The internet has changed the dynamics of how we do most businesses.

From shopping to writing books, pretty much every action has undergone a web overhaul.

The eBooks too are the result of the disruption that was brought about by the internet.

No more of doing the rounds of publishers and facing rejection.

You can simply create your eBook online and make money.

While the dynamics of writing eBooks is not very different from how you would write conventional books, but the ease with which you can make money writing eBooks is surely something unique.

One of the greatest features of writing eBooks is the fact that your initial investment is almost zero.

No wonder you now have over 700,000 authors taking the eBooks route worldwide taking advantage of this novel approach to giving wing to your creative instincts.

Therefore, it is possible for you to make money with eBooks in a rather hassle-free manner.

But you might be wondering how to earn money?

More importantly the how to go ahead with publishing an eBook is an important consideration in this case.

Well, here is a guide to some simple ways of publishing and then make money from these e-published versions.

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How to Make Money Writing eBooks

I am writing this article to teach you how to make money through writing eBooks.

To do that, first I have to explain what and eBook is.

What Are eBooks?

What Are eBooks?

The important consideration in this context is to understand what are eBooks and how they function.

Very simply put, an eBook is an electronic book.

In other words, it is a software version of a book, and it can be downloaded online.

You can write the book yourself or hire someone to write the content for you.

The easy access to the internet also makes it possible to use information in the public domain rather liberally and take advantage of this feature in a consolidated manner.

There is absolutely no limit to the subjects that you can cover in these eBooks.

While writing conventional books can often mean tailoring content to suit the publisher’s or the niche market demands, writing eBooks carry no such pre-condition.

The choice of subject can be varied from travel guides to creating how to do manuals, self-help books, science fiction, romance, politics, philosophy or just about anything that you would want to write about or confident about.

However, it is common knowledge that the choice of subject can often impact profitability.

You can make money writing eBooks by looking at all the best-seller options in Amazon.

They are normally listed in various categories, and it can help you to realistically take note of the topics that you could cover to make maximum money.

Another reason why many prefer writing eBooks is that they would not have to rely on any publisher to make sure your book gets published.

You simply write an eBook and then set out to make money from it.

Moreover, once it is published, you don’t have to rely on any bookstore or franchisee to make sure it sees the light of the day.

No one but you are in control of the future of your eBook and the kind of sale that it manages.

From writing to formatting to selling and marketing your eBook, you are in charge of the whole show.

It is pretty much a one-man show where you manage every aspect of it.

So as a result, you deservedly get to keep the entire profit that you earn from it.

In case you are still doubtful about the prospect of writing an eBook and also ways to make money, think about some of the most influential authors in recent times.

They have all published their eBooks and earned their popularity and prosperity simultaneously.

Some of the most noteworthy names in recent times who have shown you can make money writing eBooks include:

1. Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey Is a Good Science and Fiction Writer.

He sold a series of science fictions using Amazon’s e-publishing facility, Kindle Direct Publishing.

It was such a runaway success that at one point, he was earning almost $150,000 selling 20,000 — 30,000 copies of his eBooks.

2. Amanda Hocking

Amanda Hocking

Author of paranormal romance, these eBooks have garnered close to $2 million from sales.

3. EL James

EL James

The author of 50 Shades Of Grey, he is perhaps one of the most famous names of the eBook phenomenon.

The success of his eBook was so huge that soon traditional publishers queued up to publish his work and make him an overnight icon in the list of successful authors made famous by the e-publishing phenomenon.

Format of eBook Is Crucial to Make Money

Format of eBook Is Crucial to Make Money

When you are exploring ways to make money with eBooks, one of the most important factors to remember is the basic formatting that you opt for.

This is by far the greatest challenge that is posed in publishing eBooks, but at the same time, it is also the most crucial point to remember.

This is because when readers are accessing the eBook, often the lack of an appropriate format can affect readability as well the overall quality of the eBook that you set out to publish.

I do agree that getting all these technical aspects right could sometimes be rather intimidating but there is nothing to worry, and just a bit of patience can help enhance the eBook content many times over.

