Summer is a great time to make some quick bucks if you are sufficiently industrious.

If you are a student, college fresher or even a teacher, there are so many ways to make money in the summer taking advantage of the unique opportunities that summer brings forth.

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Of course, this entails you being enterprising in spotting an opportunity and then capitalizing on it.

The point is if you want to make money, you can monetize just about any opportunity.

You have to be forthright and persevering to make a reasonable profit in your summer ventures.

While you could choose any venture from basic lemonade store by the beach to taking up paid surveys in the the vacation, the basic mantra to make money remains the same.

You need to be alert, vigilant and extremely resourceful.

This will help you in justifying the effort that you put in and the money that you earn from it.

Often the ways you make money in the summer pave the way your entrepreneurial skill shapes up.

Often it helps you develop your business sense and ability to take forward a long-standing idea.

So, even if you don’t need to make money, don’t spend all your time enjoying your life during summer.

Think about doing something that improves your life.

Summer is the best chance to make a big change and build the foundation of your new business and a great life for your family and yourself.

The Easy Way to Make Money Forever

While you are reading the ways I have listed below, keep in mind that all of them can just make you some bucks while they need you to spend lots of time and work hard.

In order to make money through them, you have to work very hard.

However, there is one more way which is the greatest.

It is the way that if you spend some time to work on it and start it from the comfort of your home, it will make lots of money forever.

It is not only that. You can make a fortune through it and achieve money, time and location freedom.

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What Are the Hard Ways to Make Money in the Summer?

So here is quick lowdown on the different ways to make money in the summer that are not the easy ways of course, and they don’t make a lot of money.

Make sure to scroll down to find the easiest and best way at the bottom of this article:

  1. A Drinks Cart
  2. Ice-Cream Cart
  3. Lifeguard
  4. House Sitting
  5. Helping With Grocery Shopping
  6. Walking Dogs
  7. Coach Students
  8. Give Music Lessons
  9. Craft Workshops
  10. Start A Blog
  11. Self-Publish Books
  12. Temporary Driver
  13. Promotional On Social Media
  14. Affiliate Marketing
  15. Baby Sitting
  16. Sell Photographs
  17. Sign Up On Fiverr
  18. Home Deliver Food

1. A Drinks Cart

A Drinks Cart Is Good Way to Make Money in Summer.

If you stay anywhere close to a beach, a cart with cool drinking options is one of the most sustainable options to make money in the summer.

The fundamentals of this business model are flawless.

You have a demand; there is scalability as well as a decent opportunity to clock returns.

The approximate cost for this start-up is not too huge either.

You would need to invest in a handcart that can accommodate all your fare, provision for the basic raw materials that you would need and also throw away drink ware to offer your coolers in.

All of these together cannot cost you more than $100-120 in total.

The basic principle to make money from any venture is to price it double or triple the cost of the most expensive ingredient.

In that way, you will able to bear the investment cost and also gradually recover the cost of the cart without impacting the profit margin.

For these types of ventures to make money in the summer, you must also be careful about choosing a destination.

You have to zero down on a spot that can offer the maximum potential for income, and at the same time, you do not spend too much time or money in reaching the location.

2. Ice-Cream Cart

Ice-Cream Cart

Summer is all about being cool and comfortable.

If it is not about cold drinks, it is surely about the super cool ice-creams.

That, therefore, also becomes a convenient way to make money in the summer.

A cart full of fun-filled ice-creams at a busy corner in the beach will help you make money quite adequately.

As for a drinks cart, the basic investment in this job is not too big either.

You only need to source the ice-cream from a wholesaler and take a cart on rent for the summer.

If you are not considering a more permanent career with your ice-cream cart, it does not make sense to buy one.

You must remember that an ice-cream cart involves a significant amount of expense and you have to take that into account.

If you want to simply make money in summer, it would not justify investing in something so expensive.

It could even eat into the profits that you make selling ice-creams.

But one factor that can help you make money better is choosing the appropriate location.

The lack of a proper location would impact sales quite severely.

3. Lifeguard

Become a Lifeguard in Summer.

Depending on your age and abilities, this can be a rather handy summer job to make money from.

