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1. Create your profile

Having a professional profile on LuckScout is very important, yet very easy to achieve. Just enter your real full name, with a proper profile and cover photo. People don’t like strange or fake identities with strange profiles and cover photos. LuckScout is all about being social and communicating with other members and website visitors who are mainly entrepreneurs. Therefore, if you expect other members to react to your posts and requests (which is important in your success), you need to have a well-configured profile.

2. Send friend requests to other members

Having more friends on LuckScout makes your profile more popular and drives more traffic to your posts. This is an important part of our project.

3. Create a review group

You will collect lots of points if you create review groups for companies, products or services. You can take a look at this group as an example. Please note that your groups have to have proper titles and detailed descriptions, otherwise they will be removed. If you create quality groups, they will receive lots of clicks and attention and they will earn you residual points (that will turn into money). Your reviews don’t have to be too positive or negative. Just a fair review like this is good enough to make others submit their comments.

We remove the groups that publish duplicated content. So, please do not copy/paste from other sites.

4. Apply to join The LuckScout Club (coming soon!)

LuckScout Club was created to enable the participants to become independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders who make money for themselves, consistently, without having to be dependent on anyone, anything or any company. Nobody can scam the LuckScout Club members anymore because they don’t have to trust anyone and give their hard-earned money to them. Above all, they don’t have to join MLM, Pyramid, affiliate or referral schemes that force them to recruit and generate sales, in order to make money.

They make money on their own, and then force their money to make more money for them. This is how the rich become rich, and they become richer.

The LuckScout Club members get paid while they are becoming independent and self-sufficient wealth-builders. They get paid while they are building their own income stream that is fully independent.

LuckScout Club doesn’t have any membership fee.

To become a member of LuckScout Club, you must have an active profile on this site. Having a profile and earning points through it, is an important part of becoming a member of LuckScout Club. Members with more active profiles, make more money. However, other members make money too. Not only is there no competition among The LuckScout Club members, but their activities help the community and other members.

LuckScout Club is where everyone’s a winner, not only those who collect more points. However, collecting more points helps everyone, including yourself.

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