Writing as a hobby can be extremely satisfying, but often the challenge comes in looking at ways to make money from it. When you are looking out, how to make money writing, the internet is replete with options. They offer you flexibility, options and a chance to realize your innermost passion. But often the point to worry is how to make this a profitable venture.

While there are many websites that pay you for content, often the problem is you cannot make money adequately to lead a comfortable life. So the challenge is how to make money with writing in a way that you can take it up as a full-fledged profession.

It is not easy to make money writing. Most times, you are paid a pittance for hours of hard work. So what do you do then? You feel that this is how it works and look for more profitable alternatives and often give up on your dream as well.

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I decided to create a cheat sheet of some simple options that can help you make money with writing and to the extent that can help you take it up as a profession. However, what I am explaining here cannot be done by most people, even when they are good writers. They write, but they don’t make money. But here on this site, we offer the solution to those who have this problem: They can write for themselves, not others, which means they can publish their articles under their own name here on this site to earn points, and then have their points turned into money under some special conditions that are not too hard to be met. While you read the article below to the end to learn how freelance writers make money, if our solution looks like the right solution for you, please refer to this article to learn how you can write on our website to earn points, and how your points will turn into money: Join the LuckScout Club to Make Money on Our Website

Start Small in Pursuit of How to Make Money Writing

Often the key reason why most budding writers fail to make money in their writing career is they want to make big bucks from the word go. Most of us who love to write, take our hobbies rather passionately and consider ourselves the best writers. As a result, we fail to even explore the possibility of failure and can never accept anything less than ultimate success.

The result is often either you give up on your writing dream completely, or you end up earning a meager amount for a lot of work. One of the easiest way out is to start small. Do not have high expectation and often that is the shortest route to your query about how to make money writing.

There are many blogs and websites that would publish your writing for a pre-decided amount. The initial ones that you might start writing might not be huge and could only be a few hundred words. But remember this is an important step and a key to a great beginning. This is what will make sure that you are able to get a strong footing and can begin to make money writing.

In the initial stage of your freelance writing career, the volume of work plays a definitive role. The overall idea is that you should create a sound platform to take advantage of eventually.

This step also helps you in achieving another important milestone; it helps you in getting a true value of your writing skills and the kind of money that you can earn through that route. So, in case you need to enhance your skills, or you need to upgrade your talent pool, you can achieve this quite simply and without too much of a problem. This will also play a crucial role in helping you understand how to capitalize your overall talent in a constructive manner.

So in short, when you start off with writing on a small scale initially, it gives you a lot more perspective on how well you can scale up the overall business model and take it forward there on. It will also help you grasp the volume of writing work that you can handle and the money you can make from that.

1. Choose Your Subject Carefully to Make Money Writing

If you want to understand how to make money with writing, it is also extremely important to get clarity on the kind of subject that you are ready to start writing on. This is important because you might be a great writer, but not all topics will garner the same type of interest from your readers. To make money writing, that is one of the most basic criteria to explore over the longer term. So it is in your interest to do your research carefully.

Yes, research is no doubt the first step in your quest about how to make money writing. You must devote time in analyzing the reader trends and the dynamics of getting traffic to read your work. The only way to achieve that would be via in-depth research that helps you to identify the trends appropriately.

Please remember you do not have to research the subject but the kind of readership or interest that subject generates. That, in many ways, will also decide the course that your writing career takes in the longer run and identify the milestones that will decide your success.

Another big advantage of in-depth research is undoubtedly giving you the edge over others regarding competitive brilliance and creating a niche that you can optimize to make money. For example, your expertise lies in food, and you are keen about writing on food. However, given the plethora of food bloggers and the wide number of websites on food, mere pelting our recipes will take you nowhere. It is only through in-depth research that you can identify an appropriate niche for yourself, be it gluten-free cooking or delving into the history of some classic dishes.

When you want to take up writing to make money, you must remember that information is power in this case, and in-depth research gives you access to that power. The only way you can be successful and make money on a sustained basis is via providing a continuous flow of information unabated in quality and quantity.

When readers understand the regularity and the quality of information that you are giving, it makes them want to follow your writing and thereby help you make money. In that way, you can create a kind of uncertainty in your entire career planning.

2. Look out for Writing Opportunities in Magazines/Blogs

Whether you want to make money writing online or offline, you must remember that this is one of those professions that help you make money both in times of crisis as well as happiness. This is because publications are compelled to publish write-ups. That is the only way for them to survive. If they stop publishing, they might as well cease to exist. So in their own interest, they will continuously churn out writing requirement that you can latch on to make money.