In case you are CPR certified, you can make as much as $10 every hour.

One of the basic parameters to make money in the summer through this profession would be undoubtedly knowing how to swim.

You could also look at taking some short-term training that can enable you to better take up the challenges of this job and grasp the modus operandi in a comparatively structured manner.

Moreover, though you start off by taking this job to make money in the summer, you can scale it up eventually and make a full-fledged career out of this eventually.

Of course, this means that you have to stay close to the beach during summer.

Commuting beyond a point won’t be practical, and you might lose all the money you make in traveling.

Moreover, you can be a lot more efficient when you are close by and are able to spend longer hours at the beach.

One basic consideration for this job though is that you must enjoy being on the beach.

The sand, the sea and surfing should also feature in the list of things you love to do in summer.

4. House Sitting

Become a House Sitter

Summer is also the time that most people plan on long vacation.

But that would mean that they would need someone to constantly monitor or take care of their house.

There lies your opportunity to make money in the summer.

The job profile is pretty simple.

You need to either stay or take regular care of someone’s house who are on vacation.

However, this is a highly responsible job as well.

This is because someone is leaving one of their most precious possessions in your care for the entire summer.

You need to take care of the property and make sure that no harm is done to the house or it is left unattended.

The benefit is that this can be a cool way to make a tidy sum this summer.

Normally vacationers pay anywhere between $175-250 for house sitting, depending on the duration that you need to keep a watch.

All you need to do is simply shift base temporarily and make their house your abode for the summer vacation and make money in the bargain.

If you could save in a constructive manner, this can help you make a tidy sum.

5. Helping with Grocery Shopping

Helping with Grocery Shopping

One of the biggest advantages of taking up house sitting jobs as the way to make money in the summer ensures that you take up some other jobs too.

For example, the family for which you are house sitting, you can also offer to do their groceries.

Not just them, invariably any given locality, has several such people who are not able to move about freely and do their job with ease.

You can help all of these people with their groceries through the period that you are house sitting a neighboring property.

For you, it helps you because you can make money better if you pursue two job opportunities simultaneously.

After all, your effort in summer is about making some quick money and adding to your eventual savings.

Therefore, these types of short-term jobs keep enhancing the exact amount of money that you make in the entire summer vacation.

Also, this creates an opportunity for you to help many who might be in need of help but don’t know who to approach.

Apart from the money that you make, it also gives you the satisfaction of doing something fruitful.

6. Walking Dogs

Walking Dogs

Summer jobs are all about looking at seasonal opportunities to make money.

Walking dogs is one such option to make money in the summer.

You can advertise your availability either by word of mouth or promotion using social network platforms like Facebook or even via WhatsApp messaging.

Of course, you must decide on a place, may be your front yard, where you can assemble the dogs that you would be taking out for walks.

Dog owners can drop and pick-up their dogs from this location every day.

To make money on a sustained basis, you must be really good with pets and care for them properly.

If dog owners are convinced that their pet is in good hands with you, they will be a lot more relaxed and can even pay you a premium for the service that you offer to them.

You can make money in the summer and also carry on the contact list to make sure you get the contract if a need arises over the weekend and other holidays that might be in the offing.

The stretch that you choose for walking the dogs is also important.

You have to make sure that it is neither very crowded and nor is there too much of traffic.

This will help become more proficient in it.

7. Coach Students

Coach Students

Whether you are a college fresher or a high school grad, remember there are many others who are junior to you and might be badly in need of a proper tutor.

Whether it is middle school students or for that any level below you, if you are confident about giving them the right type of academic guidance, you can easily make money in the summer by coaching them.

As a tutor, you can gradually scale up the ambit of your instruction as well.

You could start with 1-2 students, but depending on your proficiency, it won’t take the time to increase the number of students.

That would mean you will be able to make more money.

Especially if you are a student pursuing higher studies, this kind of money can come in very handy to fund your future aspirations.

The best part is you do not need any kind of additional qualification either.

This is basically a revision of what you already know and therefore an easy option to make money during summer.

Most importantly, you do not have to be physically present to tutor.

Given the advancement in technology, you can tutor even remotely.

Students from across the world can then take advantage of your expertise.

