If there is a scam that has managed to thrive for generations and still continues to attract a lot of vulnerable people is undoubtedly stuffing envelopes.

Whether you see print ads, web listings or SMS promotion, you would see a wide number of advertisements promising you simple ways to make money at home stuffing envelopes.

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For many people keen to make money at home, these ads provide an almost immediate opportunity to get rich and make money.

But the point is, do they ever get rich this way?

How many people do you know who have actually become rich stuffing envelopes?

The point is while most of us have read these ads and heard about this alternative income source; we have never really come across anyone who has actually achieved success this way.

Perhaps it is one of those very few ways to make money at home that finds mention on the FTC website with a warning sign.

It would not be wrong to term it as one of those impossible MLM initiatives that do not have any proven track record of success, profit or even remote possibility of generating genuine earnings in any possible manner.

Stuffing Envelopes: Impossibility of the Concept

Can You Make Money at Home Stuffing Envelopes?Let’s start with how most of these ads listing out ways to make money at home stuffing envelopes begin.

Invariably they begin with the promise of generating an astounding monthly income.

Some claim you can make money at home to the tune of $3000 or even $5000 and a few more are even fancier with per envelope billing rates.

I have a simple question if it was that valid and effective method, don’t you think everyone would want to or explore ways to make money this way?

After all, who does not want to make money and make it fast and easy?

I am sure everyone would love it.

Despite that, only a handful opts for this and we have never heard of a success story.

If you pay careful attention, there is an order in this entire chaos.

You would often see that only the most vulnerable or most in need would end up falling for it.

Those who get targeted are often not just in need of money but also those who are more prone to look for easier options, but also less likely to follow an option without completely thinking it through.

Just think about it, in this era of emails and soft copies of most official documents, why would anyone offer you money for stuffing envelopes and just about how much can you make?

What I mean is any opportunity to make money is governed by a matrix of demand and supply and surprisingly but demand, in this context, seems to be only notional or rather non-existent.

So how can you possibly have a supply of this job opportunity?

Think of any genuine company that has ever highlighted the need for anyone to help stuffing envelopes for them.

The Money Involved in Stuffing Envelope

The money involved or promised in stuffing envelope job ads is in many ways the biggest giveaway.

Even the best of the investment schemes do not give you as much return as some of these ads promise to help you make money sitting right at home.

In fact, the money element comes across as one of the biggest baits to attract gullible and unsuspecting respondents.

The basic idea seems to be based on the concept that people will respond to this option to make money simply on the basis of the money that is involved.

See we all want to work less and earn more, and if there was one scam that was successful in taking advantage of this basic fact, it has got to be stuffing envelopes.

For many who are desperately looking for opportunities sitting at home but do not have any great qualification or ability to choose high paying jobs, this comes as a God-sent opportunity.

Their Biggest Concerns

They feel that finally there is an option that can address their biggest concerns and support their lifestyle in the best possible manner without interfering with their schedule in any possible manner whatsoever.

Moreover, most times the people who respond to these ads are the ones who are desperately in need of funds.

They are stressed about the lack of suitable opportunities in life, and suddenly when the ad pops up in their Sunday edition; it comes across as the most reliable job opportunity.

This is also a reason that they are far less likely to question the authenticity of the offer.

They are more prone to look for the multiple of similar options and will not think twice before committing the $30-40 that they might need for the start-up kit.

The mathematics that would be playing in their mind is the $2000 a week or a $3000 a month that the ad promises.

In an era, where cost rationalization seems to be the buzz word in our day to day existence, the question is why someone would pay you that much for stuffing envelopes.

Let’s assume even if you have a genuine option, is it really such a specialized job that deserves such a high billing rate on a monthly or a yearly basis?

After all, you are putting a few pieces of paper in an envelope and then mailing them to an address that is mentioned.

When Machines Come to Play

Moreover, this is an era of cost rationalization.

Businesses across the world are looking at ways to reduce cost in every possible way.

Whether you consider job cuts or better usage of facilities or reducing the utility bill, the focus seems to be on ways and means to bring down expenses.

If at all stuffing envelope was a genuine option, then why won’t they deploy machines for these?

On an average, most machines neatly fold envelopes and complete the whole process of stuffing envelopes in a matter of hours.

So why would they need anybody to do it manually?

Not just in terms of expenses but speed too, it is impossible that anyone can do it as fast as machines.

For most people working at home, it can’t be a break free opportunity.

There would be breaks, and there would be sufficient interruption.

In comparison, if you notice, an envelope stuffing machine can work at least ten times faster and in that case, would it not be a better opportunity for a company to invest in a machine that folds envelopes.

More Constructive Results

A company with a genuine requirement can hope to get more constructive results in this fashion.

Not just better results, even the incremental cost of maintaining a machine for stuffing envelopes is a lot more economical option.

A machine would automate the entire process and bring out a pronounced efficiency for the money that is invested.

Along with hastening the entire process, it also significantly brings down the expense involved.

Just think about it, why any company would unnecessarily go through the option of creating a start-up kit, sending it to those who evince interest.

Additionally, where would all these folded envelopes go?

