The internet has changed the dynamics of how we do most businesses. From shopping to writing books, pretty much every action has undergone a web overhaul. The eBooks too are the result of the disruption that was brought about by the internet. No more of doing the rounds of publishers and facing rejection. You can simply create your eBooks online and make money. While the dynamics of writing eBooks is not very different from how you would write conventional books, but the ease with which you can make money writing eBooks is surely something unique.

One of the greatest features of writing eBooks is the fact that your initial investment is almost zero, if you can write your eBook on your own. No wonder you now have thousands of authors taking the eBooks route worldwide taking advantage of this novel approach to giving wing to your creative instincts. Therefore, it is possible for you to make money with eBooks in a rather hassle-free manner.

But you might be wondering how to earn money selling eBooks?

Don’t worry! After reading this article, you will decide to start making money through selling eBooks in an innovative way that no other website has offered so far.

1. What Are eBooks?

The important consideration in this context is to understand what are eBooks and how they function. Very simply put, an eBook is an electronic book. In other words, it is a software version of a book, and it can be downloaded online. You can write the book yourself or hire someone to write the content for you (we have good writers who can write great eBooks for you). The easy access to the internet also makes it possible to use information in the public domain rather liberally and take advantage of this feature in a consolidated manner.

There is absolutely no limit to the subjects that you can cover in your eBooks. While writing conventional books can often mean tailoring content to suit the publisher’s or the niche market demands, writing eBooks carry no such pre-condition. The choice of subject can be varied from travel guides to creating how to do manuals, self-help books, science fiction, romance, politics, philosophy or just about anything that you would want to write about or confident about.

However, it is common knowledge that the choice of subject can often impact profitability. You can make money writing eBooks by looking at all the best-seller options in Amazon. They are normally listed in various categories, and it can help you to realistically take note of the topics that you could cover to make maximum money. Another reason why many prefer writing eBooks is that they would not have to rely on any publisher to make sure your book gets published. You simply write an eBook and then set out to make money from it.

Moreover, once it is published, you don’t have to rely on any bookstore or franchisee to make sure it sees the light of the day. No one but you are in control of the future of your eBook and the kind of sale that it manages. From writing to formatting to selling and marketing your eBook, you are in charge of the whole show.

It is pretty much a one-man show where you manage every aspect of it. So as a result, you deservedly get to keep the entire profit that you earn from it.

Successful Authors Who Became Famous through Their eBooks

In case you are still doubtful about the prospect of writing an eBook and also ways to make money, think about some of the most influential authors in recent times. They have all published their eBooks and earned their popularity and prosperity simultaneously. Some of the most noteworthy names in recent times who have shown you can make money writing eBooks include:

1. Hugh Howey

He sold a series of science fictions using Amazon’s e-publishing facility, Kindle Direct Publishing. It was such a runaway success that at one point, he was earning almost $150,000 selling 20,000 — 30,000 copies of his eBooks.

Hugh Howey Is a Good Science and Fiction Writer.

2. Amanda Hocking

Author of paranormal romance, these eBooks have garnered close to $2 million from sales.

Amanda Hocking

3. EL James

The author of 50 Shades Of Grey, she is perhaps one of the most famous names of the eBook phenomenon. The success of her eBook was so huge that soon traditional publishers queued up to publish her work and make her an overnight icon in the list of successful authors made famous by the e-publishing phenomenon.

EL James

2. Format of eBook Is Crucial to Make Money

When you are exploring ways to make money with eBooks, one of the most important factors to remember is the basic formatting that you opt for. This is by far the greatest challenge that is posed in publishing eBooks, but at the same time, it is also the most crucial point to remember. This is because when readers are accessing the eBook, often the lack of an appropriate format can affect readability as well the overall quality of the eBook that you set out to publish.

I do agree that getting all these technical aspects right could sometimes be rather intimidating but there is nothing to worry, and just a bit of patience can help enhance the eBook content many times over. Nowadays you also have easy availability of many online tutorials that can help you master these basic concepts and make money with a lot more ease.