You can then tutor virtually and make money in the summer.

This is a particularly useful alternative for those who might not be able to travel or leave their area of residence that easily.

If there aren’t enough opportunities for them at home, they can easily take advantage of the online options to make money.

In fact, there are many websites that list out these online coaching options.

You can connect with the right set of student and easily set up a possible time when it is convenient for both of you.

8. Give Music Lessons

Give Music Lessons

When you are exploring options to make money in the summer, it is all about capitalizing on your talent and at the same time taking advantage of the available opportunity.

In this context, a hobby or an art form that you are an expert of comes in really handy.

You can undertake short-term workshops imparting knowledge to many who might be needing it and at the same time, make money in the process.

All you need to organize is a possible venue where you can hold the sessions.

You can even speak to the students and sometimes one of them might agree to let you use their property for training purpose.

If the concept of this workshop clicks, you can also look at creating workshop options through the week as well.

The promotion for this kind of initiative is also pretty inexpensive.

You can WhatsApp about it or put up information about the workshop on social networking sites.

This will help you reach out to a lot more number of people and create an effective promotion channel.

This means you will be able to make money even better.

9. Craft Workshops

Craft Workshops

Another big draw in the the summer vacation is undoubtedly the art and craft workshops.

Almost everybody wants to enroll their kids in some kind of drawing, painting or craft initiative.

Well, the good news is that you can make money in the summer using this opportunity.

You can create short 3-day or 5-day modules and decide on 2 or 3 craft items per workshop.

This would mean that even you charge about $20-30 per head, this can be a great opportunity to make money in the summer.

The reason why it is of particular interest in the summer vacation is that it provides a simple opportunity to keep kids occupied constructively.

The big benefit is that kids love the idea of doing something interesting, creative and long-standing.

Most times these are not too time-consuming either.

You would be done spending merely a few hours every day and the rest of time you can engage in some other job to make money as well.

Moreover, craft is a very timeless expertise.

If you see that this workshop concept clicking, you can also look at ways to organize these a lot often.

Even during weekends or short holidays, you can make money through these craft workshops.

10. Start a Blog

Start a Blog

Summer holidays mean a lot of free time for you.

So if you have the knack for writing, this is a great option to make money in the summer.

You can blog on just about any issue depending on your area of expertise and comfort.

Make your blog subscriber based or free for all, depending on the revenue model that you decide on.

You can liaison with Amazon and Google and place their ads on your blog page.

This will help you make money on per click basis.

If the clicks get converted into buys, you can earn even more.

But before that, you must make sure that you have created a sufficiently steady team of followers.

This is because the revenue model for all of these blogs is deeply connected to the kind of viewership or readership that your blog commands.

The more popular it is, the better the amount of money you can make.

Given the amount of free time you have in summer, it gives you just the right kind of time and energy to experiment with various concepts and launch the best possible model to make money.

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11. Self-Publish Books

Self-Publish Books

Platforms like Amazon Kindle now make it possible for you to publish your books electronically and make money.

So this can be another channel to help further your knack for writing.

The good part about these self-published e-books is that you do not have to run pillar to post trying to get a good publisher.

Just decide on the topic and start writing.

You can make money in the summer with comparative ease in this manner.

The reason why summer is a good time is that your academic pressure is much lesser and you can concentrate better on your book.

12. Temporary Driver

Temporary Driver

Summer is often the best time to put your driving skills to test.

From the moment that you used these breaks to learn driving, it is now time to monetize this knowledge.

Any quick search will indicate there are many possible openings for temporary drivers in and around your locality.

The trick is that you connect with these people and quickly work out a schedule and terms of remuneration.

In this way, you don’t just make money in the summer but also create a network base for an alternative money source in future.

Especially in a tourist destination, there is a continuous flow of temporary drivers who are required to drive around people.

Given the easy connectivity and access to the internet, you can now connect with potential clients over the internet as well.

This means if you want to make money in the summer driving people around, getting connected to clients through the internet will help you get results sooner and earn money better

Moreover, when you try to contact potential clients from a standardized platform, the chances of you getting a good rate is relatively higher, and hence you make money in a simpler and easier manner.