Nowadays you also have easy availability of many online tutorials that can help you master these basic concepts and make money with lot more ease.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is by far one of the most prominent and extremely profitable eBook publishing platforms that help you to make money with relative ease.

There are some variants that enable you to link chapters to the content and jump segments while reading.

It is needless to mention that this eBook format undoubtedly provides a lot more flexibility to the author.

However, there is another school of thought that considers the Amazon mobi file format as one of the most versatile and dependable eBook formats.

It is extremely popular, but overall you must assess your purpose and kind of formatting that best solves your purpose and appeals to your target audience best.

If you opt to publish your eBook via Kindle, you also get the option to check its efficiency on the previewer.

This gives you a real-time feel of the eBook as it will be available to the readers.

In case you are not satisfied, you can also fix the formatting right there and bring in more innovation if you need to.

After all, if you want to make money writing an eBook, it is important to take into cognizance the various readability elements in it.

The Cover Is Key to an eBook

The Cover Is Key to an eBook

Think of walking into a bookstore without any previous planning?

What gets you most attracted to a particular shelf or a book?

It is undeniably the cover page of the book.

This is one fundamental aspect that holds true for any type of book, online, offline, eBook, traditionally published.

The cover is so crucial that you have a saying referencing to ‘judging a book by the cover’.

So it would not be wrong to say that if you want to make an impression with your eBook and make money from it, a good cover is one of the best ways to achieve this end.

Especially think about how the eBooks are displayed.

They are mere thumbprints in a page full of displays, sometimes even 20-30 of them together.

When your cover page is striking, it sure creates a strong impression and helps you make money from this venture quite easily.

In case you are not very proficient with the graphics element, it is always better to appoint a specialist to design the cover page for your eBook.

Most times, publishing an eBook does not involve a lot of costs, and you can easily use the fund that you are saving there in creating a gripping cover page.

You can either appoint a graphics expert for it or can explore the various online options that you might have to make something that creates the maximum impact.

You can even try online alternatives like Fiverr to look up resources for creating the cover for your eBook.

In fact, Amazon takes it forward to even the next level by providing free cover page making tools.

You can easily learn to use these and make your own independent cover page without taking anybody’s help.

How to Market Your eBook and Make Money

How to Market Your eBook and Make Money

Now we come to the most significant aspect of writing your eBook.

It is the step that helps you grasp the marketing dynamics and eventually sell the book and make money.

Now we all know that in the conventional publishing world, this is one of the most challenging milestones in the journey towards taking your book to the public.

Often only the most famous authors get the due attention. But self-publishing them will help you address this problem with relative ease.

So when you want to make money writing eBooks, you also get supreme control on the complete marketing endeavor.

You devise your entire sales strategy and are in charge of all the promotional activities.

You can access all the available opportunity online to generate as much attention online as possible.

To make money from the eBook that you have created, you can take on a multi-level strategy.

Starting from FaceBook to Twitter to LinkedIn, you can be absolutely shameless in promoting your eBook as aggressively as you can.

Leverage your contacts and ask for shares from friends and families to expand the visibility of your creation.

The idea is to create a buzz with the eBook launch pretty much the way conventional publishers would take advantage of a press conference.

But it is not sufficient to share links and ask friends to do the same.

You have to create a sense of eager anxiety amongst your followers.

You can organize contests, give away prizes and even release a few chapters in a serialized fashion.

This will make them wait eagerly for the final product when the actual launch happens.

Marketing your eBook is all about creating buzz, interacting with potential readers and making sure that the maximum number of people are able to buy your book when it is launched eventually.

You can also take advantage of blogs and personal emails to further connect with your readers and make sure to buy the eBook when it is launched.

Therefore you can easily deduce that making money by writing eBooks is not difficult, but it surely needs strategic planning and smooth execution.

Create Your Own Website to Sell Your eBook

Create Your Own Website to Sell Your eBook

If you are well versed with the way the internet operates, one of the easiest options is to make money writing eBooks and uploading them to your personal website.

In this way, there is no reason why you would need to contact any intermediary or any other source to market your book.

All you need to install is a simple PayPal kind of a link that enables users to log on to your site and buy it directly from there.

