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MT4 Script to Change All Price Charts TimeFrames All At Once

I have 25 price charts always open on my MT4 platform. I check the daily charts once every day. Sometimes when there is a trade setup on a currency pair daily chart, I also check the longer timeframes, weekly and monthly, to see whether they agree with the daily chart or not. I also check the weekly charts on weekends when markets are closed, to locate the trade setups and get ready to take positions at the market open on Sunday afternoon. I also check the monthly timeframe of all 25 currency pairs regularly when the new monthly candlestick is opened.

Sometimes I have to change all the prices charts timeframes all together, specially when I am checking the charts to locate the forming/formed trade setups to report them on LuckScout. It is hard to change 25 charts timeframes one by one by clicking on the price chart and then on the desired timeframe icon on the periodicity toolbar at the top, or by right clicking on the price chart, hovering the mouse pointer on Periodicity and clicking on the timeframe.

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There is a much easier way to change price charts timeframes all together and in one go, no matter how many charts are open on your platform. You can use the Change_TF_All script. It is not an indicator or Expert Advisor (EA). It is a script. It has to be installed on your MT4 platform.

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How to Install the Script:

1. Click Here to download the script file.

2. Run your MT4 platform.

3. Click on “File” menu at the top left of your MT4 platform.

4. Click on “Open Data Folder”.

5. Open the “MQL4” folder.

6. Open the “Scripts” folder.

7. Copy and paste the Change_TF_All.ex4 file you just downloaded to the “Scripts” folder.

8. Restart the MT4 platform.

9. Press Ctrl+N to open the navigator. Open the “Scripts” dropdown.

10. Double click on Change_TF_All:

11. Choose the “Common” tab and check the “Allow live trading” and “Allow DLL imports” on the opened dialogue box:

12. Choose the Inputs tab and double click on the number below the Value column. The number is 1440 by default which is for the daily timeframe, because one day it 1440 minutes (24×60). If you click on the OK button when the value is set to 1440, all charts timeframes will be changed to the daily timeframe:

13. If you want to change the charts timeframes again, you have to repeat the above process and then change the value to the desired number. For example, if you like to switch to the weekly timeframe, you have to enter 10080 which is the number of minutes for one week (60x24x7). Then you have to click on the OK button. To change the value, you have to double click on it and then enter the number:

14. To switch all charts to monthly timeframe, you have to enter 43200 which is the number of minutes for 30 days (60x24x30).

Period / TimeFrame Minutes
One Minute (M1) 1
5 Minute (M5) 5
15 Minute (M15) 15
30 Minute (M30) 30
One Hour (H1) 60
4 Hour (H4) 240
Daily (D1) 1440
Weeklly (W1) 10080
Monthly (MN) 43200

Good luck 🙂

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46 thoughts on “MT4 Script to Change All Price Charts TimeFrames All At Once
  1. Dandken says:

    Thank so much Chris.

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the info. Just to share with others what I do. I basically have an instance of MT4 for the 24 currencies that we follow (excluding gold). On each instance, I have the different strategies that we follow on seperate chart windows. I feel that it causes less confusion for me since I’m a newbie. It takes a while to set up but once done, it’s very easy to follow. I then open all MT4 instances for, say, the yen crosses and analyse them. Switching TFs is not a problem for me but I can understand how you as a teacher might need a simpler way to accomplish that task. It would be nice to know what other LuckScout followers do in order to simply their daily task of checking the charts.


    • Chris says:

      Hi Ted,

      It is a good idea to have each strategy on one MT4 instance. Thank you.

    • Jon says:

      How about a screen shot Ted because this newbie has no idea what you are talking about lol

      “an instance of MT4”??

      • Ted says:

        Hi Jon

        When you have one MT4 running on your computer, that’s one instance. When you have two MT4s running, that’s two instances and so on. You can instal as many MT4s as you like. Just depends on whether your computer can handle it or not. I hope that helps.


      • Jon says:

        Ahh, thanks Ted. All clear now 🙂

  3. dragan says:

    Thank you very much Chris 🙂


  4. Jon says:

    Really helpful, thank you.