When you are exploring how to make money with writing, this avenue can provide you with one of the surest and safest ways to make a beginning. Let’s face it; you cannot be a top grade writer on day one. Constant practice and continuous flow of work bring about the expertise. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to keep exploring these avenues.

Another factor is that invariably magazines and blogs have a much higher probability of churning out these short-term writing engagements. It can also help you generate the resource required to undertake longer term opportunities like writing a book or creating a blog of your own with a genuine amount of fan following.

Another big advantage of starting off with a blog or magazine is that it helps you develop a definitive style for your writing. When you take up writing as a profession to make money, there are lots of dos and don’ts that you must remember. Working with a magazine always gives you the perfect platform to develop these skills and maximize the benefit that you can draw from them. It will help you create the right type of mental framework and ideation background to develop these latent skills with ease and optimize the gain from them.

3. Get into Content Marketing to Make Money

But contributing in journals or magazines is not the only way to make money writing. Another simple solution to your query about how to make money from writing would be using the skills to create a dependable marketing solution. The concept of content marketing is gaining popularity and a lot more people are embracing this as a chosen career alternative.

This essentially means you use your writing skills to create a valuable content that can attract potential customers and help you make money. It also helps a kind of credibility and trust that goes hand in hand with enhancing your prospects to make money from the profession. There are an immense number of businesses that rely on written content and need someone to write quality content.

The good news is now you even have websites where these type of job postings are listed, and you can hope to make money from these opportunities on a regular basis.

The range of content required varies from case studies, online tutorials, white papers and red herring prospects and even simple basic website content. Sometimes it also involves ghostwriting for somebody. The write-up is yours, and the name is someone but how do you care if you get to earn decent money in exchange of such writing.

While initially, it might be a challenge getting proper opportunities, it is not a very difficult task. You have to keep doing the work that you are doing and rest assured that accolades will come your way eventually. When you have created a decent volume of successful projects, you would realize that you will soon have a bevy of other offers that follow you. In fact, online marketplaces like Upwork also provide you with opportunities to rate the quality of the job, and it is needless to mention that those writers with top ratings find getting work quite simple and manage to make a decent living.

But a very important aspect in this field of content marketing is that you need to be very clear about the kind of content you are comfortable writing and focus towards creating a strong portfolio of write-up. This is important as it serves to help potential clients about getting a realistic idea of the kind of work that you are capable of and how you can add a meaningful dimension to a project with your extraordinary writing prowess.

4. Sell Your Copywriting Skills

Learning to make money writing is a skill that you gradually hone. Even the most creative and talented amongst us need to understand and develop the style of writing that can create the viewership for your work. This is also the point where content marketing is narrowed down to a distinctively unique channel, i.e. copywriting that is guaranteed to generate good money.

So what exactly is copywriting and how is it any different from any other type of content marketing? Well, most often this includes any kind of corporate correspondence. It includes scripts for corporate videos, letters to enhance sales, product descriptions and any other written matter that helps you get a better understanding of the overall product.

Though there is no school that teaches copywriting as a standalone art form, if you want to make money writing copies, you surely need to work with a clear approach. Your write-up should be compelling and be able to woo your viewer’s attention. After all, this will yield the right amount of eyeballs and help you generate revenue from your writing experiences.

So, it is needless to mention that you need to invest a significant amount of time, money and resources in this kind of writing to make money on a sustained basis. To make money writing copies, your work needs to wacky, creative and absolutely pointed. It should strike the right chord with the readers and help them get swayed in buying your product. There lies your success as a copywriter.

So, if you have the talent to write copies and can make money from them, it is necessary to devote some time and attention in undertaking research and taking it forward in a constructive fashion. This is one of those specialized types of writing that needs focusing precision.

5. Make Money Writing a Bestseller Online

If creative writing moves you and you are keen to make your mark in it, another option is creating a best-seller eBook. Perhaps ten years ago this was not a plausible option, but now you can easily look forward to this alternative of earning money. It makes you self-reliant, helps you capitalize on your latent skills and makes you capable of creating a self-sufficient means of earning money. Writing an eBook is all about creating a commendable opportunity to optimize your ability to churn out a winning solution and make money from it.

I would say, a lot of this online revolution is because of the kind of impact that Amazon and Kindle had over the entire book loving community. Not only have they made reading books an easier, cheaper and convenient alternative, they have also extended the same objectives towards publishing one.

If you live with the vision of writing and publishing a book and living off the profits, well here is your chance to do the same without all the hassles involved and all the advantages amplified. Perhaps for most, who make money writing, it is a dream that they harbor in the deepest pockets of their heart.

