Professionals Are Losing Their Job! Are You Thinking About Your Future?!!

Let’s share some apparently bad news and then give you some good news:

1. Google and YouTube parent company, Alphabet Inc., is cutting about 12,000 jobs worldwide, as the company confronts a slowdown in its rapid growth amid an economic downturn hitting the technology sector with a series of blows. This equals 6% of the employees of this company.

2. Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees too. Microsoft said it’s letting go of 10,000 employees as the software maker braces for slower revenue growth.

3. Amazon is set to begin a new round of layoffs affecting more than 18,000 people.

4. Elon Musk laid off 75% of Twitter’s staff too.

What do these unemployed people have to do now???

Yes, they must look for jobs. But, is it easy to find new jobs while giant companies like the above one are massively laying off their talents and professional tech employees???

Most of these people thought that technology was a safe sector to focus on. They thought they would never have any problems in finding jobs and taking high positions. Now, even many with really high positions are losing their jobs. Why???

It doesn’t matter why. It is what it is. The world changes all the time and we cannot stop it. Something that matters to us is to prevent the same thing from happening to us. How can we do it?

There are always lots of good and new things inside the apparently sad and bad events or news. There are opportunities at the heart of crises, disasters and problems. When a door is closed, so many other doors are still open or will be opened if you look carefully. Not only I don’t feel sorry for those people who have lost their jobs, but also I am happy for them because I do know that this apparently sad fate is the beginning of a happy new life for them. The same thing happened to me decades ago. I decided not to work for anyone ever since. When you work for someone, you should always expect to get laid off one day.

It is not only that. If you work for yourself, but your business is not scalable and your income cannot become increased over time, you are doomed again.

You see??? Life is not easy; not only for those who work for others, but also for those who are apparently self-employed and have their own businesses. You fall down if you don’t be careful.

The solution is to use every moment to achieve financial freedom through a proven system, otherwise you will be in trouble sooner than later. Those tens of thousands of professionals who just lost their jobs, never thought about it last year this time. But it happened. This is a big lesson for them, and also everyone, including us.


Are you skilled, equipped and serious enough about achieving financial freedom through offering a great and perfect product/service (as I have explained here)??? If not, then are you serious about doing it through following our community???

Apparently, there are only two options for most people. Offering a great and perfect product/service is something that not even one in a million is able to achieve and maintain. However, everyone is able to join and follow a community like The LuckScout Community because it is built in a way that it works for everyone, not just a special group of people with special knowledge, skill and experience.

We are on the way to achieve financial freedom for all of our active and loyal members.

Yes! Financial freedom is the ultimate solution for all of those who recently lost their jobs, and also everyone, including you.

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By Vahid Chaychi

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