Who would be receiving these envelopes and why would they need?

While you might get genuine options to pack boxes and shipments, those can’t be termed as stuffing envelopes opportunities.

Moreover, these jobs would not pay you the astounding numbers quoted on pamphlets.

Another important issue is that machines hasten up these packing jobs significantly.

Therefore it looks quite unnecessary that anyone would pay money to make you do it.

An astute business person is one who always looks at minimizing expenses and maximizing profit.

So it looks almost foolish to pay someone this high for a job that machines can do so much better and faster and sometimes at one-third the cost.

Do You Really Need a Start-Up Kit?

You will often notice a peculiar thing in most of these ads that help you make money at home stuffing envelopes, the floodgate of information only seems to be opening only through the start-up kit.

The promise of how you make money, the entire operational dynamics, the who to send and how to do, all information seems to be available only in the start-up kit.

However, much you might try to probe, unless you invest money in buying a start-up kit, it is unlikely that you would get to know any remote details of the exact modus operandi.

But think about it rationally and calmly.

Just about how much expertise can you need in folding or stuffing envelope that you would need a start-up kit to help you make money.

Yes, indeed the concept looks extremely farfetched. Just about how much of information would you need?

After all, there is only a specific way that you could fold a paper or close an envelope and whoever heard of a problem if the paper was folded rightwards or leftwards.

The point is none of these would make a difference.

Then what special information could the start-up kit have, you might wonder?

Often people assume that they would have information about who to send these envelopes too.

But sadly that is a mystery that would not get solved till you invest the pre-decided sum to order that start-up kit.

For many, who are optimistic and curious have tried to unearth this by committing the cost of the start-up kit.

But the cost of it can range anywhere between $30-70.

Think about logically, what possibly could be the content of the start-up kit to deserve such a high billing rate?

Even to the uninitiated,

  1. If this contained information about who to send it, cannot possibly cost as much as $70.
  2. If it had instruction about how to stuff envelope, it can’t be as expensive as $70
  3. Would it specify the quality of paper you would need
  4. Do you need to get the envelope from a special place
  5. Would it contain any specific style of filling up envelopes

The point is the start-up kit for stuffing envelope to make money at home could not possibly give any other information and whatever might be the quality of information, can it be as expensive as $70.

Unimaginable, it sounds, doesn’t it?

Also, you need to understand clearly about how the postage cost would be handled.

This will put the relative expense-earnings ratio in the right perspective.

You will be able to understand whether the deal is actually profitable for you, with or without the start-up kit.

After all, it is your money that you are spending;

Therefore, it becomes very important to have the right kind of utility for the money that you are spending or need to spend to latch on this opportunity.

Often this could be the decisive factor for or against your call.

The Federal Trade Commission on Stuffing Envelope

This is what perhaps increases the apprehension of this being a scam more than a scheme to help you make money.

However small the fee for it might appear in comparison the earnings promised, the biggest problem is there is no one to stand guarantee for the quality that they seem to promise.

There is just about nobody who would vouch for the fact that you would earn $3000 in return of the $30 that you need to pay.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to term it as an MLM that attracts the most vigilant attention from the Federal Trade Commission.

It is one of those few opportunities to make money at home that comes with a scam alert.

According to the regulatory authority, the Federal Trade Commission says that ads like the one that most of these stuffing envelopes offers come up with, never tell you the entire story.

Some part of the deal is highlighted, but even that is not highlighted appropriately.

The FTC highlights the biggest problem with this offer is that the promoters do not offer any real job.

The FTC in charge of protecting consumer rights flags this as a major warning and essentially the biggest possible negative.

According to the FTC, this is how this entire scam unfolds.

When an individual responds to an advertisement, they send money to the contact address to get the promised start-up kit.

Most probably what happens at this juncture, according to the FTC, is that you get a letter asking you to spread the news to friends and family.

Basically, you have to sell the same opportunity for stuffing envelope to your relatives and close circle.

Guess what that is the only way you make money is when they respond to this offer and send the fees.

In fact, the FTC clearly specifies that the claim that you can make money big time through stuffing envelope is absolutely false.

The Federal Trade Commission further claims that despite that, if you are still tempted to go ahead with this offer and get wooed by the promise of big moolah, make sure that you ask some cardinal questions.

These include:

  1. Who will be paying you?
  2. What’s the registered office or business locale?
  3. Where exactly is the business centered?
  4. What’s the key product that the promoters make?
  5. What kind of service would the stuffed envelopes serve
  6. What’s the time frame within which you can expect your salary
  7. Is there a specific day in the month that you can expect the money

You must also go ahead and clarify the money that you would get be based upon a commission system or would you get a monthly flat rate.

Moreover, try and get information about the expenses that you would incur for stuffing envelopes and if you would get that cost additional apart from the monthly money that is being promised.

In case you have to send the envelopes, also find out if you are eligible for postage payment as well.

The FTC claims that if you really want to make money stuffing envelopes, it is very important to get clarification on all these counts.

Only then can you be very sure if this is a reliable model to work upon or not.

