149102021-02-01 08:04:35pm
148Muda Markus Dolopoto148802021-03-03 02:06:00pm
149Muda Markus Dolopoto148802021-03-03 02:12:41pm
150Muda Markus Dolopoto148602021-03-03 06:08:16am
151Muda Markus Dolopoto147802021-03-02 04:53:29pm
152Muda Markus Dolopoto147602021-03-01 01:08:14pm
153Muda Markus Dolopoto147102021-02-06 09:00:57pm
154Mui Noi Phey146902021-02-01 07:41:45pm
155Muda Markus Dolopoto146402021-02-19 06:24:23pm
156adharad146202021-01-25 05:49:21am
157Mui Noi Phey145402021-02-08 07:08:53pm
158Muda Markus Dolopoto145302021-03-01 01:18:37pm
159Muda Markus Dolopoto145002021-02-19 04:02:32pm
160Mui Noi Phey144602021-01-25 01:26:02pm
161Muda Markus Dolopoto143102021-02-06 02:35:55pm
162Muda Markus Dolopoto142602021-02-17 10:59:24am
163Muda Markus Dolopoto141202021-03-03 03:11:13pm
164Muda Markus Dolopoto140502021-02-19 02:02:40pm
165Mui Noi Phey140502021-01-25 05:51:03pm
166Muda Markus Dolopoto140202021-03-03 06:10:35pm
167Mui Noi Phey140202021-01-30 03:00:08pm
168Muda Markus Dolopoto140002021-03-03 01:30:57pm
169Muda Markus Dolopoto138802021-03-03 08:24:27pm
170Muda Markus Dolopoto138602021-03-03 10:45:23am
171Muda Markus Dolopoto137802021-02-17 06:49:05am
172Muda Markus Dolopoto135502021-02-17 08:45:03pm
173Muda Markus Dolopoto135402021-02-06 08:55:16pm
174Muda Markus Dolopoto134702021-02-17 07:49:50pm
175Muda Markus Dolopoto134602021-02-10 12:38:50pm
176Muda Markus Dolopoto134002021-02-01 09:22:07pm
177Mui Noi Phey133702021-02-16 01:19:56pm
178Muda Markus Dolopoto133102021-02-05 10:19:34pm
179Muda Markus Dolopoto132802021-02-21 07:28:39pm
180Muda Markus Dolopoto132602021-02-10 07:49:39am
181Muda Markus Dolopoto132602021-02-05 10:21:39am
182Muda Markus Dolopoto132102021-02-11 08:57:16pm
183Mui Noi Phey132102021-02-01 07:33:38pm
184Muda Markus Dolopoto131702021-02-11 08:14:43pm
185Muda Markus Dolopoto131402021-02-16 12:50:28pm
186Muda Markus Dolopoto131302021-02-08 06:47:58pm
187Leno Jean Pierre130702021-01-25 12:21:51pm
188Muda Markus Dolopoto130702021-03-02 05:26:44pm
189Muda Markus Dolopoto130602021-02-08 12:44:04pm
190Mui Noi Phey129702021-02-01 07:51:35pm
191Leno Jean Pierre129402021-01-25 02:05:57pm
192Muda Markus Dolopoto129202021-03-03 03:19:49pm
193Muda Markus Dolopoto129002021-02-18 05:20:23pm
194Leno Jean Pierre128102021-02-05 11:41:24pm
195Muda Markus Dolopoto128002021-02-16 04:40:24pm
196Muda Markus Dolopoto126202021-02-19 06:32:43pm
197Muda Markus Dolopoto126002021-03-03 10:25:17am
198Muda Markus Dolopoto125802021-02-06 02:26:35pm
199Muda Markus Dolopoto125702021-02-20 07:31:39pm
200Muda Markus Dolopoto125602021-02-19 10:17:08pm
201Leno Jean Pierre125502021-01-25 07:44:23am
202Muda Markus Dolopoto125402021-02-10 12:47:41pm
203Muda Markus Dolopoto124902021-03-03 03:25:56pm
204Muda Markus Dolopoto124602021-02-08 07:02:18pm
205Muda Markus Dolopoto124202021-02-05 10:17:04pm
206Muda Markus Dolopoto124102021-02-11 11:47:03am
207Muda Markus Dolopoto124002021-02-08 01:35:26pm
208Muda Markus Dolopoto123802021-03-03 06:12:26am
209Muda Markus Dolopoto123102021-02-20 07:34:36pm
210Muda Markus Dolopoto123002021-02-19 09:36:36am
211Muda Markus Dolopoto123002021-02-06 11:01:23am
212Muda Markus Dolopoto122902021-02-03 10:09:52am
213Muda Markus Dolopoto122502021-03-03 03:32:02pm
214Muda Markus Dolopoto121802021-02-21 07:07:16pm
215Muda Markus Dolopoto121702021-03-02 08:32:44pm
216Muda Markus Dolopoto121502021-02-16 04:32:30pm
217Muda Markus Dolopoto121302021-02-19 02:26:46pm
218Muda Markus Dolopoto121102021-02-22 02:54:51pm
219Muda Markus Dolopoto118402021-03-03 08:30:48pm
220Muda Markus Dolopoto117302021-02-16 08:49:42am
221Muda Markus Dolopoto117202021-02-11 12:22:02pm
222Muda Markus Dolopoto117202021-03-03 03:17:26pm
223Muda Markus Dolopoto117002021-03-03 10:22:11am
224Muda Markus Dolopoto116802021-03-01 01:10:40pm
225Mui Noi Phey116702021-02-01 02:57:47pm
226Muda Markus Dolopoto116602021-02-06 02:28:45pm
227Mui Noi Phey116402021-02-01 07:44:20pm
228Leno Jean Pierre116302021-01-25 12:11:51pm
229Muda Markus Dolopoto115902021-02-08 01:37:26pm
230Muda Markus Dolopoto115402021-02-05 10:11:26am
231Mui Noi Phey115202021-02-09 05:12:05am
232Muda Markus Dolopoto115002021-02-16 12:45:03pm
