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EPIC Trading is a new online business opportunity with a good compensation plan. I have been working online since 2002, and I have worked with so many different companies and systems so far. I am too hesitant and conservative when it comes to joining a new system because I must verify two things: First, I must know whether the system that I want to join is legitimate and whether it complies the FTC rules; and second, I must make sure that their management, technical and support teams are solid, honest and strong. is good, but not the best. It is one of the trusted systems I have ever seen, but it not easy to make money with it for two main reasons. There are only two groups of people who cannot make money with Epic Trading:

  1. Forex traders
  2. Team builders

If you are not a Forex trader and you don’t use the EPIC Trading’s Forex signals, you won’t be able to make money with them, and spending $134.99 per month would be nonsense for you.

I joined Epic Trading and helped others to sign up too, but we decided to quit and change our focus to a program that everybody gets rewarded with it, not for a small group of people: HyperVerse Global

Additionally we decided to stop promoting them it for one more important reason: They make lots of changes that affect our efforts and teams.

What Is EPIC Trading?

EPIC Trading is a Forex trading university. When you sign up for an EPIC Scholar account with them, you will have access to their EPIC Forex Education Platform, where you can learn how to trade currencies to make money. They will teach you how to trade Forex, but they will also provide live Forex trading sessions, and Forex Trading Signals.

How Can You Start Making Money With EPIC Trading?

You have three options to make money with EPIC Trading:

  1. You can use their Forex trading education and signals to trade currencies, which is not easy to make money with. Click Here to learn more.
  2. You can make money through their referral compensation program, that is even a lot harder to make money with. Click Here to learn more.
  3. You can do both at the same time.

EPIC Trading’s referral compensation plan works based on referring and recruiting which is not easy for most people.

EPIC Trading Compensation Plan

This is how the EPIC Trading compensation plan works and makes money for you in simple words:

1. You need to start as an EPIC Scholar for $134.99 per month. Once you do it, you will have access to their members area, Telegram channels and Forex-related educational content and signals. EPIC Trading is a Forex trading university, and Forex trading education and signals are the product they offer. Therefore, you must start with becoming the student of their university.

2. If you want to start making money with their compensation plan, you must personally refer three other members. If you do so, your $134.99 monthly fee will be waived.

3. After referring three people personally, you need to become an Independent Business Owner for $14.99 per month.

$600/month: You will make $600 per month when you have 12 members in your team. Three of these members can be your personal referrals (remember that you need to refer three people personally and then become an IBO to be eligible for bonuses and commissions), but the other seven can be our referrals or your other personal referrals.

$1,000/month: You will make $1,000 per month when you have 30 members in your team. Like the previous level, at least of three of these 30 referrals must be your personal referrals and the rest can be our referrals. However, there is no limit in referring people. You can have as many personal referrals as you want.

$2,000/month: You will make $2,000 per month when you have 80 members in your team.

Epic Trading Compensation Plan

In general, Epic Trading is not for everybody. Even it is not easy to make money with their signals, although their signals are good and have a reasonable success rate. Building a team, and for example having 30 active members who pay $134.99 per month, to make $1,000 per month is insane and you can lose your rank, as soon as one of these members quit, which is what most of them do after a month or so, because they see that they pay lots of money but they cannot make any money. So forget about Epic Trading and join a program that anybody can get rewarded with: HyperVerse Global

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    1. Hi Edward,

      Many are asking questions and doing their due diligence. The program is new and started at the beginning of October. I think a big bang is on the way, because their compensation plan is really strong.

  1. Hi Vahid I myself have been looking into Epic trading and I have watched the videos on YouTube and now read your article I still think this is an amazing opportunity and want to possibly sign up soon. Your article has given me a better perspective thank you.

  2. Epic Trading is becoming known. It is also being advertised on free ad boards such as Billboard Bucks and others. It is great and will help people.

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