When you are looking at ways to make money working from home, taking surveys comes across as one of the easiest and most convenient options. Not only you need very little experience in mastering this form of earning, but also the relative returns are much higher. What makes taking surveys even sweeter is that you hardly have to invest any amount if money to get started.

The different ways to make money taking surveys involve the same basic setup. You would have to identify a genuine site that is offering surveys and create a login with them. Most times, the sites are quite self-explanatory in terms of helping you get started. You can start taking surveys almost immediately after creating your log in.

However one of the biggest concerns in terms of taking surveys is the possibility of getting trapped in a scam. Those who are interested often worry about the guarantee of payment with these online surveys. While it seems rather simple trying to make money through taking surveys, the problem is in implementing the plan in reality and getting a workable solution in place. Often the gap between the theoretical and actual possibilities makes taking surveys a tough ask.

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However, you must understand that while you can make money taking surveys, but this is only to the extent of adding a few hundred dollars more to your overall monthly income. They cannot be self-sustainable and neither can you run a house merely on the basis of simple surveys. While it can be a booster to your monthly income, it can’t be considered as a regular source of making money. You have to always look at doing something else along with taking surveys. On a standalone basis, this is hardly a long-term source of income.

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The Big Risk to Make Money Taking Surveys

The Big Risk to Make Money Taking Surveys

Interestingly despite the ease of execution, surveys often are most prone to getting scammed. You will see a plethora of ads on websites and related job postings about the prospect of earning huge sums of money by simply taking surveys. The reality, however, is that they get trapped in unnecessary scams and then are often at a loss about how to get out of it. They spend a lot of time and energy in doing the initial surveys and then feel very dejected when these surveys bear no fruit whatsoever. It is only after you have put some effort into it that you realize it is fake.

So the question that comes to the forefront is how exactly you can identify the right website for taking surveys. The good news is there are many ways to identify fake sites or potential scams in the making. The most important way to safeguard yourself from these kinds of scams is being alert about the kind of information that you might be sharing on World Wide Web and the possible implications of that on the overall earnings.

You also need to be careful about the reviews that might be in circulation for a possible site. Often they highlight some key risk factors that might be embedded in the overall profile of the firm offering the surveys.

Whenever you are deciding on sites for taking surveys, you have to depend on feedback, especially user testimony. These are the key indicators about the top concerns or benefits of the user site. If a site has a lot of negative feedback, then it should be taken as a red flag against the site providing the surveys. Also, you have to learn to identify genuine feedback against fake testimony about the sites.

How to Identify Scams While Taking Surveys?

How to Identify Scams While Taking Surveys?

So if you want to make money taking surveys, the first thing that you must learn is identifying potential scams. The first and foremost thing about safeguarding your interest is undoubtedly choosing the right vehicle for it.

1. Apply Through a Valid Site

The most important step in this regard is choosing a valid website. It is always a good idea that you take surveys from a website that is immensely popular and has a lot of active users on the site. This reinstates two facts about the website you choose. First and foremost, the presence of many active users validates the authenticity of the site.

Moreover, if you choose a rather popular site, you must remember that the website will also invest some resources in maintaining its popularity and credibility. Such websites often undertake their own due diligence to make sure that the authenticity of all those engaged with them is properly established.

Often websites like Upwork also create various accountability parameters to avoid the possibility of scam both from those providing work and those who take up these survey related work. Some also provide the option of remote sensors to keep a tab on the genuineness of a site.

2. Registration Fees

If a site asks you for registration fees for signing up or pay some fees upfront for joining them, then you must be aware of a potential scam in the making. You do not have to pay for taking surveys. This is an absolutely free service, and no site will have to bear any cost for you to take surveys. Therefore it is more than clear that the site has some ulterior motive when they are asking you to pay up for joining them and taking surveys.

This is invariably the first red flag that you must be wary of when you start off with looking for options to make money taking surveys. The moment a site asks you to pay a joining fee, it is a big avoid in our book. It simply means they are trying to make money at your expense.

However minimal this amount might be, it is never worth joining any of the websites for a price. The first response should be to maintain safe distances from all these possible options that offer you the moon but need you to pay a basic minimum fee to join them.

3. Payment Method

Transparency is one of the primary pre-condition for any kind of online dealing. You must understand that when you are dealing with people remotely, it is very important to have clear terms of pay and remuneration. But if the site that you have approached is unclear about these factors, it is best not to do any type of dealing with them.

Whether you consider a site for onetime surveys or if you are planning to take up surveys over the longer term, the terms of payment need to be absolutely clear and very transparent.

Any online survey site that does not reveal the payment method or the terms of payment generally indicates that there is something unfair or fake about the entire scheme of operation. Almost without fail, these are possible scams that are in the making, and the lack of clarity in terms of the mode of operation indicates the possibility of some kind of improper dealings that might be underway.