233Muda Markus Dolopoto115002021-02-19 01:48:19pm
234Muda Markus Dolopoto114502021-02-15 03:23:50pm
235Muda Markus Dolopoto114002021-02-06 09:03:44pm
236Muda Markus Dolopoto113802021-02-01 03:05:48pm
237Muda Markus Dolopoto113702021-02-06 10:50:03am
238Leno Jean Pierre113502021-01-25 06:54:36am
239Mui Noi Phey113102021-02-01 03:07:43pm
240Muda Markus Dolopoto112402021-02-06 05:51:46pm
241Muda Markus Dolopoto112402021-03-02 01:54:29pm
242Muda Markus Dolopoto112302021-02-17 07:46:53pm
243Muda Markus Dolopoto111602021-02-07 03:33:56pm
244Mui Noi Phey111202021-02-08 07:14:42pm
245Muda Markus Dolopoto111102021-03-03 03:13:49pm
246Muda Markus Dolopoto110802021-02-02 03:40:15pm
247Muda Markus Dolopoto110502021-02-06 06:03:18pm
248Muda Markus Dolopoto110502021-02-19 10:44:45pm
249Mui Noi Phey110202021-02-05 05:17:14am
250Muda Markus Dolopoto110102021-02-16 08:53:09pm
251Mui Noi Phey109802021-01-30 08:36:52pm
252Muda Markus Dolopoto109802021-02-01 09:16:47pm
253Muda Markus Dolopoto109702021-02-13 08:16:34pm
254Muda Markus Dolopoto109102021-02-06 02:22:53pm
255Muda Markus Dolopoto108802021-03-01 01:04:12pm
256Muda Markus Dolopoto108802021-02-08 12:46:58pm
257adharad108702021-01-25 05:11:31am
258Muda Markus Dolopoto108602021-02-08 09:58:58am
259Muda Markus Dolopoto107902021-02-02 03:20:08pm
260Muda Markus Dolopoto107802021-02-05 05:04:14pm
261Muda Markus Dolopoto107602021-02-18 10:07:40pm
262Muda Markus Dolopoto107202021-02-06 10:53:55am
263Muda Markus Dolopoto106502021-02-21 07:18:16pm
264Muda Markus Dolopoto106202021-03-02 08:46:09pm
265Muda Markus Dolopoto106002021-02-16 01:03:36pm
266Muda Markus Dolopoto105702021-02-09 11:00:05am
267Muda Markus Dolopoto105602021-02-14 05:58:40pm
268Muda Markus Dolopoto105002021-02-02 12:55:55pm
269Muda Markus Dolopoto104502021-02-11 09:06:41pm
270Muda Markus Dolopoto104402021-02-02 03:35:41pm
271Muda Markus Dolopoto104302021-02-10 07:54:36am
272Muda Markus Dolopoto103702021-02-01 09:25:07pm
273Muda Markus Dolopoto103302021-02-11 09:03:39pm
274Muda Markus Dolopoto103102021-02-16 08:44:04am
275Jackson Mugarura103002021-01-25 05:14:20am
276Muda Markus Dolopoto102102021-02-19 10:19:41pm
277Muda Markus Dolopoto102002021-03-01 01:23:35pm
278Muda Markus Dolopoto101902021-03-03 02:08:31pm
279Muda Markus Dolopoto101602021-02-15 03:40:47pm
280Mui Noi Phey101502021-01-25 04:50:31pm
281Mui Noi Phey101102021-02-16 01:17:27pm
282Muda Markus Dolopoto101102021-02-22 06:42:39pm
283Muda Markus Dolopoto101002021-03-03 06:05:22pm
284Muda Markus Dolopoto101002021-03-01 01:25:40pm
285Muda Markus Dolopoto101002021-02-21 12:53:25pm
286Muda Markus Dolopoto100902021-02-19 10:23:02pm
287Muda Markus Dolopoto100802021-02-07 11:21:32am
288Muda Markus Dolopoto100302021-02-05 04:54:58pm
289Muda Markus Dolopoto100302021-02-17 11:02:19am
290Muda Markus Dolopoto100102021-02-09 10:54:56am
291Muda Markus Dolopoto99902021-02-03 10:36:56am
292Muda Markus Dolopoto99702021-02-16 04:44:49pm
293Muda Markus Dolopoto99602021-02-11 08:59:56pm
294Muda Markus Dolopoto99302021-02-21 06:58:53pm
295Muda Markus Dolopoto99202021-02-07 08:54:41pm
296Muda Markus Dolopoto98602021-02-05 04:46:58pm
297Muda Markus Dolopoto98102021-02-02 03:08:28pm
298Muda Markus Dolopoto98102021-02-19 02:32:49pm
299Mui Noi Phey98002021-02-08 07:51:45pm
300Muda Markus Dolopoto97802021-03-01 01:21:42pm

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  1. Hi team , just started to play Pac-Man ,again appear the message “Could Not Add Points against your Score ”
    What does it means ?

    • Thank you 🙂
      Please refresh the page and let us know whether the problem is resolved or it is still the same.

  2. Playing Pac-man for me has its own difficulties, namely the path is not clearly visible, it appears that Pac-man run in the dark black night, then when Pac-man swallows two or three prey, the laptop screen moves up and down so that the game board disappears from the view.

    Hi LuckScout, why does it happen?

    • If you are using the arrow keys, when the games stops and you still press the arrow key button, the page sill scroll up or down. That’s the reason.

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