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More Examples of the MACD Histogram System

MACD Histogram system that was introduced a few days ago, is a strong and reliable system. Although it rarely forms a trade setup on the longer time frames like weekly and monthly, the trade setups it forms are strongly profitable and can make thousands of pips. Make sure to read the related post carefully to learn how this system works: A Simple Forex Trading Strategy with MACD Histogram

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Here in this post, I am going to show you some more examples. In the future posts, I will show you the forming setups and also more examples on the currency and stock markets.

The below chart which is related to gold’s weekly chart, is one of the best examples I can show you now.

When the first candlestick (#1) closed above the resistance line, MACD bars were still closing below the zero level. However, when the next candlestick (#2) opened, the next MACD bar also opened above the zero level. That was the first chance to enter, specially because MACD bars have been forming below the zero level for such a long time (look at the yellow zone). However, those who hesitated to enter, still could enter when the other two candlesticks after the #2 candlestick formed.

GOLD Weekly Chart

As you see, this prefect and beautiful trade setup could easily show the reversal of a downtrend that has been ongoing for several years:

GOLD Weekly Chart

Another great examples is on the Silver’s weekly chart.

As you see on the below chart, it not only formed a prefect trade setup, but also it gave such a long time to enter without becoming too late, because you could enter at the open or close of any of the candlesticks on yellow ellipse. Therefore, you had several weeks to decide and take your positions:

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Silver Weekly Chart

Like gold, MACD bars have been moving below the zero level on silver’s weekly chart, for such a long time, and the trade setup was the turning point of a too long and strong downtrend:

Silver Weekly Chart


Check the daily, weekly and monthly time frames of the currency pairs and stocks that you follow, locate the trade setups and share your screenshots here. Ask your questions and leave your comments. This helps you master the trading system faster and easier.

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Chris Pottorff

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2 thoughts on “More Examples of the MACD Histogram System
  1. MEHDI says:

    hi chris
    locating the set up on weekly time frame is a safe strategy. but, setting the stop loss would be a too much. is there any suggestion to refer to shorter time frame like 4h or 1h to see any forming setups? what is the solution to take less stop loss

  2. Niki Nanaimo Niki Nanaimo says:

    This is so much fun!
    USDJPY, 2017.06.02, Daily candle breakout:
    Sell between 110.50-110.30 | SL=112.20 | TP=108.50
    Thank you Chris! I’m very excited to hear your opinion!

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