You can make money on our website by browsing our web pages and reading our articles, and also 15 other ways including playing online games.


We have launched a new system that enables you to earn points when you browse our web pages and read our articles and pages. If you succeed in earning enough points to be in The Top Earners Group of the month, you will be paid via PayPal, based on the number of points you have collected.

Browsing our web pages and reading our articles and pages is NOT the only way to earn money in our system. However, it is the easiest way. There are 15 other ways, and more ways will be added soon.

We don’t guarantee any income. But our system really does make money. You can try it, and you will see that it works. You will love it.

Are You Ready to Start Making Money through Browsing Our Web Pages and Reading Our Articles?

You can start working as soon as you sign up:

1. Sign up for a LuckScout Club Account

Click Here to sign up for a LuckScout Club account. You must use your PayPal email address to sign up for an account on our website.

After registration, you will be logged in automatically and you can see your points balance below. You will see your points balance only when you login to your account.

You may need to refresh this page to see your points balance here:

2. Create Your PayPal Subscription

Before creating your PayPal subscription and making the $95 monthly payment, please make sure to read and agree with The LuckScout Club’s Terms and Conditions and make sure that you understand that payments are not refundable once they are made.

Then, please create your PayPal $95/month subscription HERE.

3. Subscribe to Our Newsletter

If you do this, you will earn more points because we email you the opportunities during the day:

4. Start Earning Points Right Away

  • Play games
    You can earn more points on our website every day if you are a gamer πŸ™‚
  • Publish articles on LuckScout.
    If you publish articles on our site, you will earn points permanently, as long as people read your articles. It is one of the best ways to earn points permanently and on autopilot.
  • Refer people to our site:
    Your referral link for our website home page is:
    (You will see your complete referral link only when you login to your account.)
    You can refer people to all of our pages and articles, if you add ?mref= to the end of each page’s URL.
    For example, to refer people to the current page, your referral link will be:
  • Sell eBooks on our website
    This is the best way to create a lucrative fully-automated online business system that makes money on autopilot.
  • Buy other members’ products:
    You will be rewarded with 10 points for every dollar you spend on our website to buy The LuckScout Club members’ products.

5. Repeat the Above Activities Every Day as Much as You Can and Have Time to Spend

All the above activities help you to earn points and enter The Top Earners Group for the current month. You will get paid for your current month’s activities at the beginning of the next month. Everybody’s points will be reset to zero at the beginning of each month, so that they can start earning points again from the same start line.

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