We create our eBooks in PDF format which is the most popular and is supported by all devices, from computers and laptops to phones and tablets.

3. The Cover Is Key to an eBook

The Cover Is Key to an eBook

Think of walking into a bookstore without any previous planning. What gets you most attracted to a particular shelf or a book?

It is undeniably the cover page of the book. This is one fundamental aspect that holds true for any type of book, online, offline, eBook, traditionally published. The cover is so crucial that you have a saying referencing to ‘judging a book by the cover’. So it would not be wrong to say that if you want to make an impression with your eBook and make money from it, a good cover is one of the best ways to achieve this end. Especially think about how the eBooks are displayed. They are mere thumbprints in a page full of displays, sometimes even 20-30 of them together.

When your cover page is striking, it sure creates a strong impression and helps you make money from this venture quite easily. In case you are not very proficient with the graphics element, it is always better to appoint a specialist to design the cover page for your eBook. Most times, publishing an eBook does not involve a lot of costs, and you can easily use the fund that you are saving there in creating a gripping cover page. You can either appoint a graphics expert for it or can explore the various online options that you might have to make something that creates the maximum impact.

Note: Writing eBooks and Designing professional eBook covers are some of the things we do for our members. Later in this article, I will explain how you can have and sell your own eBooks on our website and make thousands of dollars from them by doing nothing and just through using our website’s organic traffic, SEO power and users’ participation. Just keep reading 🙂

4. Marketing Your eBook and Making Money with It

Marketing Your eBook and Making Money with It

Now we come to the most significant aspect of writing your eBook. It is the step that helps you grasp the marketing dynamics and eventually sell the book and make money. Now we all know that in the conventional publishing world, this is one of the most challenging milestones in the journey towards taking your eBooks to the public.

Often only the most famous authors get the due attention. But self-publishing them will help you address this problem with relative ease. So when you want to make money writing eBooks, you also get supreme control on the complete marketing endeavor. You devise your entire sales strategy and are in charge of all the promotional activities. You can access all the available opportunities online to generate as much attention online as possible.

To make money from the eBook that you have created, you can take on a multi-level strategy. Starting from FaceBook to Twitter to LinkedIn, you can be absolutely shameless in promoting your eBook as aggressively as you can. Leverage your contacts and ask for shares from friends and families to expand the visibility of your creation.

The idea is to create a buzz with the eBook launch pretty much the way conventional publishers would take advantage of a press conference. But it is not sufficient to share links and ask friends to do the same. You have to create a sense of eager anxiety among your followers. You can organize contests, give away prizes and even release a few chapters in a serialized fashion. This will make them wait eagerly for the final product when the actual launch happens.

Marketing your eBook is all about creating buzz, interacting with potential readers and making sure that the maximum number of people are able to buy your eBook when it is launched eventually. You can also take advantage of blogs and personal emails to further connect with your readers and make sure to buy the eBook when it is launched. Therefore, you can easily deduce that making money by writing eBooks is not difficult, but it surely needs strategic planning and smooth execution.

Note: Here below, I will explain a few of the marketing techniques for your information. However, you must note that 99% of those who try to make money through selling their eBooks fail because marketing, specially digital marketing, is not that easy. Having an eBook doesn’t equal making money. To make money with your eBook(s), you need targeted-traffic which is hard and expensive to get. But you are lucky because here on LuckScout, (1) we create eBooks and (2) sell them for you. And, this makes a huge difference in your success: our website already has the organic traffic to sell your eBooks. It also receives fresh organic traffic from Google (because we create strong and SEO-optimized sales letters for eBooks), and The LuckScout Club’s community also buy and promote your eBooks. Please keep reading 🙂

– Creating a Website to Sell Your eBook

If you are well versed with the way the internet operates, one of the best options is to make money writing eBooks and uploading them to your personal website. In this way, there is no reason why you would need to contact any intermediary or any other source to market your book. All you need to install is a simple PayPal kind of a link that enables users to log on to your site and buy it directly from there.

