If you are new here and you haven’t read my previous articles yet, please let me tell you that we follow a wealth building strategy on this site.

This strategy has two phases.

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The first phase is establishing a reliable and strong source of income that makes a lot of money, consistently.

The second phase is making more money through investing a portion of the money that the reliable and strong source of income has to make.

We help our followers to complete both phases in the best possible way.

Therefore, each of our articles, talks either about the first or the second phase.

Like this article which is about making money online, as a way of creating a source of income, to complete the first phase.

In this article, I am explaining how to use the Internet and its power to build the reliable and strong source of income we have to build, to complete the first phase.

Making money online and through the power of the Internet, is almost the best option that is accessible to the entrepreneurs who are serious about becoming rich and financially free.

There are so many other ways to make money.

But making money online is the best option.

The reason is that, it is easy and cheap to start.

Above all, if you know how to do it properly, it can make a lot more money compared to the other ways.

Please read this article to the end to know why online business opportunities are currently the best, and why it has become much easier to make money online nowadays.

Now, before you read the rest of this article, I suggest you to read my wealth building strategy article first, to become familiar with our strategy more.

I am sure you will admit that our strategy works, because it is very easy to understand, and it is clear and straight-forward.

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Here is the article: A Wealth Building Strategy to Create Wealth from Nothing

Why Making Money Online Is a Good Choice?

As I explained above, to build your wealth, you have to have a reliable and strong source of income.

You need a source of income.

There are so many ways to generate a good source of income.

You can start a business that makes a lot of money.

But there are some problems to do that.

First, if you don’t know how to start a business, take it off the ground and make money with it, then there is a very high probability that your business fails and gets bankrupt.

Starting a business is not that easy.

That is why over 90% of the small businesses, can’t survive even until the second year.

If you’ve never started a business, and so, you don’t know how to do it, you can follow a proven business model that has a higher success rate.

But there are some other problems here too:

  1. You have to have a lot of money to start such a business. For example, you have to be a millionaire already if you want to start a McDonald’s outlet (read this).
  2. Although a business like McDonald’s has a much higher chance to succeed and make profit, it can’t make you rich. The income of a McDonald’s outlet is limited and can’t go above a special level.
  3. It is a lot of work to start, maintain and manage a business like McDonald’s. It is somehow a 24 hours a day 7 days a week work. Although it is your own business and you will be your own boss, you will be the slave of your business in reality.

Therefore, following a proven business model like McDonald’s, guarantees your success, and, is a lot better than following your own business model which has never been tried.

But, having a business like McDonald’s is not everybody’s cup of tea, as I explained above.

So, here is why making money online, through an online business, is a much better choice:

1. It Is Much Easier to Start an Online Business

Making money online through an online business, is much easier than starting a business like McDonald’s.

There are so many online businesses that you can make money with, while they don’t even need you to have a website.

Fortunately, making money online has become much easier in the past a few years.

The automation power of the Internet is the main reason.

It has become possible, even for the retirees, to make money online through some of the online business systems, without having any experience at all in starting and promoting these kinds of businesses.

Whereas, you had to be a good web developer, online marketer, blogger or writer, when you wanted to make money online in the past.

Not anymore.

Although having those abilities and skills (web developing, online marketing, blogging, writing…) is a huge help to boost your online business success, there are some online business opportunities that you can make money with, while they don’t need you to have any of those skills.

That is because of the social sharing and automation power of the Internet which is becoming stronger and better every day.

Therefore, making money online is not a complicated mystery anymore, and it is not for the computer and Internet gurus only.

2. It Is Much Cheaper to Start an Online Business That Makes Money

Starting a business, can be too expensive for most entrepreneurs.

But compared to starting a business like McDonald’s, starting an online business, is almost free.

I am not saying it is 100% free.

But it is almost free compared to the other businesses.

For example, you can start a blog that makes money.

It is less than $100 per year to run a blog.

It is so cheap compared to running a business like McDonald’s that needs over a million dollars to start.

However, a blog doesn’t make money right when you start it.

You have to work on it to take it off the ground.

It is not that easy.

In spite of this, some bloggers make millions of dollars through their blogs.

(A McDonald’s outlet also doesn’t make profit right after it is launched. I have talked to many of them. Even after several years of working, they lose money in some of the months sometimes. However, just because they follow a proven and strong business model and they are supported by the company, many of them make a reasonable profit that encourages them to keep the business for the next year, and, some of them are lucky enough to make over $500,000 profit per year which is not bad. But it is a lot of work.)

Starting a blog was just an example to tell you that making money online can be started almost from nothing ($100 per year.)

If you have some good writing abilities, and you are an enthusiastic writer, you can run a blog and make money through it.

But if you don’t have such abilities, running a blog can’t make you any money.

– The Internet Automation Capacity Is Great

You don’t have to be a blogger to make money online.

You can still start an online business that makes a lot of money.

