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Hi everyone👋💝☀️
Happy Thursday🙂

I finished my day-trading with a 2.362% profit today. I saw another trade setup on a longer time-frame that could make another 3-4% profit, but I didn’t take it because it looked a little risky.

Today, I’d like to talk a little about my trading style because many of you will join me in our private day-trading program, from the beginning of the next month, or indeed from October 3rd because October 1st and 2nd are on the weekend. Those who are eligible to join, will receive email notifications with the private Zoom meeting room’s link and the instructions they need to have.

Before you read the rest of this article, submit your email, not to miss the messages that nobody can afford to miss:

About Our Trading Style

I usually have several MT4 platforms opened on my computer, when I am doing my day-trading. One of them is always logged in to a demo account from a different broker than my live accounts. Another platform is logged in to a live account that usually has a small balance. However, this one is connected to a few other MT4 platforms through a special Expert Advisor or EA, so that when I take a position on it, the same position will be applied to other platforms and the accounts that are on them.

I take my first position with the live account, and then will take it on the demo platform. I always trade both demo and live at the same time, to have two separate records of my entry and exit prices, and two price resources of the same market, on two different brokers’ platforms. This obsession has been with me since many years ago when brokers used to cheat and slip the prices a lot. It is such a long time that they don’t do it anymore, at least here in Canada, because they are highly regulated, and if they cheat their customers, they can lose their licenses. I have live accounts with two brokers in Canada, and I am so happy with them.

You don’t have to copy this from me. I mean you can only trade with one platform, both when you are still demo-trading, and when you start live-trading.

I remembered to tell you another thing, before I go ahead and explain more about our trading style: Most novice traders are used to accusing brokers when they lose. Even if a broker is bad and really wants to make their traders lose, still they do know that 99% of novice traders lose on their own and won’t have to be cheated to lose. Therefore, most of the losses of novice traders have nothing to do with brokers, even if their broker is bad and a scam.

What Will We Do in the Trading Room?

The first month will be very important. I will spend more time on talking about the basics you must know about trading. I will do my best to keep it as simple and easy as possible. My trading system is extremely simple and easy to understand, yet scientific and based on reality. I used to have RSI and Bollinger Bands indicators on my charts. But, since I decided to share my trading with you, I removed them from my charts to make the work even simpler. Now, I only have candlestick charts on my platforms, and I am still doing well with it.

We get together in our Zoom’s private trading room at 9:15am EST every day. You will see my chart and will hear my voice. I will explain what I do and why. While you are watching me and listening to me, you can have your trading platform (MT4, MT5 or whatever platform your broker offers) open on your device, and you can copy what I do, if you want.

I don’t give trading signals at all, nor will we do what they call “copy-trading”. My goal is to make you an independent and self-sufficient wealth-builder (read this), not that I make you dependent on myself and my signals. So, telling you when to buy and sell, is out of the question, and will never be done by me. However, you can clearly see how I trade and when I get in and out. This will work a lot better than signals for you. Trust me and my years of experience in this sector.

The other important thing you must note is, you should not expect to start making profit from the first day we will start, especially if you are so new to trading and you haven’t worked with a trading platform yet. Trading platforms like MT4 are really user-friendly and very easy to use. However, you must be patient for a while to learn how to buy, sell, set stop loss and target orders, close your positions, etc. These are very easy to learn, but you must learn them first before you expect yourself to do exactly what I do.

I will trade with different time-frames in our private trading room to enable everyone with any speed to trade and make profit. So, you will have different options.

The last but not the least recommendation, which is even more important than everything I have explained so far, is about demo-trading:

  1. If you are not new to trading and you have traded before, still my style is new to you, and so, you should start with demo-trading first. I recommend that you do it at least for 1-2 months.
  2. If you are so new to trading, you MUST demo-trade at least for 3-6 months, before you start trading with real money (live account). Even when you want to start with a live account, it must be a $500 or a $1,000 account maximum.
  3. Your demo account’s size should be the same as your future live account. For example, if you want to have a $500 live account in future, your demo account has to be $500 too.

