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Happy Thursday🙂

I finished my day-trading with a 2.362% profit today. I saw another trade setup on a longer time-frame that could make another 3-4% profit, but I didn’t take it because it looked a little risky.

Today, I’d like to talk a little about my trading style because many of you will join me in our private day-trading program, from the beginning of the next month, or indeed from October 3rd because October 1st and 2nd are on the weekend. Those who are eligible to join, will receive email notifications with the private Zoom meeting room’s link and the instructions they need to have.

About Our Trading Style

I usually have several MT4 platforms opened on my computer, when I am doing my day-trading. One of them is always logged in to a demo account from a different broker than my live accounts. Another platform is logged in to a live account that usually has a small balance. However, this one is connected to a few other MT4 platforms through a special Expert Advisor or EA, so that when I take a position on it, the same position will be applied to other platforms and the accounts that are on them.

I take my first position with the live account, and then will take it on the demo platform. I always trade both demo and live at the same time, to have two separate records of my entry and exit prices, and two price resources of the same market, on two different brokers’ platforms. This obsession has been with me since many years ago when brokers used to cheat and slip the prices a lot. It is such a long time that they don’t do it anymore, at least here in Canada, because they are highly regulated, and if they cheat their customers, they can lose their licenses. I have live accounts with two brokers in Canada, and I am so happy with them.

You don’t have to copy this from me. I mean you can only trade with one platform, both when you are still demo-trading, and when you start live-trading.

I remembered to tell you another thing, before I go ahead and explain more about our trading style: Most novice traders are used to accusing brokers when they lose. Even if a broker is bad and really wants to make their traders lose, still they do know that 99% of novice traders lose on their own and won’t have to be cheated to lose. Therefore, most of the losses of novice traders have nothing to do with brokers, even if their broker is bad and a scam.

What Will We Do in the Trading Room?

The first month will be very important. I will spend more time on talking about the basics you must know about trading. I will do my best to keep it as simple and easy as possible. My trading system is extremely simple and easy to understand, yet scientific and based on reality. I used to have RSI and Bollinger Bands indicators on my charts. But, since I decided to share my trading with you, I removed them from my charts to make the work even simpler. Now, I only have candlestick charts on my platforms, and I am still doing well with it.

We get together in our Zoom’s private trading room at 9:15am EST every day. You will see my chart and will hear my voice. I will explain what I do and why. While you are watching me and listening to me, you can have your trading platform (MT4, MT5 or whatever platform your broker offers) open on your device, and you can copy what I do, if you want.

I don’t give trading signals at all, nor will we do what they call “copy-trading”. My goal is to make you an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder (read this), not that I make you dependent on myself and my signals. So, telling you when to buy and sell, is out of the question, and will never be done by me. However, you can clearly see how I trade and when I get in and out. This will work a lot better than signals for you. Trust me and my years of experience in this sector.

The other important thing you must note is, you should not expect to start making profit from the first day we will start, especially if you are so new to trading and you haven’t worked with a trading platform yet. Trading platforms like MT4 are really user-friendly and very easy to use. However, you must be patient for a while to learn how to buy, sell, set stop loss and target orders, close your positions, etc. These are very easy to learn, but you must learn them first before you expect yourself to do exactly what I do.

I will trade with different time-frames in our private trading room to enable everyone with any speed to trade and make profit. So, you will have different options.

The last but not the least recommendation, which is even more important than everything I have explained so far, is about demo-trading:

  1. If you are not new to trading and you have traded before, still my style is new to you, and so, you should start with demo-trading first. I recommend that you do it at least for 1-2 months.
  2. If you are so new to trading, you MUST demo-trade at least for 3-6 months, before you start trading with real money (live account). Even when you want to start with a live account, it must be a $500 or a $1,000 account maximum.
  3. Your demo account’s size should be the same as your future live account. For example, if you want to have a $500 live account in future, your demo account has to be $500 too.

There are so many reasons behind everything I mentioned above. I cannot explain all of them here, but will explain them in our private trading room. I expect all members to respect what I say and what I want from them. If I find out that someone is taking extra risks or doing dangerous things that are against proper trading methods and standards, I won’t let them be in our trading room anymore.

I know that many of you have lost money because of the scams or in the crypto or other markets recently. But, this should not cause you to push yourself to recover your losses within a short time, because it will cause you to lose even more. You MUST be patient. You can achieve financial freedom in the long-term, if you are patient. What I will do for you, will make you financially free, if you do everything I say, patiently, religiously and consistently. But, if I see someone wants to ruin our work by breaking our rules, I will have to prevent them from working with us. I do not want to see any of you lose money, instead of making it, just because they don’t want to follow everything I want them to follow.

Please note that what we do is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a long-term financial freedom project. It will make you financially free, slowly but surely (although I do not and will not guarantee any income), if you are patient and consistent. If you are not patient and consistent, then our program is not for you. You can try one of the other get-rich-quick schemes out there to get scammed again 😉

Who Can Be in Our Trading Room?

The LuckScout Community members who have been the most active and have had the highest and strongest performance, within a month, will be eligible to trade with us, within the following month. It will be the same within the following month and the months after.

We wanted to determine and announce a minimum point requirement to become eligible to have access to our private trading room. However, we decided not to announce it until the last second every month, because we want all members to be as active as they can, until the last second.

Your current month (September) performance may make you eligible to join us in our private trading room in the following month (October), if you reach the minimum requirements. And, it will be the same every month, unless we decide to modify and optimize the rules and criteria. We want everyone to make the most of The LuckScout Community and this opportunity. Your performance on the site, helps you and everyone to have a bigger share from the money that the website makes, while it also helps the website to make more money for you and everyone in The LuckScout Community. Maybe you don’t need this money. But, there are so many in The LuckScout Community who need it to start their trading journey.

This is how this system works. It is free, but it needs your participation, cooperation and activities.

That’s all for today!

Thank you!
I love you all💝

Best regards,

Please see the attached screenshot:

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