Thanks to the power of the Internet and its sharing and automation capacities, you can make money online without having a website or blog.

It is not free to use the proven online business models and systems that have a much higher success rate.

It is like running a McDonald’s outlet that cannot be done for free, and you have to pay a lot of money in advance and a lot of money to maintain the business.

However, compared to running a business like McDonald’s, starting an online business through following a proven online business model, is much much cheaper that I call it “almost free”.

Therefore, making money online by following the proven business models, is much easier than making money through your own online business or the businesses like McDonald’s.

The good thing is that you don’t have to have a website or blog or any special skills, when you want to make money through these successful online business models.

3. An Online Business Can Make a Lot More Money

Making money through an online business, can be unlimited.

I mean, you can dramatically increase your online business income. But this is not possible with the other businesses.

For example, your blog traffic can go higher and higher all the time if you keep working on it.

But the income of a restaurant with 12 tables, can never go beyond a special limit.

About eight new Internet users, start using the Internet every second.

It means 691,200 new Internet users, start using the Internet every day.

Many of them can find your online business in the first searches they do on Google.

Many of them start using the Internet just because they hear that they can make money through the Internet and have an online business.

This means more visitors, customers and clients every day.

There are also so many who are not new to the Internet, but become interested in your online business for some reason.

For example, some people decide to start an online business today while they are already familiar with the Internet.

Chances are, they find you and become your clients.

But, can the traffic of the street where a restaurant or a McDonald’s outlet is placed, be increased every second or day?

I don’t think so.

– Scalability Is the Key

Online businesses, if established based on a proper online business model, are strongly scalable.

It means you can increase their income to any level that you want.

That is why making money online through these kinds of online businesses, is so profitable.

There is no limit for an online business.

You can work harder and increase your blog traffic as much as you want.

You can spend more time and money on your online business and make more profit.

The more you invest in your online business, the more money it makes (no need to emphasize again that this is possible only when your online business is established based on a proven and strong online business model.)

4. An Online Business Is Much Easier to Manage and Maintain

You can make millions of dollars just through your laptop that you can take anywhere you go.

You are location free when you have an online business.

Your online business can make a lot of money, so that you will become financially free too.

Also, as it is your own business and you are your own boss, you can work whenever you want.

Therefore, you have time freedom as well.

Back to the McDonald’s example, although it can make a reasonable amount of profit, you are chained to this business.

You can’t leave your business alone.

You have to supervise and manage all the time.

Hiring a manager can be a solution.

But finding a manager whom you can trust, is a big deal.

That’s why I said you will be the slave of your own business.

We had no option but starting such kinds of businesses, if the Internet wasn’t there.

But we are lucky that we can start a much more profitable business through the Internet, instead of going for the businesses like McDonald’s.

Above all, with the proper and proven business models that are now accessible to anybody, making money online has become much easier than what it was used to be.

So, start making money online through running an online business, as soon as possible 🙂

Start Your Online Business

Having a reliable and strong source of income is the first stage of following our wealth building strategy.

You have to start with generating a reliable and strong source of income, if you want to become wealthy and financially free.

As I mentioned above, there are so many options to establish the source of income that you have to have.

However, an online business is the best option ever.

As long as you can make a lot of money through an online business which is much easier to start and manage, it doesn’t make sense to go for the other businesses that are much harder to start, manage and promote.

I am sure you agree with this now that you have read this article down to here.

Different Options to Start Making Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online.

However, many of them are not that easy.

They need you to have some experiences and skills.

– Blogging

As I already mentioned above, blogging is an important and popular option to make money online.

However, you have to be a writer to become able to make a reasonable amount of money through blogging.

You have to be able to write about a special and popular topic (niche), otherwise blogging can’t make any money for you.

– Affiliate Marketing

Promoting and selling the others’ products and services as an affiliate, is another popular way to make money online.

However, this way is not a piece of cake as well, because you have to be a good online marketer to make money through this way.

– Online Currency and Stock Trading

Trading currencies and stocks online, seem much easier and profitable at the beginning, because they don’t need you to sell something or recruit.

But they are completely different in reality:

  1. You have to spend lots of time to master the trading techniques.
  2. They are risky and there are so many who have lost their shirts in currency and stock markets.

Currency and stock markets, are good opportunities for the rich to increase their wealth and become richer (read this.)

But they are not good options for those who are looking to create an steady stream of income.

Retail brokers encourage people to open small live accounts to trade the currencies and stocks with them.

They make people think that they can get rich, or at least make a living through trading the currencies and stocks with a small live account.

But I have never seen a consistently profitable retail trader who makes a living with currency or stock trading and through a small live account.

Making money online through trading the currencies and stocks, looks very easy at the beginning, but it is very heard in reality.

In one of my articles (here), I have explained in details how you can increase your capital through investing in currency, stock and real estate markets at the same time.

– Other Online Business Opportunities

There are so many other online business opportunities.

But almost all of them, have the same common problem: They all need you to be expert in something.

