Pi Value Will Go Up: Are You Missing This Opportunity?

Few days ago, I published an article on a new cryptocurrency, Pi: How to Mine Pi the New Cryptocurrency Coin on Your Phone for Free

I explained in the article that when Bitcoin was introduced to public, 99.99% of people didn’t give it a damn. But many of those who paid some attention to Bitcoin and spent some time and money on it became millionaires because Bitcoin’s value went from zero to close to $20,000 in eight years. Bitcoin created 23,000 millionaires. But it is now too late to become a millionaire with Bitcoin, because it is not easy to mine Bitcoin anymore, and its expensive price and also its price fluctuation make it impossible for most people to invest and make profit.

When an opportunity is gone, it is gone…

But in the same article, I explained that the new cryptocurrency could become even better, more popular and even more expensive than Bitcoin. It is based on a new algorithm and technology, and so it doesn’t damage the environment, whereas Bitcoin does.

It is free to mine Pi for now, and this is an unbelievable opportunity for us. But this opportunity won’t last forever.

I expected them to slow down the mining process and make it harder because it doesn’t make sense to mine Pi for free and with a high speed, and produce millions of Pi coins, and then expect its value to go up when it enters the cryptocurrency market. If everybody can mine Pi for free forever and with the same speed, then the value will remain zero forever.

But they did what I expected them to do, and this means that there is intelligence behind Pi. As I said in my previous article, Pi was established by Stanford graduates. If Stanford graduates like Larry Page and Sergey Brin could create Google that is worth billions and is the number one website over the Internet now, then we can expect other Stanford graduates to create a cryptocurrency that becomes the top cryptocurrency in the world.

Although there is no guarantee, it is worth to start mining Pi, not to miss another opportunity again.

Here is what I expected them to do to increase the Pi value dramatically to compete with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and they finally did it on time:

Currently, over right million are mining Pi on their phones. When this number reaches 10 million, the mining rate will either halve (becomes 50% slower) or fall to zero!!!

What does this mean to those who haven’t started mining Pi yet???

It means you are missing a big opportunity that will never be back. It is a 100% free opportunity that can make you a millionaire in future, but you are missing it so easily.

Here Is What You Must Do:

1. If you haven’t installed the Pi app on your phone yet, do it now by following the instructions of this article: How to Mine Pi the New Cryptocurrency Coin on Your Phone for Free

2. If you have installed the app, but you don’t open it every 24 hours to activate mining, make sure to do it to keep mining actively. It is explained in the same article how to do this. Open the app right now and activate your mining. Don’t fall behind.

3. Refer others, specially your relatives, loved ones and friends. As I explained above, if the number of Pi miners reaches 10 million, you either won’t be able to mine, or the mining rate will go down for 50%. So you must refer people around you to give them this opportunity as soon as possible, because once the number reaches 10 million, they won’t be able to mine, even if they install the app and sign up for an account. Besides, referring others will boost your mining rate, and you should do it as long as this is still possible to do, and before the number of Pi miners reaches 10 million:

Pi Value Will Go Up

You are missing a big opportunity if you are not mining Pi on our phone right now. I am not saying that Pi will definitely become so valuable like Bitcoin. Maybe not. We never know. But nobody thought Bitcoin’s value could reach $20,000 in 2017, when it was accessible to public in 2009 and its value was just $0.0008. So it is wise to mine and collect Pi when it is 100% free and has absolutely no cost.

According to what I have learned so far, and based on the experiences I have gained since 2002 that I have been in this business, I think Pi is going to have a brilliant future. I don’t guarantee anything, but I see intelligence behind Pi, and so I expect it to become so valuable in future. I don’t want to miss this chance, and so I am mining Pi on my phone.  I recommend you to do it too.

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