If you are on the lookout for the most profitable business, you have to remember one thing:

Profitability has a direct correlation with the approach that you have towards a business.

It is seen that some of the most profitable businesses turn out to be profitable.

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The reason is in the manner in which you operate it, and the various ways that you can value add to a concept.

Innovation and improvisation play a significant role in creating the most profitable businesses.

It helps in converting even an ordinary business to something extraordinary.

The point, therefore, is identifying the right opportunity and making a value based concept profitable and worthwhile.

Now the question is, do we have to be innovative to have a successful and profitable business?

And, if the answer is yes, then do most people have to forget about starting a business just because not everybody is innovative enough to make a business successful and profitable?

Indeed, there is no doubt that an innovative person who is also passionate enough about his business, will be able to make his/her business so successful and profitable.

But it doesn’t mean that the others who are not innovative enough can’t do this.

There are two important things that make your business so successful: (1) passion, and (2) following the right business model.

If you are passionate enough to start a business and make it successful and profitable, and, you follow the right and proven business plan, then you will be able to become successful without any doubt.

The most profitable businesses are not profitable just because they are launched by the innovative entrepreneurs.

Many of them are launched by the ordinary people who are passionate enough to promote their business and make it successful.

Below, I am listing the most profitable businesses that you can run and make a living or even a fortune through.

But I recommend you to start an online business which is much easier and cheaper to start.

It is also scalable and so it is at the top of the most profitable businesses ever; and is so easy to manage and promote.

The reason is that it is based on a fully proven and well-developed business model: Following a Proven Business Plan Is the Success Key

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What Are the Most Profitable Businesses?

Now, if you are still looking for the most profitable businesses, I am going to list 15 of the best and most profitable ones below.

But, keep in mind that unlike the business I introduced above, almost all of the below businesses are not easy and cheap to start, and, need lots experiences and skills that most people don’t have.

  1. Designing & Marketing Mobile Apps
  2. Opting for Mobile Business
  3. Car Wash Service
  4. Auto Repair on the Move
  5. Food Truck
  6. Repairing Electronic Products
  7. Personal Trainer
  8. Teaching Fine Arts & Music
  9. Property & Accessories Rentals
  10. Create Online Courses
  11. Grooming For Business & Marketing
  12. Bookkeeping Skills
  13. Consulting
  14. Become a Wellness Consultant
  15. Virtual Assistant

1. Designing & Marketing Mobile Apps

Designing & Marketing Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are present almost in every walk of life.

Whether you are trying to book a cab, download a book or even buy your favorite dress, a mobile app will help take you a long way.

In fact, with the increased use of smartphones and improved internet penetration, mobile apps are one of the most convenient innovations today.

So if you have the necessary know-how and the skills required, this has the potential to be most profitable business opportunities.

However, you need to be careful about marketing the concept well.

There are two steps to make this one of the most profitable business to make money.

At first, you must be careful about choosing a niche that has still not been serviced or that still has some opportunities that can be monetized.

The next step is to make the app popular.

For example, Amazon offers special deals for those buying through the Amazon mobile app.

This kind of incentives encourages more and more people to use it, popularize it and therefore, help its creator make money from this entire exercise.

2. Opting for Mobile Business

Opting for Mobile Business

When the idea is all about exploring some of the most profitable businesses, mobile vans can come across as one of the most sustainable business opportunities that you could explore.

Basically, these mobile vans can comprise of anything from newspapers to food to grocery style right at your doorstep.

It is about identifying an opportunity and scaling it up as efficiently as you are able to.

The reason why it is one of the most profitable businesses that you could care to initiate is that it addresses one of the fundamental modern requirements.

It provides easy access to the product of your choice.

Most times, the cost of maintaining these mobile vans as compared to the huge lease that you have to pay every month is quite reasonable and makes far better sense to invest in mobile vans.

Moreover, based on demand, you can move from one location to another and take advantage of the better rates and business prospects that a specific opportunity would present to the mobile van opener.

Also, depending on the kind of products that generate maximum footfalls, you have the flexibility to alter the product line-up and maintain the profitability.

3. Car Wash Service

Car Wash Service

If your area does not have a genuine and a reliable car wash service center in the vicinity, this can easily turn out to be one of the most profitable businesses around.

It is a necessity, and often one is ready to pay a premium to get a proper car wash.

But often the thought of driving across the town for this simple task make you postpone it.