So you must avoid any site that enables you to take surveys but refuses to divulge details about how they would make payment to you.

4. Proof of Payment

Not only should the payment methodology be very transparent, if you are looking at websites to make money taking surveys, but there should also be adequate proof of payment as well from them. Only then can you be doubly sure that the site that is being considered will be able to deliver the returns that they might be promising to you.

Most times, the lack of payment proof is indicative of the key fact that either the company is too new to make any such payment for online surveys or else the company is fake and does not do payment. In this context, it makes sense to make a realistic analysis of the number of years that the company has been in circulation and the kind of returns that they have been delivering. For example, if a company says that they have been in business for a long time and promises great returns, but you can find no proof of it making payment, it is a decided red flag. It can mean only two things, either the company is unable to generate the kind of business it promises, or it is a big scam that you must avoid.

5. Minimum Cashout Limit

Almost any online payment portal will have a basic minimum cash limit that you can withdraw. While the normal assumption is that you will anyway earn this amount from the site, be careful about ensuring the authenticity. The problem that happens most times is that most of the fake sites have a very high minimum cashout limit.

This clearly means that the minimum amount that you can withdraw is very high. Normally what happens is that the volume of work that they provide is so less that you can almost never dream to earn as much amount as they promise. The result is that you are working, but it is never sufficient to meet the cash requirements that will help you encash this money.

This is actually a scam that these fake survey sites undertake to attract users and get them to surveys but completely avoid paying for it. Essentially what they do is they make you do the surveys, but when it comes to you receiving the payment for it, there is absolutely no way to go about it. The volume of work that is given to you is so low that you can never look at recovering the money.

6. Negative Feedback, Complaints

When a scam website is operational, it invariably has a whole host of dissatisfied customers. You are never the only one who has been inconvenienced by them. This means that there are many others who would voice their dissatisfaction over the internet.

So when you are looking to make money taking surveys, it is always a good idea to undertake a background check for these companies over the internet. The moment you type in the name of survey site and possible hints of scam, it will instantly highlight all such related information, if there is anything to report.

The kind of negative feedback or the complaints also highlight the type of grievances that majority of users have. This will give you a fair idea about the kind of issues that they have been facing while dealing with the survey site in considerations.

Also look at the ratio of good and bad complaints. If you have too many very bad complaints and then suddenly a great feedback, the chances are that it is not a genuine feedback. The rule of thumb says a genuine website has a balanced mix of negative and positive experiences. But you must pay attention to them in details.

7. Background Check

Think about all the checks you undertake when you join a new job. One of the fundamental steps is to look for the background of the company’s founders. Similarly, if you are interested in making money taking surveys, you need to invest time and energy in finding details about the people who are associated with the project.

While it might seem rather a simple concept where you have to fill some surveys, a background check will ensure that you are not wasting your effort for an irresponsible organization or a fake entity. The time that you might be investing in taking surveys is, therefore, well utilized and bears fruit in the form of strong returns. The lack of background check can often be construed as groping in the dark. You have no clue about the kind of person you are dealing with and what possible problems that can crop up in future.

Moreover, the absence of background check also means that you will not even know if you are stepping into a trap in the name of filling surveys.

How to Identify a Genuine Survey Site?

How to Identify a Genuine Survey Site?

Now that you understand the sites that you must avoid while looking at suitable survey options, the point is how do you identify potential legitimate options? When you are looking to make money taking surveys, it becomes very important to zero in on the potential points on which you can decide on a survey site.

Essentially these are factors that allow you to prefer a particular survey provider over the others. These could include a host of preconditions like fees required to join or availability on a cross-section of forums and many such factors.

1. No Joining Fees

If you are looking for legitimate sites for taking surveys, one of the most important pre-conditions is that they would be free to join, and you do not have to pay any additional charges for joining these online survey facilitators.

It is common sense that you do not need any money to join a site to take surveys and make money. Just like a site that asks for fees to create your log-in is likely to be fake. Similarly, a site that encourages you to join them is more likely to be genuine. They could even create conditions that could encourage you to take up filling surveys as a full-fledged job opportunity. The faster you can fill up a survey, the more the chance of making the greater amount of money from this kind of online initiative.

In fact, on the contrary, there are many legitimate survey sites that actually offer you a bonus for joining them and helping them make money. This kind of bonus also often acts as an incentive for people to join these sites and start taking surveys with them instead of other sites.

2. Part of Forum

When a website is part of a larger forum, more often than not, it is a sign that the website is committed for the longer term and you can rely on it for greater and better gains.

Therefore, even when you want to make money taking surveys, it is much better that you choose sites that are part of a forum. It is almost always an instant indicator of a sustainable business model which is dedicated toward creating a profitable venture.