Given that eBooks mostly comprise a PDF format and users would only need to download a specific link, it pretty much runs on an autopilot mode, once the basic format is installed. However, you must remember to connect with a reliable server. Otherwise, there can be a major problem with connectivity issue. So you need to make sure that the site runs smoothly. That will make sure you can make money through your eBook with a lot more ease.

Moreover, when you are promoting an eBook from your own website, you won’t have to depend on anyone. You can decide on the promotion timeline and reach out to the potential customer base at your convenience and in a manner that you consider most effective.

But there will be some problems here:

  1. Handling and managing a website need lots of knowledge and experienced that if you don’t have, you will have to pay a lot of money to someone or a company to do them for you. You need to be able to make the necessary changes that your website needs all the time, and fix the bugs and errors. Look at our website as an example. We are always working on it to keep it up and running and make the changes we want to serve our users and followers better and without any problems. Not everybody is able to do this.
  2. Even if you are great in starting and managing websites, still you need targeted-traffic to sell your products/services which is your eBook in this case. To receive targeted-traffic, you need to advertise (e.g. pay-per-click advertising which is too expensive), or have quality and strong content to receive free organic traffic from search engines, which is a lot of work and also needs lots of knowledge and experience to be created and SEO-optimized.

Note: We have eliminated all of these hassles for our LuckScout Club members and those who want to make money on our website through selling their eBooks: we create and sell their eBooks on our website while they don’t have to lift their fingers. We don’t guarantee any sales or income, but we have made it a lot easier to make money through selling eBooks. At the end of this article, I will explain how you can do it on our website 🙂

– Sell eBooks Through Retail Sites

Sell eBooks Through Retail Sites

There are many other options to make money when you have written an eBook. One of the simplest formats is routing your sale through third-party sites like Amazon. You can even opt for their promoted segments and gain the advantage of better sales and reach to a wider number of users. Amazon makes the whole act of writing eBooks and makes money through it even simpler. You can choose to take advantage of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Of course, they would charge you a certain commission on your overall sales, and if you want to promote your eBook, you must pay a lot more.

Amazon has over 90 million active eBook readers just in the United States. This is really great. However, it doesn’t mean that your eBooks will be sold dramatically if you sell them on Amazon. You can try it, but competition is a big obstacle on Amazon. You will have a long way to become able to generate enough number of sales and 5-star reviews to reach the top search results on Amazon. And, this is not easy.

Not everybody who refers to Amazon and looks for the same topic will find your eBook among thousands or even millions of other eBooks there. Your eBook must reach the Amazon’s first search result pages to be seen and ordered, and to do that, it needs orders and good reviews, which means spending money to use Amazon’s paid advertising systems that are not cheap. That’s why many of eBooks listed on Amazon won’t be sold even once within several years.

Having a good eBook is one thing; selling it is another.

Note: You won’t have the same problems with us because your eBooks’ sales letters on our website receive targeted traffic directly from search engines which is not possible when you sell your eBooks on Amazon. Besides, other LuckScout Club’s members also promote your eBooks directly or indirectly, which is what Amazon’s users never do for you for free 🙂

– Stay Calm in Marketing Your eBook

When you are writing eBooks, you can make money and market it effectively only when you are able to undertake a strategy calmly and extremely efficiently. Stressing out trying to chalk out a marketing game plan and bringing forth effective promotion will take you nowhere. Instead, you will tend to lose a lot of time and energy if you move ahead in an unplanned manner.

You must follow an appropriate schedule and move ahead in a strategic manner. You must move ahead in a step by step manner and take up one step at a time. For example, first and foremost, you must set the launch date for your eBook and then move forward as per a well chalked out plan. Moreover, your strategy needs to be consistent.

You can’t market your eBook on a piecemeal basis. For a long-term marketing initiative and make money on a sustained basis, you need to promote your eBook strategic brilliance.

Don’t be haphazard and target every avenue with clinical precision. This will help you focus on your target a lot more effectively and get maximum possible exposure from the entire exercise.