Now imagine how wonderful it would be if you could simply call for a mobile car wash supply and get the job done in your own garage.

Doesn’t the idea sound rather appealing to you?

Well, this is exactly why it can also be one of the most profitable businesses to take forward.

Apart from the necessity of the car wash service, you can stand to gain by the simple fact that you are mobile and available for service, irrespective of the place you stay in.

Moreover, being mobile would also mean that you can save significant cost by avoiding a physical store.

You have several online as well as offline offers that can help you with basic information about setting up the store and training a few assistants that you would be requiring.

Once you are ready to roll, you can quite easily advertise your business through a wide range of platforms to make sure you are able to reach a maximum number of target customers.

Depending on the demand, you can look at expanding your business even further.

4. Auto Repair on the Move

Auto Repair on the Move

The automobile space is actually replete with a few more business opportunities that can be significantly profitable.

Like we mentioned already, the most profitable businesses are the ones that address a specific niche.

In this context, think of the auto repair business on the move.

It again addresses a necessity that often inconveniences your daily schedule.

After all, we all know the kind of challenge takes your car to the repair shop involves.

Invariably it is either days or sometimes weeks before you can get delivery of your car.

You have to make alternative arrangements, making sure that you either rent a car or share with your spouse or friends.

It generally involves a lot more hassle and inevitably a lot more adjustments to deal with the lack of a car temporarily.

However, not all problems require that kind of time.

Sometimes a few of them can be sorted out in a matter of hours.

If only you had the right set of tools with you and could manage a few assistants, you can easily manage to get these cars repaired in a matter of hours, and that is exactly what can become one of the most profitable business alternatives.

You can either hire a team of experts or alternatives start on your own with a few helpers.

You pay home visits and repair cars in a matter of hours.

Needless to mention for all those hassled by the prospect of not having a car for days, it can be a boon.

5. Food Truck

Food Truck

This is, no doubt, one of the most profitable businesses but this is strictly for food lovers.

If you have the passion for food, enjoy cooking and making food, there isn’t a better business idea.

Perhaps the timing of this business too is rather appropriate keeping in mind the huge food movement that we have seen lately.

These days, almost every second person talks about tasting an exquisite dish.

But often sampling these unique taste and exotic food items in a fine dining restaurant can be a rather expensive affair.

This is exactly where a mobile food truck can serve the purpose for many food lovers in a matter of few dollars.

Most times, these trucks get permission to be parked in the middle of key areas that attract a lot of people, a park or a downtown kerb.

You can serve takeaway versions of some celebrated cuisines that also have a reasonable demand, and quickly earn a name for yourself if you can churn out the tasty and delectable fare.

Your goodwill often decides how profitable your business turns out to be.

However, in this context, you must remember that you have to undertake the close market study about the location, kind of cuisine and food items that can help you turn profitable.

Be careful about the choice of location and city.

The scope of profit in saturated markets would be far lesser.

Also, you have to understand the market dynamics and the kind of staff that you would require.

It is important to take into consideration all of these factors to decide on the expense and profit balance.

If you can work out these parameters appropriately, this can undeniably be one of the best known most profitable business ideas to take forward.

Moreover, it also satisfies your passion for food.

6. Repairing Electronic Products

Repairing Electronic Products

Think about the variety of electronics issue that we face on a day to day basis.

Be it a broken laptop screen or an iPhone camera that is malfunctioning; there are many occasions when you keep postponing it.

Often the thought of going to the customer care center and spending hours waiting for your turn and then days before you get back your device, makes you compromise with the problem and continue using the same device.

But imagine if you have trained staff on the move, with all the necessary spare parts available!

You would simply jump on that occasion and call for the service instantaneously.

Well, this is now your chance to take advantage of one of the most profitable businesses you could come up with.

After all, we all use mobile devices, whether smartphones, tablets, iPads and what not, and invariably there are some instances when we face a variety of problem.

If you could get help sitting right at home, nothing could be better.

Moreover, the cost of setting up this kind of a mobile electronics repair shop is not too huge, and you can quite easily get training for the same.

7. Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

The most profitable business ideas are never the most unique ones but often the ones that do not have a supply of the relevant services.

Fitness and a personalized fitness solution is one such avenue.

After all, who does not want to be fit and have proper fitness regime?

Therefore the opportunity is there; you have to understand how to make it your most profitable business.

You can quite easily undertake personal fitness training and start off soon after.

Look to operate from home or join a gym to start off service and build a name for yourself.