One reason why most scam survey sites would avoid these type of forums is that they know quite well that their illegal initiatives can be very quickly exposed and made public. Being part of a forum means you have a far greater degree of accountability and it becomes important for every member to confirm to a basic minimum set of requirements. Anyone or any website that fails to do so comes under the scanner, and it becomes that simple to expose these types of sites.

A large number of participants in a forum also mean that the support base for genuine players is much larger and you have far greater chance of eking out a decent living from a legitimate source.

3. Proof of Payment

Just like in a scam survey site, payment proofs are hard to come by; in a genuine and legitimate site, this becomes the best weapon to prove their legitimacy. The fact that invariably these are players who have been around for long and have been genuinely helping people earn money, makes it simple to find proof of payment made by them easily on the internet.

Just a simple search for payment on Google is more than sufficient to bring about adequate proofs of the many payments that they might have done thus far. It could be either to individuals or even groups depending on the participants of the survey that they might have put up.

Moreover, most genuine sites would also have very clear terms of payment spelled out quite adequately on their website. Any user who is keen to make money taking surveys will instantly get an idea of how and where to approach and what frequency they would get paid. In fact, most times, every survey that they undertake would have a clear posting on the money they would make from it and the time duration within which they can expect the payment.

4. User Feedback

Another big indicator is user feedback. You must understand it is not that simple to write genuinely positive feedback if a particular site is not delivering those. So when you are looking out for reviews try and read up the ones that give personal accounts instead of generic and standard comments.

Any site that enables you to make money taking surveys genuinely will have a huge list of fan following who are keen to share their personal stories and that in itself is a very big indicator. Apart from these, try and analyze the reviews that you can manage on social media network.

Even if they are dealing with complaints, most genuine sites enabling you to take surveys will get back to the user to address their problems better and even work out some redress measure. Quite unlike a fake or scam site, they would not ignore negative feedback and sometimes even get back to the user with potential future steps to make the experience better than past ones.

You will realize networking is much simpler on these types of genuine sites that allow you to take surveys. When you speak to fellow colleagues who take survey, it becomes even simpler to discuss the legitimacy and credibility of a particular site. Additionally, just because the website is not on the wrong side of the law, they encourage growing their network and don’t dissuade people from interacting with each other.

Like they say if you have nothing to hide, you are not shy about showing off to people. You do not mind 10 people, using the service you provide, discuss it openly. After all, when there is nothing illegal about the mode of operation, the discussion can only yield positive returns.

5. Go Through List of Legitimate Sites

You could, however, say that often the task of identifying legitimate sites that allow you to take surveys and offer decent return are few and far between. Moreover, it becomes quite time consuming to individually go through every website that you come across and decide their legitimacy on merit basis.

So does it mean you expose yourself to the risk of getting trapped in a scam? You get engaged with a fake site and offer your services without any guarantee of payment whatsoever? Well not really!

The internet has now made the task a lot simpler for you. You can almost always refer to a handy list of the top survey providers that are curated by many online bloggers. Normally there is a list of the major legitimate players who also had the good sense to connect to the right source and advertise the list of genuine services that offer.

Often the list of these legitimate survey sites also provides broad details of payment and even mode of payment. These are additional blue ticks in the effort towards finding genuine service facilitators in this particular field.

Establishing Legitimacy of Survey Sites

Establishing Legitimacy of Survey Sites

When you continue to make money taking surveys for a long while, you will realize the quickest way to establish the credibility of a survey site is referring to your network group. This is almost like an unacknowledged group of individuals who take surveys online to make a living. Given the closed nature and limited prospects of their job, they are also a very well knit community of committed workers.

They almost always look out for potential traps and scams involving survey and alert concerned groups quite effectively. As a result, they are able to communicate any form of scam quite swiftly to other fellow workers.

Moreover, it becomes that much simpler to discuss the authenticity of the various websites that are featured in the list of legitimate online surveys. So just by being on a list of the legitimate set of websites offering survey is not enough. When you have a sufficient number of people vouching for their genuine terms, establishing credibility becomes almost like child’s play.

But once you are able to navigate this bit, you can quite simply look at earning money or boosting your monthly income with these income alternatives over a sustained period of time.


Therefore we can easily conclude that if you want to make money taking surveys, you need to be very alert apart from being resourceful. You have to not only watch out for sites that pay well but also possible alternatives that can help you do justice to your effort. On the face of it, taking surveys appear rather simple.

But you must remember that surveys can become rather tricky if you do not organize your resources well. Moreover, what works for one person might not be so effective for others who are using it. So the success of surveys is deeply dependent on your individual abilities.

The good news is that there is today a plethora of legitimate survey providing websites offering you the decent prospect of earning an honest mode of livelihood. All you have to do is decide on your preferences and then search for it accordingly. Getting to take surveys that can seal reasonable earnings for you is just a click of a mouse away. However, you must remember that this can’t be a sustainable source of income for you in any case. It can only be an addition to your existing income basket.