5. Choice of Topic for Your eBook Is Crucial

Choice of Topic for Your eBook Is Crucial

If you want to make money writing eBooks, you have to be very careful and precise in your selection of topics. Ideally, it is always advisable to write about a topic that you are an expert of. Choosing to write something where you have area expertise will help you write in a more lucid fashion and create better appeal. Moreover, if your eBook delves into a topic where you are confident and passionate, you can write with more authority, field questions with alacrity and be involved in the entire project in a far more constructive manner.

But at the same time, you must make sure that the topic that you are choosing also features prominently in the list of Amazon best-seller or other similar online platforms. This is important because it will mean that your hard work in writing an eBook will be well appreciated and accepted in a far more constructive manner. After all, when you are putting in so much of hard work, it is no use devoting it to a topic that is not popular. This will also seriously impact your overall ability to make money from your eBooks.

What Topics Will Generate More Sales?

Generally, eBooks that are focused on answering an important question or resolving an important problem attract more attention and generate more sales. The question that your eBook answers or the problem that it resolves should be the question or the problem of a big group of people. Look at the below topics:

  1. A Surefire Way to Make Money on Forex Market
  2. A Surefire Way to Make Money on Stock Market
  3. How to Make More Money and Pay Less Tax
  4. The Strongest Techniques to Generate More Sales on Amazon

I am sure you would buy the first eBook if you were trying to make money through Forex trading. You would do the same with the second eBook if you were a stock trader.

The 3rd title is great for everybody. You would buy the eBook if you knew that you could learn how to make more money and pay less tax. Paying a one-time fee like $40 to buy an informative eBook that helps you learn something very important or resolve an important problem, is nothing for most people.

Or, if you were selling things on Amazon and wanted to increase your income, which is the most important concern for those who try to make money on Amazon, you would definitely buy a $25 eBook that would teach you how to increase your income on Amazon.

Topics like the above generate more sales. They resolve important problems, or answer an important questions. Your eBooks must be like them too.

Note: Most people cannot write eBooks or even articles. Many of those who can, have no idea about the topic. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t make money through selling eBooks. We help them to do so. When it comes to selling products on the Internet, eBooks are the best, easiest, most affordable and sometimes the most lucrative products because they are so affordable to create. Most probably, you don’t have any products to sell online. But we help you to have good and professional eBooks that are great digital products to sell on the Internet. We don’t guarantee any income. But selling eBooks and other products on our website has some features that cannot be found even on Amazon.

6. Quality of Content Matters

Quality of Content Matters

You must remember that when you are writing eBooks, they need to be lucid and easy to understand. You must choose simple words and even simpler words construction. That will make sure that you are able to target significantly larger number of users. Moreover, when the language is simple and easy to understand, more and more people would be able to understand the content and even spread the words about it or buy it. On the contrary, if there are too many complicated sentences and flowery language, inadvertently you will put off a majority of readers. Also, when you have a conversational writing tone, you can connect better with the readers and make more of an impact.

Academic style of writing also becomes rather heavy for a majority of readers. Most eBook readers are youngsters, and they have no patience for heavy reading materials. They would much rather choose simple to follow and easy to read options. Therefore, if you want a better connect with the readers, keep it simple and lucid.

7. Accuracy Is Extremely Important

Accuracy Is Extremely Important

One of the biggest problems with most eBooks is the lack of quality proofreading. Normally conventional publishers have a huge team of proofreaders who painstakingly go through every syllable that you have written. But when you are writing eBooks, you have to take into account that you are the one in control. Right from promoting, marketing to maintaining the quality of your eBook remains your sole concern.

It is always a good idea to double check the various grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Thankfully, now you have many online tools that can help you tackle grammatical and spelling errors a lot better. You have any free options as well as paid services. You can decide on the amount that you are ready to spend and accordingly take a call on the type of tools that you can adapt.

It is needless to mention that when readers are going through your eBook, the frequency of errors could relatively mar their entire reading experience. On the other hand, even a simple write-up that is written in error free way will make sure that more and more people read it. It will have a relatively higher acceptance rate and will lead to better user experience. When people are happy reading your eBook, you are sure to make money.