There are so many reasons behind everything I mentioned above. I cannot explain all of them here, but will explain them in our private trading room. I expect all members to respect what I say and what I want from them. If I find out that someone is taking extra risks or doing dangerous things that are against proper trading methods and standards, I won’t let them be in our trading room anymore.

I know that many of you have lost money because of the scams or in the crypto or other markets recently. But, this should not cause you to push yourself to recover your losses within a short time, because it will cause you to lose even more. You MUST be patient. You can achieve financial freedom in the long-term, if you are patient. What I will do for you, will make you financially free, if you do everything I say, patiently, religiously and consistently. But, if I see someone wants to ruin our work by breaking our rules, I will have to prevent them from working with us. I do not want to see any of you lose money, instead of making it, just because they don’t want to follow everything I want them to follow.

Please note that what we do is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a long-term financial freedom project. It will make you financially free, slowly but surely (although I do not and will not guarantee any income), if you are patient and consistent. If you are not patient and consistent, then our program is not for you. You can try one of the other get-rich-quick schemes out there to get scammed again 😉

Who Can Be in Our Trading Room?

The LuckScout Community members who have been the most active and have had the highest and strongest performance, within a month, will be eligible to trade with us, within the following month. It will be the same within the following month and the months after.

We wanted to determine and announce a minimum point requirement to become eligible to have access to our private trading room. However, we decided not to announce it until the last second every month, because we want all members to be as active as they can, until the last second.

Your current month (September) performance may make you eligible to join us in our private trading room in the following month (October), if you reach the minimum requirements. And, it will be the same every month, unless we decide to modify and optimize the rules and criteria. We want everyone to make the most of The LuckScout Community and this opportunity. Your performance on the site, helps you and everyone to have a bigger share from the money that the website makes, while it also helps the website to make more money for you and everyone in The LuckScout Community. Maybe you don’t need this money. But, there are so many in The LuckScout Community who need it to start their trading journey.

This is how this system works. It is free, but it needs your participation, cooperation and activities.

That’s all for today!

Thank you!
I love you all💝

Best regards,

Please see the attached screenshot:

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By Vahid Chaychi

Vahid Chaychi is an experienced web developer and internet marketer since 2002. He has been able to become the top seller/earner and affiliate with several different companies. He has launched his own affiliate programs as well. He is a blogging and WordPress expert with lots of enthusiasm in blogging and vlogging to share his knowledge and experiences. He is also a serious Kyokushin Karate warrior and a good snowboarder. Follow him if you like to become a financially free online entrepreneur.

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Iyun Smith
1 month ago

It is wonderful that we can use the Mt4 platform. I see that we will also NOT need to pay any SWAPS! What REALLY makes me excited is that one can do a little work every day in the week and so earn a consistent income. So, let us say you grow your account with 1% per day on average. That is 20% per month compounding. And now, let us say that in the beginning you are 50% successful with your trading while you learn. That will give about 10% growth a month, isn’t it? Ok then, 3 years from now we manage to trade with 80% accuracy and have grown a small account to a $100 000, then one can easily look forward to starting to pay off your debt and improving your standard of living, putting money aside to put kids through college/university, going on a wonderful holiday and then eventually leaving one’s job if so preferred. I think that for so many people out there just the idea of becoming excited about waking up in the morning and living your dream is long gone. However, when people somehow find their way here, and I am sure they will as our community is growing rapidly, and that spark re-ignites, then the new possibilities which one can look forward to will certainly fuel a lot of enthusiasm and rekindle many lost hopes. What we need is hope, a little leap of faith and enough love to care for the goodwill of others so that they can flourish and prosper and so enjoy a fulfilling life. We have it here now. Peace of mind and prosperity to all.

Andy Hurrell
1 month ago

Great update Vahid and thank you so much for laying out the parameters for everyone to follow which is a vital head s up for the community to follow. You day after day of profits is testimony to your ability to read the charts and the market conditions as well as timing your entry and exit positions.
Much respect for all you do and continue to do for us all. I also agree about qualification to enter the room based on community activity. This will continue to grow the profile of the platform too. . ✔

Radouan Abderrahim
Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
1 month ago

We never forget your help rest of our life.
Thank you for letting us to have better ….

