Have you ever played chess, online, for real money? You can play chess here on our website, against The LuckScout Chess Player Robot, and get paid through PayPal, if you succeed to get placed among the top three chess players. The good thing here is that all chess players with different skill levels can win because they can play three levels of difficulty, over and over, to collect points to win. Therefore, what we are offering here is completely different from what other websites offer.

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1. Click Here to sign up for an account on our website.

2. Click Here to make a $20 donation (no refund once paid) through PayPal to sign up for the incoming contest. Once you make the payment, your name will be published on this page.

3. When the number of participants reaches 100, the contest will be started. You will have 24 hours to play chess here on this page (below) as many times as you can, to collect points. We will email and notify you two days before the contest starts, so that you can get ready.

There are three difficulty levels with different points that you can earn each time you win. You don’t lose points when you lose a game:

  1. Easy: 10 points
  2. Medium: 50 points
  3. Hard: 1000 points

For example, let’s say you win the easy level for 15 times (15 x 10), medium level for 5 times (5 x 50), and hard level for 2 times (2 x 1000). Therefore, your total points will be 2400:

150 + 250+ 2000 = 2400

4. The top 3 chess players who got the highest number of points will get rewarded:

  1. First position: $500
  2. Second position: $300
  3. Third position: $200


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Play Chess Online for Money

Have you signed up above?

Our website is the only place on the Internet you can get paid and earn money to play chess. You can do it through the above contest to earn money any time you participate and sign up for a contest. However, you can change this to a long-term business if you join our LuckScout Club. It means you can keep playing chess on a daily basis to earn points. Your points will turn into money, under some special conditions, at the end of each month. You can learn more here.

Practice to Improve Your Chess Playing Skills

If you have signed up for a contest above and you are waiting for the number of the participants to reach 100, you can play and practice chess for now, to improve your skills and learn how the LuckScout Online Chess Player plays: