The term MDES stands for Mississippi Department of Employment Security. As their vision statement says, the main motto of this organization is to get a job for Mississippians. This is a particularly important step given the slow economic growth in Mississippi. In fact, according to some independent studies, the state has also been declared as one of the worst states for working given the employment condition, economic growth and lack of triggers to spur employment.

In this context, the MDES has become a beacon of hope providing a sustained source of employment for many looking for avenues of employment. The MDES was set up in the background of the great depression that hit the United States and its terrible aftermath that continued past this phase.

As the United States Government worked overtime to minimize the burden of unemployment, the MDES was created to bring about a perceptible difference in the employment history and redeem the unemployment condition in the state. It does not just connect potential employees to job sources but also create a platform for them to address their employment related grievances and potential issues that they might be facing.

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About MDES or Mississippi Department of Employment Security or MDES

If you log on to the MDES website, it proudly claims that the Mississippi Department of Employment Security is that portal which connects and enables potential employees to identify job opportunities. They also act as a meeting platform where interested parties get together and look at creating a sustainable and meaningful alliance.

As their website claims they are committed to ‘helping Mississippians get jobs.’ In fact, the MDES has been instrumental in creating a network that facilitates easy job search and quick job offerings. They facilitate this job search via the Win Job Centers. This job center works like a regular employee exchange where prospective employers and potential employees list their offerings and look for matches.

But the WIN Job Centre run by MDES is not a mere matchmaking center for jobs. This is also a training center for many interested candidates who are looking to sharpen their skills and enhance their competence levels. They help make these potential employees a lot better trained and improve the prospect of their getting jobs.

That apart, the MDES also undertakes several administration jobs and legal proceedings for employees across Mississippi. The unemployment benefit program, which was an outcome of the post-depression phase in the United States, is also handled by the MDES in this state. They are ones who monitor and provide means of sustenance and payment to many who might have lost their jobs as a result of economic issues.

The temporary compensation that the MDES provides makes a huge difference to those who might have lost their jobs. It addresses their financial liabilities in the meanwhile and provides temporary relief while they look for other jobs. This help often becomes extremely important in encouraging them to look for options and not get hassled about their day to day needs. In many ways, this is also that primary catalyst that can help them more committed in their job search.

This is a rather important fact as when an individual loses a job, they are more prone to get into a depressive phase. The whole thought of addressing the day to day necessities is so severe that they are not able to concentrate and look for decent alternative employment properly. They worry about all the bills that need to be paid and in the bargain, often end up losing their cool and poise.

This is exactly where the MDES makes all the difference by administering the unemployment benefit program effectively. It is created with the sole aim of bringing about a constructive development in the state’s employment situation.

History of MDES

History of MDES

So the question is then how did the MDES come into being. You have to effectively trace the history to the great depression in the United States around the 1930s. It was around this phase that the individual Mayors of different cities in the state were also looking at ways to create employment opportunities for their citizens.

The need to create industries and avenues of employment on a sustained basis was recognized. The job situation worsened to the extent that by 1933, industrial jobs slipped to 28,000 from 52,000 in 1929. This phase saw a severe dip in bank deposits too, in the state. It falls from over $101 million to below $50 million in the same period. Sales slipped to $140 million from over $400 million, and nearly 2000 shops shut down. The average annual income even at that time was one of the worst in the country. But it slipped even further to below $200 from $283.

In short, the situation in Mississippi was rather grim, and the desperation and struggle of the citizens made the state re-evaluate the mettle of its economic policies. They increasingly realized the growing need for sustainable income sources. Mere doles and aids could not help over the longer-term. As a result, the government of Mississippi decided to put forth an action plan in place.

The purpose of this action plan was to undertake a decidedly strong policy move aimed at better and more constructive allocation of resources. This was created with the aim of creating a far better and sustainable source of permanent employment opportunities for the people. In many ways, this became the cradle in which the concept behind the MDES was conceived.

In this context, it is perhaps needless to mention that by 1950s, as the economy gradually showed signs of improvement, it was also possible to bring forth a lot more dependable option to get out of this quagmire. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security began to produce a meaningful result by bringing together those who need employment and those who could offer employment.

As the MDES Executive Director specifies, they are committed to improving the workforce of Mississippi. After all, constructive efforts are seen necessary to extract the state from the dubious distinction of being one of the worst workplaces in the entire United States.

Unemployment Condition

Unemployment Condition

But before we move any further into details of the various features and the sub-sections of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, it is very important to have a realistic viewpoint about the overall employment situation. This also will give you a fair idea about the need of MDES to address the possible unemployment related concerns.

The good news is that unemployment rate in Mississippi has slipped to record levels since the US Labor Department started publishing these details on a state-wise level.

In fact, the unemployment rate in Mississippi now is far less than what it was a decade back. In fact, there has been a sustained improvement in the generation of new jobs and the labor situation in the area. In fact, even if you compared the figures with as early as the late 1990s, there has been a sharp fall in the rate of unemployed individuals. This has been the result of both new job generation along with a proper and a fairly more sustainable distribution of existing resources. It is needless to mention that the role of the MDES in this growth and sustenance of employment opportunities cannot be denied in any manner whatsoever.