    Why is it that when you change from daily to weekly the charts seem to reset back to around 2008 and you have to scroll all the way to the present?

  5. Di says:

    Thank you!

  6. Azizul Haque says:

    Very useful actually! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Duane says:

    Very useful, thanks!!

  8. Kim Moeller says:

    What a nice script… thank you Chris… you are the man.

  9. alwin says:

    Excellent, very helpful and lot of time saving for us.


  10. Paul says:

    Very nice and time saving. Tanks

  11. Van Aerde says:

    Thank You for the courtesy.
    Suggestion : still lot of clicking. Why not allow to save multiple versions where the Input can be saved respectively set to D1, H4,…

    Result : select, hit. Done



    • Chris says:

      That’s a good idea too. Thank you.

    • Ted says:

      Hi Van Aerde

      “Suggestion : still lot of clicking. Why not allow to save multiple versions where the Input can be saved respectively set to D1, H4,…”

      After saving it, which icon do you click to make a selection from the “multiple Versions”?



      • Tany says:

        Hi Ted,
        I copied multiple ex4-files, renamed them with reference D1,H4… and placed them in the folder Scripts. Close/Open MT4 and they pop up in the Navigator.
        After clicking them I changed the variable eintTF, and then saved as a “set”. But the default value apparently is not changed, unless you load the specific “set”. Again clicking.
        My suggestion was actually a request to change the mq4 as I feel it would upgrade the masterpiece… iezy click, all done.

  12. richard says:

    when we analyze certain timeframe and draw line, it also appear on other timeframe, is there an easy way to do it at one go? Also i want to insert arrowed trendline but i can’t find it in MT4

    • Chris says:

      In MT4 you have to change each object’s visualization to make the object to appear on the time frames you want. In some other platform, you can set the platform to display the object only on the time frame they are initially plotted. In MT4 this feature is still missing.

  13. Youness says:

    Hi Chris and LuckScout fellow,

    First of all, thanks Chris for the script.

    I however can achieve the same result, but without a script, just the MT4 itself.

    It may seem too many steps and complicated, but it’s not. It requires little work at the beginning to set up templates, like one template for 50SMA, another for Bollinger Bands and so on…once template is created, 70% of the work is behind.

    In a snap shot, it’s a 2 stages process, but once it’s done, you can have all pairs in different time frames, so if you want daily bolliger band charts, it’s a one click away, same for weekly and monthly…

    >>> First stage is to create a template (like a template for bollinger bands charts).


    We will be creating a template for Bollinger Bands (no time frame name is needed when giving a name to a template), but the same process can be repeated for others like DBB or 50SMA…

    1/Open MT4

    2/Open one chart with exactly how do you want ALL other pairs to look like (e.g EURUSD with bollinger bands and chart shift and auto scroll are both on, how much zoomed in or out).

    3/ Press “Template” button on the top of your MT4 station (if you put your cursor on each button and wait few seconds, you’ll see a text that tells you what that button is for)

    4/ You’ll get a menu, press “Save Template”

    5/ Another window will pop up to save the template, leave everything as it is, except the name of the template, you can give it a descriptive name like bollinger bands

    6/ Click save

    7/ Close MT4 and re-open it again (so the template is available)

    8/ Press “Template” button, The template you saved earlier is available at the bottom.

    9/ Open each chart you would like to follow, choose the Time Frame then press “Template” button and then scroll down to the “Bollinger Bands” template and click it.

    10/ Do this to each chart, one by one till you finish them all with the same Time Frame.

    11/ By now, ALL charts that are open look the same as far as indicators, Time Frame, the zoom…etc

    >>> Stage two

    1/ Make sure only the charts that you applied the template on are open

    2/ Press “Profile” button at the top of the MT4

    3/ A menu will pop up, click “Save Profile As…”

    4/ Give it a Time Frame name, e.g Daily Bollinger Bands.

    5/ Click save.

    6/ When you click “Profiles” button, the profile will be in its list bellow.