However, if you want to understand how to make money with writing eBooks, you must not lose sight if basic business sense. You need to focus on the commercial aspect of marketing the book as much as the qualitative aspect of it. That means while you must follow your passion, do not forget to validate its authenticity before taking the final plunge.

Additionally, if you want to make money writing this way, you must not lose focus. Be diligent in churning out a continuous stream of content and don’t lose patience if your first book does not click from the word go. In fact for most, who have experienced success as eBook writers, had to begin with series of mediocre published books with a rather low response. But the good news is eventually it helps you hit the jackpot.

In fact, individual studies have indicated that over 1500 Indie authors are now earning northwards of $20K with their volume of works on Kindle. Most of these type of authors probably needed a gestation period of 2-3 years before their absolute success. Most times, the writers are first-generation eBook authors who have managed to beautifully marry technology and creativity.

Whether you want to specialize in fiction writing or non-fiction, it totally depends on your skills. The earning potential in both cases in rather significant and yet again boils down to the same fact about how effective can you be in marketing your work. After all, till you can direct a desired amount of traffic to your work, it cannot help you generate reasonable earnings from your writing efforts.

One option is also to research the market and take up trendy topics to start off writing. However, in this case, the gestation period is a lot more, you might have to write 2-3 books before you actually become confident about the quality of work that you can churn out and the amount of success you get. Remember when you are considering options of how to make money writing, it becomes immensely important to market it also effectively. Create an email list of the existing followers that you might have and start promoting the next work that you are going to publish. This surely creates a lot more favorable atmosphere for generating a higher rate of interest and a distinctly better chance to make money consistently.

6. Promote Products to Make Money

You always do not need an online store to make people buy a product. In your quest to understand how to make money with writing, understand that you could also promote it through your talent. The power of your writing can force an absolute non-believer also in buying your product. Now I am sure you are keen to understand how you could do it.

Our response is simple: write on our site and focus on a product and make money with it. This is how you can do it if you are passionate to earn passive income through writing:

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  3. Keep writing about business and the easiest way of generating passive income and refer people to your EPIC Trading team as your suggested and recommended solution.
  4. Promote your post on your Facebook and other social media account.

It cannot be easier than this to make money, and passive income through writing.

Instead of creating your own product and then beginning to promote it, promoting a third party product through affiliate marketing is an easier option to make money writing. In this case, someone has already done the hard work for you (EPIC Trading in our case); created a product, undertaken market research and found a niche that is profitable. All that you would have to do is look at ways to help it make money and you too in return.

You don’t have to bother about elements like pre-sales inquiries, channels of payments, potential refunds, and providing uninterrupted product support. All you need to do is promote the product and convince many users around you about the advantages of doing so.

Many times, these affiliate products carry a considerably strong rate of return, some even up to 50-70%. This is generally based on the fact that the incremental cost for most digital alternatives keeps reducing with every additional product addition. So this way, you can make a neat sum using this passive method to make money. The challenge is that you will have to be careful in identifying the right kind of affiliate product to promote to garner maximum gains for a sustainable period.

7. Become a Blogger on Our site

The answer to your question about how to make money writing does not always need to involve a blog. What I mean is you can still make money writing without a blog of your own. Are you wondering how that is possible? After all, if you do not have some kind of online presence, how could you possibly monetize your writing? Well, the good news is you can start from today here on our site.

You can submit guest posts to a large number of blogs and in fact, when you have a reasonable volume of guest posts on other blogs, it could often act as a catalyst for the others to accept your posts. This is particularly true for those whose writings have generated a strong response and have a reasonable following.

But still you will be faced with a big problem as I mentioned at the beginning of this article: You don’t make money!

You write a lot but you don’t make money for two main reasons:

  1. Your posts don’t receive targeted traffic.
  2. You don’t promote a proper product in your posts.

However, the solution we have figured out and offered on this site is writing to earn points and then turning your points into money. You earn points when people read your articles here and react to them. Besides, you can promote your own product(s) on this site which can be your EPIC Trading account, as the best product that generates passive income, as I explained above. So, start from here: Join the LuckScout Club to Make Money on Our Website

So It Is Possible to Make Money Through Writing

Therefore we can conclude that if you want to understand how to make money with writing, you need to take into account your personal expertise and potential to make money. While on paper, it seems a fairly easy and flexible mode to earn money, the trick of how to convert this into a profitable model is rather complicated. For this, you need practice, patience and perseverance.

If you have already identified your area of expertise, you must be careful about being able to capitalize on it through your writing skills. At the end of the day, this will yield you the maximum alternatives to make money.

You could choose to write on our site, publish an eBook or even get into the promotion of affiliated products, but if you want to master how to make money writing, you need to spend time in research and perfect the delivery model. Only that can help you yield sustainable results.