How Much Does It Cost You?

1. If you already have your eBook(s) and you just want to sell it on our website, then we will write the sale letter and will publish it on our website under your name. We charge $10 per 100 words for your sales letter, so that for example a 2,000 words sales letter will cost you $200.

Please note that we must receive a free copy of your eBook for evaluation. Your eBooks must be merely written by you and have original, unique and quality content.

2. If you don’t have any eBooks and you want us to write them for you, we charge the same $10 per 100 words for your eBooks, as well as the sales letters. Therefore, for example a 5,000 eBook will cost you a $500 one-time fee, plus the sale letter that can also cost you $200 to write.

3. We charge a 10% fee for each sale your eBook generates on our website. For example, if you sell your eBook for $45 on our website, we will deduct $4.5 and will send you the rest.

Buyers pay us through PayPal and we will also send your income through PayPal at the beginning of each month.

4. If you like to earn points and get paid for them, while you sell your eBooks on our site, you need to join The LuckScout Club which has a $95 monthly membership fee. It is a great option to make even more money. I’ve explained about it below.

Are You Ready to Make Money with Writing and Selling eBooks?

Making money through writing and selling eBooks is now different because we have made it too easy to do on our website. It doesn’t have the hassles of writing and marketing anymore:

1. If you are (1) expert in something, and (2) a good writer at the same time, then write an eBook and sell it on our website. We write strong sales letters for your eBooks. They will receive loads of free organic traffic that covert like crazy. We don’t guarantee any sales and income, but our systems work very strongly.

2. If you are expert in something and you like to have an eBook on it, but you are not a writer and cannot write an eBook on your own, then we will take care of it for you. Just tell us what topic you want your eBook to be focused on, and give us some general information about it. Our professional writers will create your eBook, and then you can sell it on our website.

3. If you are not expert in anything, but you still want to make money through selling eBooks, we help you have your own eBooks. We have strong and professional writers who write informative and useful eBooks on all topics.

It is not only that. If you decide to sell your eBooks on our site, we will create strong SEO-optimized sales letters for each of them. Our sales letters receive lots of free organic traffic from search engines. At the same time, other LuckScout users will see your eBooks’ sales letters on a daily basis, and this can generate lots of sales.

Besides, your eBooks and sales letters will be published on our website under your name, and so you will earn points based on our LuckScout Club‘s algorithm. You earn even more points when people buy your eBooks. Your points will turn into money every month, if (1) you are a paid member of The LuckScout Club, and (2) you succeed to earn enough points to get in the Top Earners Group, as per our LuckScout Club’s algorithm. It means, you will earn money both through selling your eBooks and also through our LuckScout Club’s system. If you don’t want to become a paid member of The LuckScout Club, you can still sell your eBooks on our website, but you will only earn money through selling your eBooks, and not from your points.

Making money through selling eBooks has never been easier. What we are offering here can never be found on any other website, even Amazon. Most of those who sell books and eBooks on Amazon lose money because they only pay the Amazon fees without generating any sales.

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How Much Money Can You Make Selling eBooks on Our Website?

Selling eBooks on our website can become a lucrative online business that makes money for you consistently, without you having to do anything. Depend on the eBooks you sell, the demand they will have and the targeted-traffic that their sales letters will attract, you can make thousands of dollars in passive income every month. There is no limit. You can have as many eBooks as you want, and sell all of them on our website. We help you to achieve it.

Once your eBooks and their sales letters become created and placed on our website, you won’t have much to do. You can let your friends know about your eBooks; you can share your eBooks’ sales letters links on your social media accounts to generate even more sales; you can even advertise your eBooks if you want to generate even more sales; but your eBooks’ sales letters receive organic and targeted traffic on our website, and this will hopefully result in generating sales every month.

Therefore, if you want to start an automated online business that generates income automatically, without having to be faced with hassles of starting and managing websites and running digital marketing campaigns, you can create and sell eBooks on our website. It makes money 🙂