Carl Rukavina
1 month ago

This is a great informative and instructional article. Someone commented yesterday that Vahid’s writings contain nuggets of wisdom…that is certainly the case here. Again, it is such a rare privilege to be graced and presented with this incredible education, with such a practical application.

Carl Rukavina
Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
1 month ago

You have that and more,

Veronica Chakeredza
26 days ago

The expectations are clearly outlined and realistic too. This is a GO TO article, to read frequently to remind us of this journey to financial freedom.

Ahmad Fatikhul Khasan
1 month ago

Great article that explains the philosophy and simple-yet-powerful feature of he Luckscout Club program. I will be more active in the rest of this month (October), to help the community grows and increase the probability of my eligibility for the private trading room. I wish every members of this great family a success in their journey too.

Marlon Fernando
1 month ago

Hello and good evening. I would like to participate in the Tuesday (10/11) zoom trade learning class and I am new to trading. Do you have suggestions a broker for the trading platform (MT4/MT5)? Also, what is the zoom ID number? Looking forward to your reply and thank you.

Phyllis Cobbins
1 month ago

I love the concept of trading from two different brokers at the same time on separate computers/platforms. Whenever, I start back trading, I will doing it that way. This is going to be interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Stacy Dally
1 month ago

Thanks Vahid. Your transparence and willingness to help is like a breath of fresh air.

Babatunde Sobanjo
1 month ago

Thanks, Vahid. You have made it plain and simple. Rebellion does no one any good. Your philosophy of following and staying behind the leader will not sink into everyone. Many of us, by nature, are impetuous. The 3 – 6 month waiting period of apprenticeship may cause agony to such people. I hope we will learn to follow the leader and stay one step behind. I thank you.

Castuff Sekgala
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid. I appreciate your trading style, and encouragement for newbies like myself in trading. A process of building confidence means everything to me!

Stashauna Kelly
1 month ago

Hello Vahid, I noticed that MT4 is no longer available in the US, which is the notification i received when i tried to download the app. I also cannot find the MT5 app either. Do you have any other options for trading so that i may download the app? Thank you very kindly for your speedy response.

Koury Jones
1 month ago

Thanks Vahid for this wonderful opportunity. What I love most about trading is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet. With your experience and guidance, I’m sure we will all learn to be disciplined, independent, & self-sufficient traders one day.

Sandra Riyano
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid for sharing. This sounds doable even for a clueless person like me . With your patient guidance and genuine love for your apprentices,we will surely excel

Gazza Brown
1 month ago

Hi Vahid I love the way that you are going to take us all under your Wing and show us Step by step approach For The Day trading, and be succesful at Trading.
I am not the Quickest off the mark, but once I get it Ive got it. I’v always wanted to learn Day Trading, but did not know how to approch it. and now I’m here to be coached The right way. Where You have a System and guidlines in place for us to follow these are some of the Key Factors to your Day Trading. It is Amazing what you are Doing For your LuckScout Family.
I can’t Thank you enough Vahid.

Vera Gazzard
1 month ago

I certainly hope I get a zoom link from Vahid to start trading. I’m not sure what the number of pre-requisite points are? I would be very interested to know what platform you use Vahid? You have noted that you do not recommend a particular site or broker. From what I gather you are based in Canada!? Being in Australia I’m assuming that the trading you do is in US $? May I ask is it crypto, forex, commodity or other type of trading you do or is it a mixture? Do you still use a broker or are you well versed enough to initiate your own trades? I also assume you would have to create an account to use the US stock exchange? A very very important question for me? I do not have a desktop or laptop computer. I have an iPhone 12 mini and a mini iPad. Hoping either one of those devices will suffice?

Loren Torgerson
1 month ago

Very well explained step by step trading process, I look forward to doing some demo trading so I can gain the confidence to do live trading. Thank you Vahid for this great article!