    7/ While you still on the charts, repeat step 4 but give it another time frame name, like Weekly Bollinger Bands and click save.

    8/ Now you are in “Weekly Bollinger Bands” profile, change all daily time frame charts to weekly (don’t worry, you still have your daily charts intact in the “Daily Bollinger Bands Profile”).

    9/ when you click “Profiles” button, you’ll see both profiles, “Daily Bollinger bands” and “Weekly ” Profiles.

    10/ Everytime you click Daily Bollinger Bands in the “profiles” button, MT4 brings up the daily charts of all pairs with Bollinger bands, same thing happens for “weekly Bollinger bands” Profile but this time with weekly time frame.

    11/ The same for Monthly, 4Hrs…etc

    The beauty of this is you can copy the templates you created and save them in another MT4 Templates folder and use them, it’s handy if you have a VPS and would like to use the same templates.

    Also, you can save the templates as an attachement to an email sent to yourself or stored in a cloud facility like google drive, so even if you lose your computer or crashed…you still have the templates saved online.

    If you want to take it one level up, you can copy/save all profile folders (each Profile folder will contain ALL charts you follow like “Daily Bollinger Bands” profile, “Weekly Bollinger Bands” profile or “50SMA” profile…).

    Every time you put these folders in any new MT4 (New broker you just signed up with for example), you’ll get all charts available instantly. You just need to save your folders in the platforms’ Profiles Folder>>>To do this>>> Copy ALL the Folders of the Profiles you created>>> then Open your MT4 platform, click “Files” button>>> Scroll down and click “Open Data Folder”>>> Open “profiles” folder>>> Paste.

    Hope it wasn’t too long 🙂


  14. Muhammad says:

    If I set 360 then he make 6 hours chart time frame , am I right ?

  15. marek says:

    Thank You ever so much 🙂 Your advice and help is priceless!

  16. Todd says:

    Hoping to find a demo MT4 platform that works on a Mac and supports installing the above and other scripts that have been kindly provided. Thanks!

    • Chris says:

      There is no separate MT4 for demo trading. You can login to a demo or live account through the same MT4. You can sign up for a demo account through File>Open an Account at top left of your MT4 platform.

  17. sym says:

    I got your email, and All-TF script!
    Amazing! it is working fine. at one press i can change all chart value what i want. change time only 5 seconds!!!

    thanks a lot

  18. Todd says:

    Tip: In trying to set up MT4 and to use LuckScout scripts on my Mac, I found there are a number of ways to get this going. After some trial and error I settled on Parallels Desktop 10, which costs about $80. Of course, you also need Windows but Parellels makes it easy to move the Windows operating system from a PC (if you have one; I do). You also need a fast enough Mac with sufficient memory and hard disk capacity…

    Initial testing is very encouraging. Windows runs great on my Mac and I have successfully installed and run several LuckScout scripts. Sure appreciate everyone’s efforts.

  19. Alejandro O. Bastida says:

    Even still struggling in the dark, there is now a dim light on my mind regarding mt4. Thanks a lot Chris and LuckScout followers of the above inputs.

  20. Isaac says:

    Mentor Chris what might cause the mt4 platform to close at 4pm EST while it’s been closing at 5pm EST?

  21. Isaac says:

    yeap I think it’s my broker. but I was closing at 5pm est all along.

  22. Isaac says:

    and I’m using Metaquotes I think brokers time it’s different.

  23. Vindy R says:

    Nifty tool. Thanks

  24. Chandima G says:

    Hi Chris,
    This is great.
    Can you please tell me where can I learn writing scripts?

  25. Lutendo Ramuedzisi says:

    Oh wow Chris, this is awesome – makes the platform much more user friendly. Thank you, thank you.

  26. Eigbedion Jonah says:

    Thanks Chris for this great article.But i just could not download the change-Tf script from the link you provided in this writ up. Is it the same with File Extension ex4? thanks

  27. piotr wnuczek says:

    Thank you Chris. This is a big time saver.

  28. Reza Samimi says:

    Thank you very much ,,,, I love it!