The term personal mission statement is self-explanatory.

It refers to a statement about your personal beliefs and values.

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This is often a reflection of personal goals and provides a sense of purpose.

In many ways, it defines the person you are.

It gives you a clarity of purpose and identifies the most important aspects.

It helps develop leadership abilities and creates room for personal growth.

Also, it helps you retrospect on past achievements and inspires you to more success.

Well, that is often the key purpose of a personal mission statement.

It identifies and strengthens channels of success.

In fact, it is often one of the surest ways to achieve better success.

We all need the inspiration to move ahead in life.

Personal Mission StatementIt is often the central force that defines the course of our life.

This is because it reiterates the focus of our life.

It helps us narrow down our vision to what’s truly important.

More than anything, it gives you a better perspective on how you should move ahead.

Often at times when you are really confused or unsure, these goals provide direction.

It strengthens your belief in yourself and helps you move on.

Often this provides the necessary strength to overcome failure.

When the dark clouds of uncertainty cover you, this statement can clarify your perspective.

It will help you restore faith in your abilities and move ahead.

Most importantly, it brings a definitive goal to your life.

It stops the feeling of purposelessness or life without a mission.

Furthermore, it helps maintain your positivity.

Often the difference between success and failure is this perspective.

It can often help reiterate the fundamental goals of your life.

It helps overcome your inhibition and helps you reach new heights.

Purpose of a Mission Statement

So that brings us to the most important aspect.

Why do you need a personal mission statement in life?

This is often the best ways to identify the core value of your life.

The core values of your life are very important

The choices that you make, the direction that you take are all defined by this.

There is never anything like a perfect life.

Each one of us decides on the direction of our life on the basis of these choices.

The priorities and choices that are important to us define our core value.

Often the differences in our personality are the outcome of these values.

The surroundings and our environment play a crucial role.

They help us formulate our value system.

In many ways, they also form the foundation of our personality.

The core values embody a person’s essential value system.

These are also the typical characteristics that make one a great leader or a team player.

In many ways, this also highlights individual ability to overcome problems.

Your approach to facing challenges is determined by these values.

When you write these down as your mission statement, it helps you refocus.

It reminds you every time about the person you are.

It also reinforces your personal value system succinctly.

Be it in professional or personal life; this can come in handy.

It can help enhance your performance and push yourself further.

Even in times of stiff competition, often the personal mission statement can help you shine.

An earnest and well-defined mission statement creates a strong impression.

It helps you stand up tall against all odds.

If written properly, it also helps you chart out your success route better.

Identify Past Success

Our life is nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

There are many past experiences and future expectations.

Some cheer us up while there are some that make us unhappy.

Your personal mission statement is often about creating the necessary balance.

Remember that old saying that when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade.

This is exactly what you have to learn to achieve through your personal statement.

So when you list out your future goals, you also mention your past experiences.

Sometimes these can be a huge source of motivation for you as well.

Your past success can often pave the road for your future goals.

You can draw motivation from these experiences.

So in short, your past becomes the foundation for your future success.

Let’s accept that no one can motivate us the way we can to ourselves.

But where do we draw our own motivation from?

Well, that is undeniably from our past success.

They inspire us to push forth and challenge our boundaries.

They also encourage us to break the barriers of inhibition.

In many ways, we learn to get past our fear and take up life head-on.

That can often be the most defining moment of our life.

So your personal mission statement is never just about improving your prospects.

It helps in making them happen.

The only challenge is you have to take out time and identify these opportunities.

Count Your Contribution

Writing your personal mission statement serves a distinct purpose.

It is never about just outlining your value system.

You suddenly sit back and get an opportunity to take stock.

When you write out your contribution, it serves many purposes.

The most important one is that this helps you take pride in your achievements.

We are all achievers in our own way.

You can never measure it with the same parameters.

This is because we all face different challenges and circumstances.

As a result, our achievements are tempered by that.

That helps us identify our true mettle.

Let me explain with an example.

Supposing Y belongs to an affluent and educated family.

Right from day one, his parents encouraged him to study.

He was able to make most of the available opportunity and shine.

As a result, he becomes an engineer, a doctor or joins a high paying corporate job.

Well at the same time, X can belong to a poor family with relatively limited means.

He may have grown up understanding the value of money more than education.

Despite that, he manages to get a reasonably good education and join a profession.

Now the parameters are different and as achievers both shine equally.

So when both sit to write out their achievement, it will provide them with means to be proud.

So, this will help you make a list of all that you can do to make a difference.

It also helps you outline how can make a difference in the world.

It can be related to your family, community, office or even country.

So by simply listing out your contribution, you can assess your abilities.

In many ways, that can make a huge difference in charting out the future path.

It creates a renewed consciousness.

Identify Your Goals

This is perhaps one of the most important purposes of writing a mission statement.

It helps you get in touch with your innermost self once again.

Time and again, it helps you set the priorities right in your life.

The direct impact is you can then also have a better outlook on your objectives.

We all have a series of short-term and long-term goals in life.

But the problem is quite often we lose track of these in trying to deal with challenges.

But the moment we sit to write our personal mission statement, we get a fresh perspective.

It is often like a clarion call.

As individuals, we all have some special moments.

But in the daily hustle and bustle, we often lose track of these.