Epifania E Zabala
1 month ago

Its nice to read your letter that interest me much to learn the techniques in stock trading. I have no experience in stock trading so I am very much interested to learn through you Vahid. Thank you very much for all the efforts you are doing for the betterment of the community.

Joshua Chan
1 month ago

Thanks Vahid..for the updates..you are a really hard worker..and you have given the best thing that you can do..all of our support is for you..
you keep your promise..and you do as you say..
I think not all of Luckscout group can join your zoom due to the minimum points…
will you record your live trading…so the others who dont eligible to join can watch the video??

Jaya Kanta Chaudhary
1 month ago

You are really great sir ! You are always trying to protect us from losing money. So, Setting the rules to be followed is very important for us. You are really wonderful person for me who really cares & thinks about us not to lose money. Thank you so much for your kind heart who really cares to others.

Harvey Parker - Fitch
1 month ago

Just like my points, my enthusiasm and expectation grows daily…

Eloise Taylor
1 month ago

Vahid, you did great on your trading today look like you trading S&P 500, proud of you
I don’t know much about that market, but, I am looking forward to learning goodnight.

Myriam Pierre
1 month ago

This is great. It is a great project to have available especially with the way this market has been on a wild ride lately. Patience is key and remarkable results will come from this.

Sela Pauu
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid for sharing all the information that we need to know before Monday. Im not scared just a little anxious .

Jean-joyce Goedsir
1 month ago

That sounds really amazing vahid , I am familar with MT4 but however never traded the american Stock like you have, so I will set my MT4 ready on demo. So which symbol will you be focusing on or you will be announcing everything in the private room .The reason I asked I like to get organize prior.I am so delighted to be part of your community and appreciate all your content you share on a dialy based ,you have shown consistent profit for this month which give us confidence in your teachings I look forward to be one of your student . Thanks so much you are a legend ..

Haneef Shabazz
1 month ago

So many people have previously lost money here due to scams(including me), but now here on luckscout, you’ve created a practical and realistic way for everyone to have the chance to turn things around, even if they don’t have startup money. 

By doing everything you say exactly with patience and consistency, we can help each other and all achieve our dreams together. It’s truly incredible what you’re doing for us and the opportunity you’re giving everyone.  Thank you very much for everything Vahid. Looking forward to following your every word once we start trading.

Ronnie Ho
1 month ago

Vahid it’s wonderful of you to present this opportunity to the community your requirements is a low price to pay in view what is achievable thank you

Simon Carroll
1 month ago

You have started something truely amazing – Thank you Vahid from the bottom of my heart 🙂

Matt Gray-Smith
1 month ago

Thank you, Vahid for the daily basis information provided to us. I promise to follow your total guidance that shall benefit me financially in the shortest distant future.

Domingos D'silva costa
1 month ago

wow, wow and wow, once again thank you Vahid for the update on this wonderful journey. it’s not going to be easy, no one said is going to be easy. It’s a journey which I fell its the most important for some of us. This inside depth of how the system will work is just a bonus, getting so much information about the trading style and strategies are so refreshing, this is a proper inside of the trade room. I can only wish that I get an invitation, it would make my dream to become a professional stock trader much more realistic, and to be honest I can’t wait to join, I mean I wish to join this amazing opportunity. I wish lucky to all of you, including myself. Thanks Vahid for all the support and transparency.

Love you all.

Dean Mikalauskas
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid. I’ll reach out to the broker. Does the broker help set up the Mt4 platform?

Omodele Wisdom
1 month ago

Interesting, brokers do cheat sometimes, Novice blame broker for their loses… signals or copy trading won’t make what you want us to be.
Am not new to trading but I’m going to forget everything I know and start as a novice… together we shall achieve it with complete obedient… slowly but surely with patience and consistency.
Thank you so much Vahid❤️
Hopefully our lives going to change.