A detailed study of the various statistics parameters indicates how the challenges of working and running a business in Mississippi are reducing. In fact, according to the most recent spate of statistics from the MDES website indicates that 2018 is set to pose even more conducive conditions for a constructive and comprehensive improvement in the job situation. It is also expected to significantly bring Mississippi’s ratings far above the current abysmal standards and offer relatively more encouraging working condition in the overall line-up of offerings.

It is needless to explain the constructive role played by the MDES has gone a long way in pushing up the relative employment conditions. Businesses too are taking the cue from these numbers to further push up the overall trend in terms of opening new employment avenues across the state.

How Can MDES Help Mississippians Get Better Jobs?

How Can MDES Help Mississippians Get Better Jobs?

So the key point that everyone wants to understand is what the primary offerings from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security are. Well, the MDES website serves many purposes to help you get comprehensive exposure in your overall job search. The series of opportunities include

  1. Looking for appropriate job opportunities through the postings
  2. Post resumes to make sure that potential employers can review them
  3. Undertake detailed job search across the state
  4. Provides job hunting tips to interested candidates. This not only helps candidates identify more opportunities but also makes their job search more effective
  5. Look for the nearest WIN Job Centers. This is particularly relevant for those who are not comfortable looking for jobs online.

Apart from these, Mississippians can also use the MDES website to get the unemployment benefit in a far more seamless manner. But for those who are not well versed with the online versions, they can also visit the nearest WIN Job Centers or contact them over the phone to find solutions for their employment-related issues. These employees or potential job seekers also get an opportunity to use the various training programmed that MDES facilitates.

Several legal formalities can also be addressed using the MDES offerings. Individuals can easily attain programs on Work Opportunity Tax Credit and other special issues to ease out the workplace challenges and expand the scope of options for them.

Even for employers, MDES offers a huge treasure trove of opportunities. They can provide

  1. Job listings online
  2. Register businesses using the WIN Job centers
  3. Get access to detailed and complicated labor market information
  4. Updated and latest employment trends along with unemployment rates
  5. Expand possible workforce line-up when they need to expand the business.
  6. Manage Unemployment insurance tax accounts

Overall, many employers use the MDES also as a possible platform to access different types of labor market details that can be useful for expanding their businesses. The key employment related statistics also provides a key source of alternative details that can signal the current trend across Mississippi.

This is particularly useful for those businesses that are looking at either shifting business to the state or moving it out of the state.

Details like the basic salary averages of various industries and various types of computer patterns can easily help an entrepreneur understand the latent challenges that they might have to face.

The Various Features of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security

The Various Features of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security

A close study of the MDES website indicates that their services are divided into four broad categories.

Need A Job: This is predominantly for employees or individuals looking for jobs actively. Apart from a basic ‘find a job’ tab, the offerings are grouped under various sub-tabs to make navigation a lot simpler. Moreover, there is a special category dedicated only for veterans. This is a rather relevant and important sub-tab given the number of veterans rendered jobless in the current scenario

The job search resources in the MDES website is a special feature that makes it possible for individuals to find out information about a specialized segment or knowledge on the key parameters that decide the job search features of any area.

There are also details about

  1. Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act
  2. Vocational Rehabilitation
  3. Specialized services for those who have disability
  4. Link to job sites in other states to tide over unemployment
  5. Federal benefit programs
  6. Tips to enhance job search
  7. WIN Centre locators

– Employers:


The scope of options is equally vast for employers. Apart from getting a platform to post vacancies when they want to induct additional workforce, they can also use this website to address different legal formalities that they might have a problem with. From filing or reporting unemployment tax to Tax credits, UIs and appeals the range of offerings are created with the aim to ease out the possible challenges that an employer faces while running a business in a constructive fashion.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security website also provides the option to report separation or refusal to work. This is rather relevant as the MDES often acts as a mediator and follows up on appeals on behalf of employees in many cases.

Employers also can file e-responses on the website and report the new hiring that they undertake. This can offer a fair amount of idea to both job seekers and new businesses about the employment trends and the possibilities that they can get access to when they apply for jobs in Mississippi. Moreover, this type of reporting also enables employers to keep an evidence based track record of their hiring in a larger public forum.

– Information Centre:

Information Centre

This is generally more of a bulletin board on the Mississippi Department of Employment Security website. Apart from offering specific information about MDES, it also provides generic but important Labor market information. Not only are these statistics important to form an idea about the job growth in the state, but they can also signal the key trends to watch out for in Mississippi.

This sub-tab on the MDES website also provides users with details about fraud and integrity as well as eligible trainer provider list. The local workforce investment areas is also another fundamental opportunity and a potentially important signal of the current business and employment trends in the state. Apart from that, they also have a dedicated information center. It is needless to mention that this surely improves the overall user experience and provide a wide range of information to users rather easily.

– Unemployment Claims:

Unemployment Claims

This is by far one of the most important offerings from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security. The MDES website is perhaps most accessed often to find redressal or file new claims under this head. Apart from giving a wide list and description of unemployment benefit services that they offer, the MDES site also files a weekly certification. Individuals can easily give you claims information and help you follow up on appeals. Often this becomes the one-stop shop for those seeking unemployment claims benefit or looking to file for the same. The easy user interface always helps in garnering a more positive response from users.