The chances are that you will never get a response to your queries, but this can then highlight a basic aspect of the organization, the severe lack of transparency and the need to look at some other alternative source to make money.

In other words, if the opportunity that you want to capitalize on to make money is not genuine, the response to the above-mentioned question will be able to highlight it in the best possible manner. That, in many ways, would become your cue to consider or not consider going ahead with the opportunity.

The other option that you have includes checking with any local consumer protection agency.

You could also refer to the state Attorney General or even your community Better Business Bureau for further details with regard to the organization.

Look out for Complaints Before You Dream About Making Money

One of the cardinal objectives of the entire FTC alert against how to make money stuffing envelopes is to identify the loopholes that can help bring a scam to the forefront and take precautionary measures against it.

It is a good idea to look out for potential complaints against the promoters of the stuffing envelopes ads.

That said, it does not mean if you do not have complaints against the promoter, there is no chance of a scam.

Neither does it highlight that the promoters are offering a legitimate alternative to make money.

You must remember that there are many unscrupulous business owners who might rightly identify the risks involved and go ahead and settle complaints forthrightly.

You must spend time looking out for potential user feedback and negative reviews against the promoter.

This is important because before you commit a single dollar, it is important to make sure that it is indeed a genuine opportunity to make money stuffing envelopes.

You must leave no stone unturned in trying to analyze the complete details of the available opportunity.

No Product, So a Clear Scam

One of the primary reasons why I feel that you cannot make money at home stuffing envelopes is because you are not selling a product essentially.

After paying a certain fee for the so-called start-up kit, you end up getting a mailer that you must copy and send to as many people that you can.

If anyone responds you get a certain pre-decided percentage of their joining fees as your commission and that is your sole source of earning.

But the moment you do not have any product to market, the whole business concept becomes rather uncertain.

If you are dreaming of ways to make money, this possibly can’t be a worthwhile alternative to explore.

Just think about it, you get a piece of paper, and you are supposed to circulate it amongst friends and families.

The point is how long you can remain tight-lipped about it.

Beyond a point, the secret gets revealed.

You could also run the risk of losing meaningful relationships in the name of trying out ways to make money at home.

I feel it would not be wrong to call it one of the worst manifestations of the multi-level marketing schemes.

Whether you call it a pyramid scheme or a fake initiative, the fact remains that you would misuse people’s ignorance to try and make money.

It is pretty much the same way that someone tried to fool you and convinced you to accept the offer.

They made it irresistible in terms of the money promised, but the fact remains that you failed in your due diligence.

For you to have any scope of making any money from it, you have to sincerely hope that someone else did the same mistake.

In fact, the whole concept of make money at home stuffing envelopes somehow seems too good to be true.

When you see the ad, it comes across as one of the easiest options, absolutely simple and relatively easy to make money at home.

In many ways, it is a real reflection of our lack of foresight while taking up life decision, a complete failure in undertaking due diligence of so-called dubious sounding offers and completely ignoring the investment basics before you commit that basic $30-40 that you send for the start-up kit.

How to Avoid a Scam Like Stuffing Envelope?

Well, you have already read the FTC alert and perhaps columns about how to avoid scam.

Remember wanting to make money at home is a great idea but it is always better to look at constructive ideas that hinge on your strength.

The problem with most options like stuffing envelope is it makes you absolutely myopic in your complete perception of the overall money-making dynamics.

You become so blinded by the promise of great money on offer, that you tend to ignore even the most obvious warning signs around you.

If you read user testimonials across websites, you will realize that perhaps it is almost impossible to make money at home stuffing envelopes.

More often than not, they are really fake schemes trying to make money from unsuspecting individuals without leaving any scope or trace of record to pin them down.

It is almost like trapping you and then making you guilty for a crime that you had no idea about.

Almost inevitably, it is about taking advantage of your insecurities and blinding your sense of balance and judgment almost completely to the extent where you begin making a mistake.

So however intense your need to make money might be, it is never wise to cloud your judgment.

Always keep in mind your goal and the way you need to go ahead and never lose sight of the potential problem points.

Ultimately, it is this understanding that can help you avoid scams and get into meaningful opportunities to make money at home.

Moreover, when you take a well thought out decision, the chances of your faltering are much less, and prospects of your winning heightened like never before.

It also helps you follow a profession where you have a genuine opportunity to succeed.

So, Can You Really Make Money at Home Stuffing Envelopes?

Therefore, we can easily conclude that times, the opportunities that advertise stuffing envelopes to make money at home are invariably scams or fake offers.

You need to be very careful before you accept any of these offers as they are often ploys to get money and hardly profitable for an individual.

More often than not, these offers for stuffing envelopes are all about creating a pyramid.

You earn when more people like you fall into the trap and sign up for start-up kit the way you did.

You are not selling any real product, and your earning is almost solely reliant on marketing a non-existent concept.

Moreover, you need to market this amongst your warm circle of friends and families to make money at home stuffing envelopes.

As a result, the possibility of losing meaningful relationships also rise along with the prospect of not being able to make money as promised.

Moreover, you cannot fault anyone; your earning is almost directly dependent on the kind of responses you generate.

That cannot possibly be simple either.