A lot of people actually prefer personal trainers at home as this makes sure that they can undertake this training in the privacy of their house and also not share their training equipment.

This is exactly your opportunity to capitalize upon.

You can advertise your service through social media networks and even send personalized messages to potential clients.

Alternatively, you can also look at joining a gym and representing an established organization.

This can lend you a considerably more amount of credibility in the initial phase and often help you make a name for yourself as you start off.

8. Teaching Fine Arts & Music

Teaching Fine Arts & Music

If you have a specific talent like you are a great vocalist or can play a special instrument, it can be easily an opportunity for you to turn into a profitable business.

The point is you must identify the potential demand for this kind of fine arts or music in the area that you stay and then gauge how you can capitalize on it for the longer-term.

There are many ways to further this business.

To start off, you can start taking lessons in your house.

Be it painting, music or vocal; it does not require a huge area or severe start-up cost.

It can easily be conducted put of your living room. If you have more than 4-5 students, you can even try shifting around some furniture to create space in the initial phase.

As business keeps growing and you get more students, you can look at hiring a community center or buying a property that you can turn into a school.

The whole idea being this will create an individualized space for all your students to learn together and gain exposure.

You could also look at collaborating with a known art school to help you gain more credibility.

Once you can give your students the benefit of credibility and they are able to make use of the training that you impart for better success in life, you start generating a goodwill and start attracting more students willing to help grow your business and make it profitable.

The basic idea of most of these training schools is that they help parents create a better training regime for their child where along with academics, they get exposure to this kind of additional training facilities as well to help their all round growth.

9. Property & Accessories Rentals

Property & Accessories Rentals

This is by far one of the most emerging and most profitable businesses that you could look at exploring.

If you have a weekend home or a second home that you can afford to spare, you can quite easily look at creating a meaningful and profitable business from that.

The good news is that you don’t have to go alone for that either.

You can easily tie up with any of the vacation rental organizations like Airbnb and take advantage of their existing infrastructure to earn the extra bucks from your second home.

But it is not just your house that you can rent out.

You can even look at renting your accessories and spare travel gears that tourist often find it difficult to lug around from one place to another.

Be it the pram for the kids or a great quality camping gear; often people find renting it in a tourist destination far easier than carrying it from destination to another.

There are many sites that facilitate this kind of renting, and you can easily connect with them to rent out the additional gear/furniture that many tourists might be looking for.

The benefit for you is in two ways.

First of all, you are not spending anything at all to make it a profitable business and most importantly your spare and unused stuff is getting used and helping you generate passive revenue in the bargain.

As facilities like Airbnb begin to gain traction, this is one of the most profitable businesses that are becoming popular and providing a source of sustenance to a lot of people who are looking for profitable business ideas.

The core idea behind this type of initiative is addressing a common necessity with an easily available opportunity.

10. Create Online Courses

Create Online Courses

One of the most profitable businesses in the academic field is decidedly that of designing online courses.

This is one of those business ideas that can simultaneously address your expertise and also help you run a profitable business.

Therefore, if you have expertise in a certain field, you can easily look at leveraging it to tie up with many online academic platforms like Udemy and Coursera and design courses along with them.

The incremental cost of designing a course and putting it online is fairly limited.

But the longer-term gains can be quite significant.

Another important factor in support of this kind of business idea is that this is not dependent on the economic condition for its sustainability.

Whatever the economic condition might be, academics is one aspect that will hardly be compromised by anyone across the world.

Rather these relatively cheaper online academic modules can be a rather interesting and popular alternative to explore when standard university education becomes expensive.

Moreover, you do not have a huge role to play after the initial designing of the course.

As a result, it gives you the time to handle multiple businesses together.

11. Grooming for Business & Marketing

Grooming for Business & Marketing

In the quest for the most profitable businesses that you might care to pursue, this is a viable and extremely sophisticated opportunity to ring in long-term gains.

Many times, colleges train graduate in business and marketing academics without really teaching them ways to groom themselves or fine-tune their personality for tackling real-life challenges.

Well if you have the expertise, this is your opportunity to make it big and turn it into a profitable business.

You can share your experiences in running your own business to help entrepreneurs get a better grasp of tackling the challenges in the initial phase of the business.

This will often also help them how to groom their personality in a meaningful way and add life skills to their business to make it more effective.

To make your business even more profitable, you can add skills like accounting, book-keeping and help comprehend WordPress.