That apart, the MDES website also provides detailed information about these benefits and aids programs to make individuals and potential job seekers aware of the available opportunities in this area. This increased awareness can often lead to a more constructive employment track record and helps candidates cope with job losses better.

How to File the Unemployment Claims Using MDES Site?

How to File the Unemployment Claims Using MDES Site?

For many Mississippians, filing for unemployment claims almost always is a primary reason they connect with the MDES. They can easily file a claim to get the numerous unemployment benefits that the State or the Federal Government provides for those who have lost their jobs.

The primary purpose of this employment security platform is to help people cope with their state of unemployment a lot more positively. There is no reason why one needs to be afraid or intimidated by the entire set of proceedings. The user-friendly services and the wide network of employers make the MDES website the best destination to quickly look for alternative job opportunities and get access to a better scope to fuel professional growth.

Representatives of the MDES will guide individuals in step by step process to file for their claims and help them navigate through the different sub-parts for a more constructive service module.

Of course, the first step in the entire process includes registering for the online MDES service site. The user interface is also extremely uncomplicated to enhance the acceptability and ease of use across age groups.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

Trade Adjustment Assistance

This is another unique set of regulations that the MDES easily brings forth to Mississippians through the active information dissemination on its website. After all, safeguarding employee interest is one of the key foundation pillars that this organization is based on.

We all know that we now live in a global village. Economic conditions and trade facilities of countries across the globe are inter-linked. As a result of this, often the economic developments in one part of the world could lead to rather unwelcome disturbances in other parts of the world.

The sub-prime crisis and its global ramifications are perhaps one of the best examples of this. What started off as an unraveling of the over-leveraged housing loans in the United States resulted into slowdown across the world. Apart from countries still suffering from the slowdown that was triggered then, there are countries that came to the verge of bankruptcy as a result of the downward spiral in the economy that was thus triggered.

Therefore it is not uncommon to sometimes losing jobs as a result of foreign competition and challenges posed by the international market. So how can the employee’s interest be safeguarded in this situation? Well at least for the Mississippians, the solution is rather simple. They would have to just address their problem to the MDES.

The MDES website details out a list of conditions that can be used to decide whether one qualifies for trade adjustment assistance. In fact, this is a US Federal Government initiative that the MDES helps in spreading awareness about. This essentially helps individuals who have lost their employment due to foreign trade to gain additional skills. These kinds of training and skill sets enable them to further their efficiency and get the support that they need to find future employment.

According to the MDES website, this benefit is available to a select set of employees. It depends on the kind of business or enterprise they were associated with. Most importantly the condition under which they were working when they were sacked becomes the prime determinant

  1. The employee who was laid off must be associated with a business that falls under the US Labor Department’s Trade Petition.
  2. If the laid off employees are still within the limits of their individual deadline in above-mentioned companies, then they qualify.

It is needless to mention that the MDES along with the US Labor Department works together to decide the list of employees who fall under this category.

As part of this benefit, they get a series of advantages. Apart from the mandatory training that they undergo to re-skill, the MDES also provides

  1. A trade readjustment allowance
  2. Wage assistance for those employees who are over 50
  3. Allowance for relocation, if that is a necessity
  4. Allowance for job search
  5. They also get an allowance for the gas consumption in travel involved for this training. This is calculated as per the Federal mileage per hour.

Normally when an employee is laid off by the company as a result of foreign trade, a petition has to be filed within a year of being laid off. This is normally applied by a Department of Labor representative or a company representative. Member of the MDES or labor union official can also qualify to file this petition. The US Department normally has the last word in these proceedings. After thorough investigation, if they are convinced, they provide the individual with the aforementioned trade assistance and all the related perks.

Special Provision for Seniors

Special Provision for Seniors

Another striking feature of the MDES is the senior employment program that they have. This has been created especially for the benefit of those employees who might be above the age of 55 and are unemployed Mississippians. Through this program, the MDES seeks to provide better employment terms and condition for the senior employees in the staff. This is particularly useful because given their age; they might be at a disadvantage in terms of gaining new skills or undergoing fresh rounds of training in any special area of excellence.

The MDES has created a subsidized program to create part-time employment opportunities for the seniors. It provides work experience in a number of community-based services and helps them master some permanent skills. These will help them in enhancing their current skills and also be at par with the strength of the current workforce which is a decidedly younger than them.

In many ways, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security helps provide a level playing field for senior Mississippians. It is needless to mention that this works very effectively to improve the quality of the workforce in the state.

MDES Is a Unique Employment Friendly Platform

Therefore MDES is a unique employment friendly platform that helps empower individuals in Mississippi. It also plays an important role to encourage businesses to expand operations in the state and thereby, generate more new jobs in the state every year.

Mississippi today is struggling near the bottom of the ladder in terms of job opportunities and working condition in different US States. Perhaps the record low jobless rate is the first signal of the meaningful initiative undertaken by Mississippi Department of Employment Security or MDES.