Our Behaviors Matter More Than Our Food

Today was the Forgive Mom and Dad Day. I was thinking the whole day, what makes someone become Henry Ford, another one become Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin? Does it have anything to do with parents? The answer is yes.

Henry Ford
Henry Ford

Although Henry Ford’s parents were farmers, they were open-minded enough to understand that their son wasn’t interested in farming and he loved machinery. Therefore, they helped him to follow his passion, and so Henry Ford became the legend that we know. He created jobs, healthy life and food for millions in the United States and the world. He is still doing these, although he has passed away 76 years ago.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin had the opposite conditions. Yes, they haven’t been a genius like Henry Ford. But, they were relatively smart, and could have a good future too. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin both used to get beaten by their dads. Adolf Hitler’s book, “Mein Kampf”, or “My Struggle”, is full of lies. His father wasn’t what Hitler has described in his book. He was abusive. He belittled Adolf Hitler a lot.


Later, Hitler tried to enter the art university, but he couldn’t get the admission because they didn’t see the potential in him. Then, he tried to get into the architecture university, but they didn’t let him there too, because his marks were lower than the minimum that was required for the architecture university. So, he became attracted to politics and went to jail when he tried to change the government. After that, he joined the army and found himself where he could recover all he had lost. He became the disgusting dictator we all know now.

Just to pretend that he was a good and healthy person, he even became vegetarian or even vegan. But, the inner beast and devil he carried with himself could be fed only with humans’ blood. Vegetarians and vegans deny that Hitler was a vegetarian or vegan because they say a vegetarian or vegan cannot become a bloodthirsty dictator. But, there is enough evidence and witnesses that prove this about Hitler. When a mind is badly damaged and hurt, it cannot be recovered and fixed by food or even medicine, exactly like a fractured bone that cannot be cured by speech therapy.

Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin

Although Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were enemies, they had grown up under a very similar condition. Joseph Stalin’s father was alcoholic and abusive too. Once he was beaten so badly by his father that there was blood in his urine for over a week. He became such a brutal dictator that even massacred millions of his own people. He even killed most of his ex-wives’ and his own family members and friends. When it comes to brutality, even Hitler cannot compete with Stalin.

Stalin ruined the destiny and future of a nation and country. He was the one who turned the country into what is currently against the whole world. Russia is going to be a big problem for the world, for an unknown length of time, and Joseph Stalin is the root of such a disaster.

Hitler and Stalin could become someone like Henry Ford, or at least some harmless and ordinary people, if they hadn’t been abused and belittled by their dads. Indeed, it is their dads’ behaviors that are the origin of all the problems they created for the world.

Our behaviors matter more than our food. Our community needs healthy, kind and caring members. We don’t want anyone to bully us here. We are after peace, love and prosperity. Let’s be more careful…🙂❤️🌺🌹

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By Vahid Chaychi

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