It will help you to undertake a comprehensive grooming of your staff but at the same time.

It also makes sure that those who are training with you have a sure scope of excelling and being able entrepreneurs on their own.

12. Bookkeeping Skills


Another interesting opportunity that bookkeeping and accounting enables is giving you an avenue to create a profitable business opportunity on its own.

Many times, one might not have professional training and yet might be keen to start a business.

One of the biggest problems that they face is how to run their business effectively and bring about a sharp accounting practice.

Well, this is where one of most profitable business opportunities that you could capitalize upon.

Whether you are taking physical classes or online tutorials, you could easily further it as a profitable business.

You can teach interested candidates the basics of money management, how to maintain a balance sheet, the popular and useful tools that help them in managing tax issues as well as keeping a check on their finances.

All in all, they become far better equipped to handle their business.

It is needless to mention that managing the money aspect of the business is often the most challenging and in helping them master theirs, you are furthering a profitable business of your own with ease and excellent expertise that also opens up scope for long-term gains.

13. Consulting


If you are a seasoned industry veteran or a business person for long, there is 100% chance of making this one of the most profitable businesses to go forward with.

In this, there is no outside qualification or aptitude that you need.

You are using the skills and experience that you have gained in helping share someone else’s business or career with equal aplomb.

Making money through sharing your experience at individual levels as well as on a broader public forum is what this business will do for you.

You can even serve on the board of advisors of many companies as an independent consultant and help enrich their business with your expertise.

Moreover, as a business consultant, you work on your own terms and help churn out a profitable business on your own terms.

The most important factor here is that you are not dependent on anyone else for your profitability.

You can easily decide the terms and considerations on which you want to base your business success.

In fact, business consultants are a lot more in demand now both globally and locally as the trend of entrepreneurship and start-up businesses gain traction over a point of time.

14. Become a Wellness Consultant

Become a Wellness Consultant

Are you invariably the person that your friends, family and neighbors turn for help whenever they are low or facing a crisis in their lives.

Inevitably they come to you, and somehow you are always able to console them and encourage them in an extremely acceptable manner.

The good news for you is this special talent has the scope of being one of the most profitable businesses that you could pursue.

If you do not believe me, think of the career that Oprah Winfrey pursued.

It was all about feeling good and helping others appreciate their latent capabilities.

Being empathetic to their needs and according sympathy to those who are in need.

More often for you, it might come naturally as an extension of your sensitive personality.

However, for many others, this might be the best boon to find a willing shoulder to cry upon and get some honest and useful life lessons.

To add more credibility to your abilities and make it more acceptable, you can also look to earn a few certifications in this area and start running a full-fledged consultancy.

As people start gaining from your interactions, word spread and more and more people might resort to you for help, expanding the growth potential of your business.

15. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

This is one of the most profitable businesses that you could seek to explore.

Especially with the increased internet use and the need for cost rationalization in business globally, more and more enterprises are looking to hire virtual assistants who can help them with office administration services, and at the same time, the cost implications are far lesser.

For individuals who are seeking to take advantage of this profession can easily do multiple of these roles together resulting in creating a profitable model that can help them sustain this over the longer-term.

More importantly, this is one of those business ventures where you get to choose your clients, hours and essentially the basic terms of operation and conduct.

You schedule meetings, keep a tab on emails and handle travel booking schedule as per your convenience.

Our Online Business Is the Most Profitable Business

Our Online Business Is the Most Profitable Business.

We can easily conclude that the most profitable businesses are without a doubt the ones that help you take advantage of your biggest assets and talent.

When you have interest and passion in a business of your choice, the scope to make it profitable is far more pronounced and this can easily help you sustain it a lot better over the longer-term.

Also, the most profitable business concepts are also closely linked to the dynamics and demographics of the locality that you stay in.

For example, if your area has two car wash facility then your mobile car wash center might not be very helpful.

However, a mobile food truck or grocery store would be more relevant.

You can park them close to the car wash centers, and people can buy regular supplies as they get their cars cleaned.

So the buzzword in churning out most profitable businesses is identifying the right niche.

Among all the businesses I listed above, an online business that works based on a proven system is the best.

This is what I explained at the beginning of this article in more details.

It is the most profitable business ever, because it is very easy to start and promote; needs no skills and experiences; and is done 90% on autopilot as there is a big team of the experienced experts behind: What Is Data Technology and How It Can Make You a Millionaire?