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Many of the Markets Are About to Trend

In my yesterdays article, I talked about a great tool to follow the trends. Make sure to read it one more time and follow the trade setups I have marked on the chart I have posted in the article: The Safest Way to Use Stochastic Oscillator

Many of the markets have been moving sideways in a very tight range for such a long time. However, after the United States election, it seems that money has started flooding towards the United States. Although this movement has not been enough yet to make the markets get out of the range and start trending, we are still at the beginning and it is strongly possible that some of the markets start trending and keep on doing it for such a long time.

Therefore, the first thing you have to consider is to be careful not to go against the trends that are on the way, because nobody knows when the markets will breakout and get out of the range. Having a wrong position can easily wipe out your account overnight, or can make you get marry with a losing position for several months or even years.

The other thing you have to be careful about is waiting for the trends to get started and then taking the advantage of them as much as possible.

You can learn the trend following systems and tools now to get ready for the big movements and trends. One of the best one is what I taught you yesterday.

In addition to the stocks that I have already talked about them in details (see this category), many of the currencies can start trending against the other currencies very soon.

USD/CHF is one of the currency pairs which is so likely to start trending. It has been moving sideways on the daily, weekly and monthly time frames for such a long time, and it is strongly possible that it starts and uptrend sooner than later.

However, you can’t enter this market now just because it is strongly possible that it forms an uptrend. You have to wait for a strong long trade setup to do that.

USD/CHF Daily Chart

EUR/USD market has been strongly bearish, but it has been busy forming a consolidation on the weekly and monthly charts. It is possible that it breaks below the consolidation support line and continues the downtrend:

EUR/USD Weekly Chart

CAD/CHF has been moving sideways as well, but it is strongly possible that it forms an uptrend because Canada’s economy is highly dependent on US economy and when US economy improves, Canada’s economy does the same.

CAD/CHF Weekly Chart

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6 thoughts on “Many of the Markets Are About to Trend
  1. N A N A says:

    Thank you for your great analysis.

  2. Ben Aqiba Ben Aqiba says:

    Hey Chris,

    thanks for this great article .

  3. great over view, thank you

  4. It does appear to be a calm before a storm. The stochastic will save many from disaster and put many on the right track. Timely information thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for the explanation! I have only recently started studying your techniques with bollinger band breakouts and find it fascinating. I think with some hard work and your advice, I have a better chance becoming a successful trader. My question in regards to this article (and your bollinger band breakout techniques in general) is does this only apply to Forex or to the stock market as well? Do you also see the US stock/equity market heading for a trend? And can the trading system you have on your website be used to trade stocks as well as Forex?

    I already feel lucky just having found this website!

    • LuckScout LuckScout says:

      Hi Alix,

      Thank you for your comment and welcome to our family 🙂

      The answer is yes. Indeed, the stock market is the leading indicator of the currency market most of the time. If you check our investment category, you will find several recently published articles about the stocks that are going to move up:

      Yes, the same trading system can be applied to any liquid market.

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