For example, you can make millions of dollars through selling photos online.

But the problem is that you have to be an experienced digital photographer to do that.

If you are such a photographer really, then let me know to tell you how to sell your photos online and make a lot of money.

Or, you can make money as an eBayer.

I mean you can sell things on eBay.

There are some people who make a living through eBay.

But that is not a piece of cake as well.

There are so many complications in making money online through eBay.

It is the same with Amazon and the similar websites.

Working for Amazon and making a 6% commission, is like being a slave.

You have to work so hard to drive a lot of traffic to Amazon products to generate sales, and they only pay you a 6% commission.

It is not only that.

You will have no share from the future purchases of the customer that you have initially referred to Amazon.

It means they somehow steal your referrals.

So… What Is the Solution?

You have to create a reliable and strong income if you want to follow our wealth building strategy.

I explained above that starting your own business is not a good option, because it will have a very low success rate, even if you have the startup money, and you have the money to survive while your business hasn’t started to make any profit yet.

Also, I explained that following the proven and successful business models, like buying the McDonald’s franchise, is a good idea, but it needs a lot of money both to start and promote.

It is the same with all the other franchises like Starbucks.

Making money online is the best option according to my experiences and what I explained and clarified above.

But how can you start making money online?

1. First, Be Ambitious and Set a Big Goal

If you really want to make money on your own, and you are tired of working for others and making them rich, and you are tired of having no financial freedom in your life, then I have an important suggestion for you: Be Ambitious and Set a Big Goal

If you want to start making money online, start focusing on becoming a multi-millionaire now.

Choosing a small goal means you are not serious and enthusiastic enough. And that means you won’t succeed.

If you choose a big goal, it is possible that you never reach it.

But it would be great even if you can achieve half of it.

For example, if your goal is becoming a multi-millionaire and you work hard toward achieving it, it is possible that you can never make it.

But working hard toward achieving such a big goal, will have so many other good things for you.

Maybe you won’t become a multi-millionaire.

But you will have a much better financial situation at least.

However, if you set a small and cheap goal, chances are you can’t even make your financial situation better.

For example, if you say making some extra money is all you want, then I am afraid you can never make any money online at all, let alone making some extra money, making a living through your online business, and becoming a millionaire.

Those who set a big goal and consistently work hard toward achieving it, will make it finally.

So, be ambitious and work hard.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” — Les Brown.

2. Start Working with a Proven Online Business System

As I explained above, there are so many things you can do to start making money online.

However, most of them are not that easy to make money with.

Fortunately, there are some strong and reliable online business opportunities that are much easier to work and make money with.

They use the networking, sharing and automating power of the Internet, to make it so easy to earn money online.

Another good thing with these systems is that you don’t have to have any experience in working online and having an online business.

That’s why there are so many retirees who are making 6 figures with these systems.

We did our best to choose the best one for our followers, to help them create the reliable and strong source of income they need to have, to complete the first phase of our wealth building strategy.

It is a while that we are referring our followers to this system and the result has been really good so far.

I strongly suggest you to join this system as soon as possible.

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3. Boost Your Online Business Success

Although the online business that I introduced above, don’t need you to know anything about blogging, online marketing and things like that, still you can boost your success if you run a blog and communicate with people through it.

I know many of you are saying that you are not writers, and so you can’t blog.

But none of the famous bloggers who make millions of dollars through blogging, have been good and famous bloggers, the first day they started blogging.

In one of my articles, I’ve explained why you need to have a blog, no matter what kind of business you have.

Even if you are a dentist, I recommend you to have a blog.

It can dramatically boost your success.

Please refer to the below articles if you are eager to know more about blogging:

  1. Become a Blogger and Start Blogging Now… No Matter What You Are
  2. What to Blog About As a New Blogger

We Support You to Make Your Dreams Come True

The good news is that here at LuckScout.com, we help you start your blog for free.

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This means that making money online, will become much more easier and faster for you.

We are serious to create a community of successful millionaires on this site.

You can be one of the proud members of our millionaires club who makes millions of dollars online.

It is up to you.

Making money online has never been easier.

Do your best to make the most of it.

4. A Fully Automated Online Business

I know you’re wondering how you can make money with the online business I am talking about, even when you have no experience at all.

You can work to boost your income.

But in case you have no experience to work, the system is able to do most part of the work automatically.

There is also a big team of experts who maintain the system and take care of everything.

Just imagine that you could run a fully automated McDonald’s outlet that would take care of everything, from cooking to handling the orders, delivering the foods and…

Maybe this will become possible in the near future.

If so, you don’t even have to manage your McDonald’s outlet.

You just set it up and let it work.

Just a remote supervision will be enough.

The online business I am talking about is like that.

You have to participate and set it up while our team supports you to do that.

Then you can set it and leave it to work and make money on autopilot.

This has become possible because of the Internet.

You just need to hire this system to make money for you.