Mechanical Trading Systems

Mechanical trading systems are the ones that need no or a very superficial interpretation and analysis. The trade setups of the mechanical trading systems are either white or black. There is no gray.

Mechanical Trading SystemsOn this website, we introduced some mechanical trading systems. One of them was the Double Bollinger Bands that I don’t like that much because it is too mechanical and it seems it has a low success rate: Double Bollinger Bands Strategy To Trade Forex

In one of the other articles, I explained how to increase the Double Bollinger Bands success rate which can help you to have a better performance with this system: How to Increase Double Bollinger Bands Trading System Success Rate

I don’t personally follow that system. But I am interested in some other mechanical trading systems that are mechanical too, but are still strong and based on the scientific factors. Above all, they are not too mechanical and so they don’t look stupid.

One of these systems is the Support/Resistance breakout which is confirmed by the Stochastic Oscillator indicator: Stochastic Oscillator: A Mechanical Indicator for Forex Trading

I have recently talked about this system a lot. You can refer to the archive and read my most recent articles on this topic and see the examples and charts.

That is the system that I like a lot and I follow, because although it is mechanical, it is technical and analytical as well and is based on the markets important parameters. It is a scientific system. I mean it makes sense from a scientific point of view.

Above all, it has a high success rate if followed properly. That is related to the non-mechanical part of this system. I mean although this system is a mechanical, it has an analytical part which is choosing the right support/resistance level and distinguishing the validity of the breakout.

That is one of the systems we follow at LuckScout Millionaires Club a lot for the purpose of making the members more experienced with it.

There is another system which is being taught and followed at LuckScout Millionaires Club. That is a simplified system which is good for the traders who are not expert enough yet with the candlestick signals and patterns.

It is a mechanical/technical/analytical system. I mean it is like the Stochastic Oscillator system which is mechanical but has some analytical aspects as well.

The other good thing with this system is that it generates more trade setups which is good for the novice traders who are not patient enough yet. Although we use this system to trade the daily, weekly and monthly time frames, still it generates relatively more trade setups compared to the other trading systems we follow.

I personally don’t follow this system, because I am happy with the trading systems that I am used to follow. However, it is a good trading system and it works.

Unlike the Double Bollinger Bands and Stochastic Oscillator systems, I haven’t talked about this trading system on the public area of this site because as I said I don’t follow this system personally. This system was invented by Kamel and he introduced it to the LuckScout Millionaires Club members. He hasn’t published any articles about this system on the public area of the site.

In addition to these treading system, we follow the technical analysis and our routine candlestick + Bollinger Bands system.

This short post was about the trading systems that we follow at the LuckScout Millionaires Club. It was an answer to those who ask about this very frequently.

You can join the club now and learn about the trading systems we follow there, as well as so many other opportunities we introduce. Above all, you can take the advantage of the very exceptional program that we are going to launch soon.

Good luck 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    it is nice to read your new articles every day.
    Does tKamel still trading in the way explained in his articles, or he is using new one, mechanical system mention in this article,or both?

    I read somewhere that he is your best student. I must say that you have similar writing style.


  2. Hey it’s me again haha

    i understand now, you trading through bank right.? that’s why you said you use resistance and support breakout to locate trends. but for us who use MT4 as trading platform we only has small setup chance. since S/R breakout and trending market is rarely happen. i just wanna make sure i follow my teacher correctly 😀 so according to you the best for us who use MT4 trading platform is :
    1. BB and Candlestick
    2. Resistance and support breakout
    3. Continuation signal for following trend in case we miss the breakout
    4. kamel DBB (it’s number 4 since you don’t follow this personally)
    5. “the one that kamel introduced in Millionaires club” (you don’t follow this too)

    is this right.? Many thanks 😀

    1. Megusta,

      The only thing I am against, is day trading through the shorter time frames. That is the only thing you shouldn’t do. The rest, including the systems, don’t make any difference whether you trade through a bank or MT4.

  3. Gratitude:

    Hi. The first trade I entered on demo following your BB1/BB2 method worked out beautifully. I read many of your articles and you really make trading a lot simpler. Thank you very much.

  4. I hope LuckScout is not going to give out any more complete trading systems for free because anything worthwhile should not be free anyway – it cheapens the effort that went into creating it, unless it is something freely received in the first place. I know you could be very altruistic and think it is rather small-minded to think that way, so let me give you something to think about: Do you think people who behave badly should be rewarded with the one thing they want most: profitable strategies? And it is absolutely impossible to tell who is worthy, not by what they say in their comments, or how often they post.

    This site has already provided enough background information for anyone to get started and build their own systems/strategies if they want to. It makes sense to reveal the really great stuff only to people who had paid to be a club member and only after the trial period (a good way to demonstrate their worthiness.)

    Just something for you to think about. But whatever you want to do is fine with me.

    Please remove this comment because obviously it is not for the public and people will think I’m crazy. I won’t be offended when it is removed and I won’t even know it since I don’t subscribe to the comments because I’d rather not be inundated with email notifications. I should also mention that I’m currently having computer hardware problems and therefore can only go online sporadically.

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