When you chart out your goals in your personal mission statement, the math is set right.

It is almost like giving a wakeup call to yourself.

You remind yourself of how you had planned your life to be.

If something was left undone, this is your opportunity to recoup lost ground.

Most importantly if you feel purposeless or lost, this helps to reassign your life objectives.

Think about corporate establishments.

Why do they set targets for their employees?

This is not because employees are not working enough.

It is primarily because it keeps the focus intact.

Employees don’t just take pride in their existing achievements.

They learn to recalibrate their performance and create a new list of achievements.

Listing out your goals in a personal mission statement serves exactly this purpose.

You recalibrate and constructively reassess your achievements.

How Does a Personal Mission Statement Help You

So we now get a clear idea of the reasons why you need a mission statement.

But the point is how a personal mission statement helps your cause?

Well, the most important benefit is it helps to integrate who you are.

It brings in a common ground between what you plan to achieve and what you can.

Often we may have many plans but are unable to execute.

That can be for a variety of reasons.

One of the most important factors is lack of proper planning.

Well, this is where a mission statement helps you.

Often you don’t just outline your mission in life.

Most times as you are doing it, you also tend to work out a strategy for it.

You make a mental note of what you want to do in life.

In doing so, it brings a unique confluence of objectives and execution.

As a result, you get to know about yourselves better.

You discover latent abilities and get the strength to dream big.

Often that can be the biggest factor for individuals.

It gives them the appropriate motivation to excel and try new challenges.

So a mission statement undeniably creates a consciousness about your being.

It fills your life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Perhaps that is why you see most successful entrepreneurs penning down the mission statement.

They are already driven individuals, but starting a new enterprise is no child’s play.

In many ways, this mission statement then becomes the driving force.

It motivates them to continue even when the going seems to be touch.

Most importantly a personal mission statement keeps individuals grounded.

It helps them keep calm in failure as well as success.

This is because often this statement reminds them of their roots.

The Primary Requirements of a Mission Statement

That brings us to the next level in this discussion.

Every document has its own unique dos and don’ts.

There are some points you must keep in mind while writing these.

There are some aspects that you need to ignore.

1. Dos of writing a mission statement

– Complete honesty

Don’t write a personal mission statement just like that.

You need to think deep and be 100% committed and clear.

Don’t put in talents that you may not possess or skills you are not good with.

Remember a lot of time people form an opinion based on the mission statement.

In this case, if it is wrong, they may have wrong expectation from you.

– Be specific

Don’t make the mission statement vague

Be very specific about the talent and the qualities you list out.

In that way, you can also maintain a clear focus.

– Think out of the box

You must remember that your mission statement has to get eyeballs.

For that, you need to write in a manner that gets maximum attention.

For this reason, a bit of out of the box thinking is very important.

That will help you highlight the most impressive points in an attractive manner.

Needless to mention this will help give you an edge over others.

– Be focused

Focus is primary when you are writing a mission statement.

If you don’t have focus, there is 100% chance that your narrative will suffer.

The writing quality will be haphazard, and you may not attract as many readers.

Moreover, the reader may feel you lack focus.

– Make an original copy

This is the most important aspect.

Originality always gets an extra score.

If needed, write multiple copies.

 2. The Don’ts Of Writing a Personal Mission Statement

There are some factors that you should always avoid.

It will improve the readability.

It will also help you create a strong statement.

– Don’t copy

You may read hundreds of mission statement.

You find them interesting, attention-grabbing.

But remember that’s not you.

These are accounts of people very different from you.

Your personal mission statement has to be your story.

You may take inspiration or follow a certain style.

But don’t plagiarize.

That is always a big avoid.

It unnecessarily raises a question mark on your credibility.

This is highly avoidable.

– Don’t Harp on one point

Your mission statement is often a peek into who you are.

So imagine window shopping on a street.

Which are the stores that attract you most?

Undeniably, the ones that offer the maximum view or the most varied range.

Your mission statement serves exactly this purpose.

So you may want to stress on a specific achievement or quality.

But make sure to include all other points.

Otherwise, the mission statement will be repetitive and very boring.

As a result, people may lose interest in reading it.

So that will defeat the entire purpose of creating this mission statement.

– Don’t Oversell

This is another point to remember.

You must understand that the personal mission is like a marketing pitch.

Balance is the key aspect to remember.

Whenever there is a lack of this balance, it creates a biased perspective.

As a result, the narrative also suffers.

It becomes one sided and boring.

Also, the reader can understand that you are trying very hard to convince them.

That never makes for interesting reading.

As a result, they will either ignore or reject your application.

Then again your entire purpose of writing this mission statement is nullified.

So, Personal Mission Statement Is Extremely Important

It is not just a documentation of your personal goals.

It is also a reiteration of the personal objective.

In many ways, it also lists out your most important achievements.

So, it is a record of your successes and greatest moments too.

Sometimes in life, when you may be feeling very low, this statement can perk you up.

It can help you achieve even greater highs.

But writing it can be tricky.

You have to maintain a balanced perspective and offer a constructive narrative.

This is very important for maintaining the reader’s interest.

It will also help impress your potential employers and highlight your achievements.

All in all, a well-constructed personal mission statement is a reflection of your true self.

It provides credibility and enhances your efficiency.

Therefore, you need to focus on creating a gripping personal mission statement.