Given that eBooks mostly comprise a PDF format and users would only need to download a specific link, it pretty much runs on an autopilot mode, once the basic format is installed.

However, you must remember to connect with a reliable server.

Otherwise, there can be a major problem with connectivity issue.

So you need to make sure that the site runs smoothly.

That will make sure you can make money through your eBook with lot more ease.

Moreover, when you are promoting a book from your own website, you won’t have to depend on anyone.

You can decide on the promotion timeline and reach out to the potential customer base at your convenience and in a manner that you consider most effective.

Sell eBooks Through Retail Sites

Sell eBooks Through Retail Sites

There are many other options to make money when you have written an eBook.

One of the simplest formats is routing your sale through third-party sites like Amazon.

You can even opt for their promoted segments and gain the advantage of better sales and reach to a wider number of users.

Amazon makes the whole act of writing eBooks and makes money through it even simpler.

You can choose to take advantage of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Of course, they would charge you a certain commission on your overall sales, but given the huge reach, it is one of the easiest ways to make money writing eBooks and marketing them.

The extent of their reach and the overall impact can be assessed by the fact that they right now have 89 million active readers for eBook just in United States.

All you need to do is route the book to this wide audience base through effective keyword search.

In fact, 38% of the overall book sales can be accounted to these self-published eBooks on kindle.

You simply have to sign up for this service and then totally let the amazing Amazon service take forward your sales.

The biggest benefit is that your opportunity to make money through the Amazon Kindle service not just expands the sheer number of people you can reach but also broadens the scope of these users getting converted into buyers.

For more than two decades now, Amazon is researching how to enhance customer reach and better conversion.

By liaising with Amazon, you can quite easily make money writing eBooks.

Stay Calm in Marketing Your eBook

Stay Calm in Marketing Your eBook

When you are writing eBooks, you can make money and market it effectively only when you are able to undertake a strategy calmly and extremely efficiently.

Stressing out trying to chalk out a marketing game plan and bringing forth effective promotion will take you nowhere.

Instead, you will tend to lose a lot of time and energy if you move ahead in an unplanned manner.

You must follow an appropriate schedule and move ahead in a strategic manner.

You must move ahead in a step by step manner and take up one step at a time.

For example, first and foremost, you must set the launch date for your eBook and then move forward as per a well chalked out plan.

Moreover, your strategy needs to be consistent.

You can’t market your eBook on a piecemeal basis.

For a long-term marketing initiative and make money on a sustained basis, you need to promote your eBook strategic brilliance.

Don’t be haphazard and target every avenue with clinical precision.

This will help you focus on your target a lot more effectively and get maximum possible exposure from the entire exercise.

Choice of Topic for Your eBook Is Crucial

Choice of Topic for Your eBook Is Crucial

If you want to make money writing eBooks, you have to be very careful and precise in your selection of topics.

Ideally, it is always advisable to write about a topic that you are an expert of.

Choosing to write something where you have area expertise will help you write in a more lucid fashion and create better appeal.

Moreover, if your eBook delves into a topic where you are confident and passionate, you can write with more authority, field questions with alacrity and be involved in the entire project in a far more constructive manner.

But at the same time, you must make sure that the topic that you are choosing also features prominently in the list of Amazon best-seller or other similar online platform.

This is important because it will mean that your hard work in writing an eBook will be well appreciated and accepted in a far more constructive manner.

After all, when you are putting in so much of hard work, it is no use devoting it to a topic that is not popular.

This will also seriously impact your overall ability to make money from the eBook.

Quality of Content Matters

Quality of Content Matters

You must remember that when you are writing eBooks, it needs to be in a lucid and easy to understand.

You must choose simple words and even simpler words construction.

That will make sure that you are able to target significantly larger number of users.

Moreover, when the language is simple and easy to understand, more and more people would be able to understand the content and even spread a word about it or buy it.

On the contrary, if there are too many complicated sentences and flowery language, inadvertently you will put off a majority of readers.

Also, when you have a conversational writing tone, you can connect better with the readers and make more of an impact.

Academic style of writing also becomes rather heavy for a majority of readers.

Most eBook readers are youngsters, and they have no patience for heavy reading material.

