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The LuckScout Community was created to help the members to become independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders, for free, and risk-free.

As a member of The LuckScout Community who is becoming an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder, you will get paid by the community, based on your presence and participation. You can start now:

1. Create your profile

Having a profile on LuckScout is very important, yet very easy to achieve. Please make sure to have your full name in your LuckScout profile and upload profile and cover photos. Your profile photo has to be your own picture. Fake identities and profiles won’t be approved to be part of The LuckScout Community. Real and complete profiles will receive the blue checkmark, which means they are eligible to become approved to earn money on this site. We may ask for your photo ID to approve your profile.

Once you create your profile, you will start earning points, based on your activities on this site. The points you earn, will do two things for you:

  1. They will turn into money at the end of every month. Based on the points you earn every month, you will have a share from the money that The LuckScout Community makes.
  2. You will need a minimum of points, every month, to become eligible to participate in The LuckScout Club during the following month. Please learn more about The LuckScout Club below.

Note: Your account must be verified before you go ahead. It is very easy to do it. Just add your full name, country name and an acceptable profile photo, and your account will become verified. Click Here to learn how to do it.

The easiest way to earn more and more points every day is to follow the emails we send you every day. Do not unsubscribe from our mailing list because you will miss the opportunities to earn points.

Being social and communicative will earn you more points that help you to make more money and gain the minimum required points you need to participate in The LuckScout Club:

2. Send friend requests to other members

Having more friends on LuckScout makes your profile more popular and drives more traffic to your posts, and so you will earn more points.

3. Refer others to this site through your referral link

We should work with each other to grow The LuckScout Community, as much as possible, to (1) prevent more people to get scammed by the scams who are everywhere now, (2) have a bigger community here to make more money and help the members to make more money too, and (3) have more independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders in The LuckScout Community.

4. Create groups

You will collect lots of points if you create review groups for companies, products or services, and also groups that are focused on the topics that you like. LuckScout groups must have proper titles and detailed descriptions, otherwise they will be removed. If you create quality groups, they will receive lots of clicks and attention and they will earn you residual points (that will turn into money). Your reviews don’t have to be too positive or negative. Just a fair review like this is good enough to make others submit their comments.

We remove groups that publish duplicated content. So, please do not copy/paste from other sites. Additionally, promoting third party programs and affiliate links is against our terms and conditions. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions (here).

To learn more about the points, how you can earn more points, how they will be managed every month, and how you will get paid based on the points you earn, please see this page.

5. LuckScout Club

LuckScout Club was created to enable the members of The LuckScout Community to grow the money they make on the social part of this site. Qualified members of The LuckScout Community who have got their blue checkmark, and are active and gain the minimum required points and qualifications, will have access to our day-trading program, where they learn how to turn a small amount of money (that they have made on our website) into a big wealth, through day-trading. Every day, they can join us in a private Zoom meeting room to see how we trade. They learn how to do it, and so they can do it for themselves too, if they want. This is 100% free, because nobody pays any fees. It is also as risk-free as possible because members of The LuckScout Club can trade and grow the money they have made on this website for free.

Therefore, qualified members of The LuckScout Community will have a share from the money that the website and community make every month, and, they can also participate in The LuckScout Club (if they meet the minimum requirements) to grow the money they have made here, if they want. Please the articles below to learn more about our trading program:

The LuckScout Community was created to help people to become independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders who make money for themselves, consistently, without having to be dependent on anyone, anything or any company. Nobody can scam the members of The LuckScout Community anymore because they don’t have to trust anyone and give their hard-earned money to them. Above all, they don’t have to join MLM, Pyramid, affiliate/referral schemes, trading signals and investment programs, etc. that many of them force people to recruit and generate sales or risk their money in risky and choppy markets, in order to make money. Independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders of The LuckScout Community make money on their own, and then force their money to make more money (in The LuckScout Club). This is how they become rich and financially free, and become richer and richer…

This system is 100% free. Members don’t pay any fees while they have a share from the money that The LuckScout Community and website make. Not only is there no competition among our members, but their activities help the whole community and other members to earn more points and money. The LuckScout Community is where everyone’s a winner, not only those who collect more points. However, collecting more points helps all members, including you.

Is That All???


LuckScout is not limited to the Internet:


In addition to the share that members of The LuckScout Community have from the website and the online community’s income, they also have a share from the profits of all of our other projects, including our real estate and other offline projects.


The points you earn every month don’t just turn into some money that will be sent to you through PayPal. They will forever stay in your account and will give you a share from the profits that we make in all of our other projects, while you pay nothing, and you take no risk.

Therefore, here, “YOUR CLICKS🖱️ TURN INTO🔨 BUILDINGS”🏰🏭🏠🏨” whose profits will be shared with you, for the rest of your life.

Nobody has done this for the people of the world before. But we do because we want to take HUMANITY one step forward.

The Value of the Points You Earn

The points you are collecting in LuckScout are not like the points that, for example, credit card companies give you. Those points can only give you some discounts or turn into some cash back, and that’s all.

The points you earn in LuckScout will never leave your life. They stay with you lifetime and will give you a share from all the profits the company makes from different online/offline projects.

It means, you are a lifetime part of a company through your points.

In LuckScout, not only your points will give you a share from the website’s monthly income, but also they will give you a share from the profits of all the company’s projects, lifetime, risk-free, and investment-free.

This is the first time that a company is doing this in the world, probably because we are the first who want to use our skills and talent to take humanity one level higher, not to make ourselves multi-billionaires.

We don’t want to repeat what others have already done and are doing (using our talent to become multi-billionaires).

That doesn’t satisfy us because any talented person is doing it.

We want to use our talent to take humanity one step forward, to have new rules that give people more rights, and to awaken people of the world that they have a lot more rights than what they think and what they are receiving.

And, your points enable you to be an important part of this immense project.

Are you ready? It starts with your strong online presence on LuckScout. Follow our daily emails to become guided to earn more points every day.

Let’s do this!🙂

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