13. Promotional on Social Media

Promotional on Social Media

Well, we all know how students are a lot smarter and better with social media management.

This summer is time for you to test that skill to the hilt.

Well, do you know that a lot of firms will pay you hefty money to promote their products on your Facebook page or Twitter handle?

Yes, indeed there are many companies who would pay you to promote their products.

So this becomes an easy alternative for you to make money in the summer.

But what makes the deal even sweeter is that you do not have to stop earning through this means once summer is over.

It can continue even past your break and help you continue to make money.

Given the relatively wider network of potential companies, the range of products that you can promote is also huge.

So you do not have to step out of your comfort zone to promote these products.

They cover almost every possible genre of products that you might have interest it.

All you need to do is look around and identify the appropriate opportunity that helps you make money with ease and relatively much greater rate of success.

14. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The next obvious progression would be to go for affiliate marketing to make money in the summer.

You could sign up with firms like ClickBank or get connected with Amazon or Google AdSense and get on to the click and earn bandwagon quite easily.

What makes affiliate marketing a rather simple option is that most of the sites that provide this service are self-explanatory.

Plus, you have a host of online tutorials that can help you navigate quite easily through the initiation process and kick off the services.

In terms of precondition, all you need is a reasonably decent number of followers on your social networking sites or blogs.

This is because affiliate marketing flourishes only on the power of numbers.

The bigger the number of followers you have, the better the chance you have to make money through it.

Another major advantage with genuine affiliate marketing is that they have a reasonably transparent system of payment.

Therefore, you do not run the risk of getting duped or getting engaged with a scam.

Especially for students who are still not exposed to these possibilities, these come across as rather safe bets to make money in the summer.

15. Babysitting


This is a rather simple means to make money in the summer.

Given the extended holidays, often parents have a tough time watching children and also honoring their social commitments.

There are some moments when they could quite easily do with some help.

That’s your cue to step in and help out babysitting and make a cool couple of hundred dollars by the time summer ends.

But you must remember that kids need a lot of patience and care, and you should be committed to the cause.

Taking chances and jeopardizing their safety is never an option.

Moreover, though babysitting is a fairly simple job, it can be tough ask if you have earned a bad name for yourself.

Therefore you should be very calm in your overall approach and treat kids you are babysitting with the utmost respect.

This will help you also negotiate better rates and make money with relative ease.

Moreover, though you start off with these initiatives in summer, it does not mean that you have to end it after the break.

You can always look at making a few dollars now and then when there is a necessity, and you have time to spare.

16. Sell Photographs

Sell Photographs

Another quality that you often ascribe to students and college freshers is that they are very keen on taking photographs.

Be it selfies or nature pictures or even portraits, they continue to click non-stop with their mobile cameras.

Now, what if they could sell it and make money.

This summer try contacting sites that offer money for stock shots and understand the kind and quality of photographs that they need.

The rest is quite simple.

All you need to be is being clicked happy, and you would soon hear the jingling of money in your bank account.

17. Sign up on Fiverr

Sign up on Fiverr

This is a site that offers you $5 for every gig.

So all you need to do is sign up for the site and then start earning money on every gig that you think you can deliver.

You have the liberty to choose the kind of service that you are comfortable doing and go all out to do them.

Given the fact that Fiverr is a genuine entity, you do not face any problem in getting the payment either.

Therefore, this becomes a rather hassle-free option to make money in the summer.

18. Home Delivery Food

Home Delivery Food

When you are looking at ways to make money in the summer, just about any job would be good enough.

So there is no reason why you should shy away from delivering pizzas or join McDonald’s as their delivery person or any other restaurant which needs delivery persons.

Normally this type of job has specific shifts so you can allocate your time better and make money.

With the remaining free time, you can also look at pursuing many other interests that you might have for the summer break.

Home delivery of food also pays good money and helps you make money easily.

As you saw above, if you want to make money in the summer, there are many opportunities that you can explore.

The primary factors are your interest and possibility of your executing a particular assignment.

The best part about these ventures is that they don’t just allow you to make money in the summer.

But if you persevere, some of them also have the potential to yield long-term earnings and even change the course of your career.

The +1 Way Which Is the Best

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