MinePi Invitation Code: vahidc

If you are looking for a MinePi invitation code to start mining Pi, here it is: vahidc

But if you like to know what Pi is and why you should mine it on your phone, then spend a few minutes and read the words below.

As a cryptocurrency, Pi is becoming more and more popular every day, although it is still under the beta testing period and it hasn’t become entered to the cryptocurrency market yet. But it is possible that it turns into one of the most popular and expensive cryptocurrencies, because it is backed by an innovative and strong technology that is supported by Stanford graduates. If you Click Here and install the app on your phone, you will see that there is a professional and strong team behind Pi.

It is free to MinePi on your phone. It doesn’t even use your phone battery and memory because you can close the app once you create your account and start mining Pi. You just need to run the app every 24 hours on your phone to activate the mining process. Then you can close the app again.

It is free now, but it won’t remain free forever. Soon, when the number of users (Pi miners) reaches 10-100 million, the Pi mining rate becomes half or even zero. That will be the time that those who have already mined Pi can start the transactions and receiving money through the transaction fees, buying things by paying Pi, or selling Pi coins in the market.

Therefore, you have to rush and start mining Pi as soon as possible, otherwise you will become regretful, the way those who ignored Bitcoin in 2009 are regretful now. I have already mined about 10,000 Pi coins so far 🙂

So, if you know what Pi is and you are just looking for a MinePi invitation code to start mining Pi, you can use my invitation code: vahidc

If you haven’t installed the MinePi app on your phone yet, then you can click on this link on your phone device and do it now: https://minepi.com/vahidc

  • You can MinePi only on your smart phone. You cannot do it on your desk computer or laptop.
  • Each individual person can have only one account.
  • You need to verify your phone number through the app.
  • Once you create your account and activate the Pi mining process, you are done and you will start collecting Pi in your account.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and you don’t know what Pi is and why I say, “if you don’t start mining Pi, you will be regretful”, and also if you want to know why you should have a MinePi invitation code (that I have already given you: vahidc) to start mining Pi, then please make sure to read the articles below, carefully:

Mine Pi Invitation Code

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