Veronica Chakeredza
1 month ago

Thank you Vahid for sharing the process and what to expect in the trading room. This looks exciting. My desire is to meet the criteria every month. The trading bit is what got my attention to join LuckScout. I look forward to it with great anticipation

Lucy Bieri
Lucy Bieri
1 month ago

We are definitely in the right place at the right time. As an experience trader you sure know the best practice to take us from newbies to independent wealth builders.
With no doubt, your style is exactly what beginners like us need to progress with patient. Regarding the time, which is 3PM my time, that might be an issue for me to join the live training. However, I can always watch the replay if I miss any live call.


Reinhard Schutte
1 month ago

I have never traded before ,cant wait to learn from you vahid

Chanaka Perera
1 month ago

A fantastic article Vahid. This gives some clarity to me on how this will work. I am in trading rooms myself to at 9:00 am CET – your time 9:15 EST is 3:15PM my time. So it all fits together perfectly. Good luck and keep up the great work you are doing. Thank you

Chukwudi Louis Utazi
1 month ago

At every time I saw your mail , I glue to it not minding how lengthy it may be . Full of wisdom. Thanks so much. The community is free but everyone must participate in active capacity. Thanks so much Vahid Chaychi.

Ofa Felemi Tuungafasi
1 month ago

Thank you so much Vahid for all your hard working each day trying to lead our community for the best in the future we love you n good luck to everyone in LuckScout.

Asokan Ponnan Kadangot
1 month ago

Really excited and waiting to start the trading asap ..would.be more interesting to use the money generated from points. As it’s a highly systematic trading Iam sure all traders of luckscout team can achieve the goal and target

Mary Pendergest
1 month ago

Hi Vahid, thank you for your words, your effort, time, and dedication. I do hope to be included in the Zoom group. I accept your terms and conditions fully. I understand the importance of being on time and not jeopardizing the site or others. It will be great to watch how you trade, and contemplate your strategies. I understand the final decision to trade is up to me, and I take full responsibility for money lost/gained. Thanks again, such a grand endeavor on your part.

Eloise Taylor
1 month ago

Vahid, I like the way you stress, in the trading room how to pay attention.
Listen and don’t get ahead yourself, because trading is a art. I hope we all be patient
and listen, I know this is serious ,you made the point that you can lose your bank account
thank you so much.

Eloise Taylor
Reply to  Vahid Chaychi
1 month ago

Vahid, thank you, the wind is high and dangerous, lost of preparations power companies coming getting ready, some of my families has already evacuated. I am okay thank you.

Mercie Salima
1 month ago

Again, thank you Vahid for your time and continuous emphasis on the most important things…patience and consistency as well as following your rules. Its so easy to get carried away. Really appreciate this. God bless

Beverly Paul
1 month ago

Wish I had the 1,000,000 points to participate.

Stashauna Kelly
1 month ago

Thank you for the information Vahid. I can’t wait to start my trading journey. I will be extremely attentive to what you do and say. I don’t know much about trading but I know if I’m following you it’s difficult to go wrong! I will await more of your posts.

Afsaneh Pourjam
1 month ago

Thank you for the thorough explanation. Looking forward to start the program. Hope to be part of it from the very beginning.

Jackson Mugarura
1 month ago

I hope it will most of us to learn how to trade. I have never traded but in 2018, I had developed an idea of starting, however, I didn’t know where and how what to do. So, this comes as a blessing.

Jackson Mugarura
1 month ago

This a precise and simple explanation Vahid. I hope to follow you through. Thank you.

Marshall Azigbo
Reply to  Jackson Mugarura
1 month ago

Thank you so much Vahid for your daily trading updates and teaching outreach to your community members – all for FREE.

I am so super excited about everything happening here in the LuckScout Community. Everyday is always good news everywhere and now the month of October is ushering us into another phase of the LuckScout Community Trading Room Experience.

Vahid, more grace, more wisdom, more ability to excell and more grease to your elbow

Thank you so much Vahid.

Daniel Kozik
1 month ago

Can’t wait until we start next week! Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us!!

Wolf Strauß
Reply to  Daniel Kozik
25 days ago

Very nice and interesting article about trading Vahid.
Thank you so much

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