They would much rather choose simple to follow and easy to read options.

Therefore if you want a better connect with the readers, keep it simple and lucid.

Accuracy Is Extremely Important

Accuracy Is Extremely Important

One of the biggest problems with most eBooks is the lack of quality proofreading.

Normally conventional publishers have a huge team of proofreaders who painstakingly go through every syllable that you have written.

But when you are writing eBooks, you have to take into account that you are the one in control.

Right from promoting, marketing to maintaining the quality of your eBook remains your sole concern.

It is always a good idea to double check the various grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Thankfully, now you have many online tools that can help you tackle grammatical and spelling errors a lot better.

You have any free options as well as paid services.

You can decide on the amount that you are ready to spend and accordingly take a call on the type of tools that you can adapt.

It is needless to mention that when readers are going through your eBook, the frequency of errors could relatively mar their entire reading experience.

On the other hand, even a simple write-up that is written in error free way will make sure that more and more people read it.

It will have a relatively higher acceptance rate and will lead to better user experience.

When people are happy reading your eBook, you are sure to make money.

The Business of Making Money Through Writing eBooks

The Business of Making Money Through Writing eBooks

Now once you understand the approach and content to create a successful eBook, the next major challenge is to get the business online.

But hang on, you still have a few roadblocks ahead of you.

1. Pricing Your eBook

Pricing Your eBook

The first and foremost thing in this tryst to make money writing eBooks is deciding on the overall pricing.

If you price it too high, you won’t have the desired number of readers willing to buy your eBook.

Simultaneously if you price it too low, you will not be able to get appropriate value for your effort.

However, the fact remains that cheaper the price of a book, better would be the acceptance rate.

So you must calculate the expense involved and then price it accordingly.

In case you are hosting the eBook on any third party site like Amazon, take into account the extent of money that you would be spending there, the other related expenses that you have incurred and based on all of these factors, you have to decide on the appropriate price.

Another useful suggestion in this regard is to check the price of other eBooks in the similar genre.

This will give you a fair idea about the demand for eBooks in the given genre that you are writing.

While this tip might not help you to make money directly, it surely helps broaden your horizon about the kind of pricing that you can zero in on.

All in all, the entire pricing exercise when you are writing eBooks should be centered on reaching the sweet-spot between demand and profit target.

This will also give you a realistic sense of how much money you can spend in creating or writing the eBook and then set your price matrix.

2. Uploading the eBook

Uploading the eBook

The final process in your journey to make money writing eBooks is uploading the ultimate book and making it available to readers.

Remember that it is mandatory to create a short 30-40 character description about the entire book.

In short, this is like the headline of the front page of a newspaper.

It should be attention gripping, informative and act as a teaser that compels readers to buy and read the book.

As a potential marketing gimmick, you can even offer one chapter free and compel the readers to buy your eBook to finish the entire storyline.

Including a sample is an effective option to make money while uploading the eBook.

This is because the readers get a fair idea about the writing style and the topics that the author deals with.

To Make Money Writing eBooks, You Need to Marry Shrewd Business Sense with Strong Passion

To Make Money Writing eBooks, You Need to Marry Shrewd Business Sense with Strong Passion

Therefore we can conclude that to make money writing eBooks, you need to marry shrewd business sense with strong passion on the topic that you are writing.

You must remember that eBooks might have even a shorter shelf life than conventional published creations.

If you want to make money, it is important to maintain the quality of content.

That alone decides the extent to which you will be able to market the eBook successfully and gain mileage as a self-published author over the longer term.

So if you have the passion for writing and the knack to persevere, all you need to do is make a strong start.

The going won’t be easy but if you are diligent and gritty, who knows you might be the next El James in the making.

Now it is time to ask the question that maybe I should have asked at the beginning of this article:

Isn’t there any better and easier way to make money?

If you have read the above words carefully, now you know that it is not easy to make money through writing eBooks.

Do you agree?

Even if you can make money, it will be hard to make a living through it, let alone making a fortune.

Therefore, I am going to refer you to an easier way of making a lot more money: Start Your Data Technology Million-Dollar Home Business Now