A Profitable Online Business Idea That Can Be Mostly Automated

Computer and the Internet have made it possible to start an online business and make money from home. The Internet and the massive traffic it has, is a great source of business and income. Fortunately, the Internet is getting more and more popular every day. There are millions who have an online business and make a living through it. And, there are so many talents who come with a new and profitable online business idea every day.

Although the Internet is also a good chance for the scams to rip people off, still there are so many legal, legitimate and extremely profitable opportunities and ideas that you can follow and make a fortune with. There are so many businesses that you can do online. But unfortunately, many of them are nothing but wasting of time and money. I am listing some of the online business ideas below and am explaining why they are not good and they don’t work. Then, I will explain about another great idea which is so profitable, and has already created so many millionaires. I will also explain how you can start the business and how we help you make the most of it.

Some of the Well-Known Online Business Ideas That Can Hardly Become Profitable:

There are some online business opportunities that look so demanding and are popular among people. The reason is that there are so much advertising on them by the companies that run and handle these kinds of opportunities and ideas. They make people think that they can make a lot of money through these opportunities. However, in most cases, it is the companies that make a lot of money out of the people’s efforts. These opportunities are usually some win/win games for the companies, and a win/loss or loss/loss game for the customers and clients.

Here is the list of some of these online business ideas and the reasons why they don’t work and they can’t make any money for people:

1. Online Currency and Stock Trading

Online currency (Forex) and stock trading look like some very easy ways of making money from home, mainly because all you have to do is, (1) installing a trading software (platform) on your computer, (2) opening a trading account and depositing some money in it, and, (3) buying and selling the currencies and stocks to make profit.

You don’t have to sell any products to anybody, no recruiting and advertising, no marketing and talking to the potential customers on the phone or replying emails. Also, you don’t have to build a website and reply any emails . You don’t have to deal with anybody. When you look at the price chart and you see the prices’ ups and downs, it look so easy to buy when the price starts going up, and sell when the price starts going down. So, at the beginning, it looks like a perfect and extremely profitable online business idea that has none of the hassles of the other businesses. But, it is different in reality and when you try to make a living through it, let alone making a fortune and getting rich. Why?

– Why Online Currency and Stock Trading Are Not Proper Online Business Ideas?

I am not saying that it is impossible to make money through online currency and stock trading. There are some people who do it. However, the most important fact you have to know is that, trading, as an online business, has such a low success rate compared to the other businesses. Those who consistently make profit through currency and stock trading are way less than 1%, and their number goes down every day, because the brokers get greedier every day and scam their clients more. It was much easier to make money 5-10 years ago, but it has become much harder.

Those who make profit consistently, have some different approach and conditions nowadays. The consistently profitable traders, are long-term investors. Trading is not their full-time job and their main source of income. It needs a completely separate article to explain about the reasons of the retail currency and stock traders’ failures. There are some articles on this site already.

But the last word about this subject here in this article is that, if still there is someone who thinks I am wrong, he can spend his time and money on retail trading (the way that retail brokers and scam trading mentors say, not the way that I say in the articles I listed above), and come back here after losing a lot of money and wasting a lot of time. I know some people who are still losing money after 25 years of trading. One of them lost almost 90% of his retirement savings in Germany’s stock market. I know another person who lost about $7,000,000 in currency market. There are so many others as well. The correct way of trading that makes profit consistently, is completely different from what most people think and what brokers and trading scams advertise.

This is another way to waste your money online. Maybe there were some people who have made some money through online surveys, but not anymore. This only makes money for the websites that sell the online survey lists, to those who want to make money through online surveys. So, if you are looking for a profitable online business idea, forget about online surveys because you can’t make any money through them.

3. Website Developing and Programming

There are so many professional web developers and programmers who make thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. So, it is a great online business opportunity, but not for everybody; only for those who are experienced web developers and programmers. Therefore, in case you want to make money through this online business idea, first you have to become a great web developer and programmer who can strongly compete with the others. In case you can achieve to become a perfect web developer and programmer, there will be so many ways to offer your services and find hundreds of clients and tons of different projects. For example, there are some good platforms like Upwork.com that connect you to your potential clients.

However, you need to collect so many 5-star reviews to become able to compete with the other fellow web developers and programmers. If you become skilled enough while you are creative and talented, you can create your own products and sell them online. Therefore, you can become a self-employed web developer and programmer who creates and promote his online business ideas. For example, you can create different website and blog templates and themes that can be used for different purposes. Or you can create WordPress plugins to resolve different problems or add some features to the WordPress platform.

– A Great Online Business for Professionals

Indeed, there are so many ways to make money online when you are a really professional and experienced web developer. But only when you are really professional and experienced. There is no place for the amateur and ordinary developers. And, it takes a lot of time and energy to reach to the level that you can make a living through web developing and programming. Life doesn’t have to be that hard. The Internet has made it so easy to make money, make a living and even make a fortune and get rich without having any experience in anything at all. I will tell you how.

4. Freelance Writing

This is also so similar to web developing and programming. You can make a lot of money through it. But you have to have enough experience and skill, and you should be able to offer a high quality work to become able to make a reasonable amount of money as freelance writer. However, if you expand your mind from working for the others, to writing for yourself as a blogger, then that will be a great online business idea that can literally make you a millionaire when you are a good, enthusiastic and talented writer.

Blogging is a great way of making money online and promoting any kind of business. When you are a good writer, then you can start your own blog, write for your blog and make a lot of money through it. Therefore, you can easily turn an ability and skill that can hardly make money, into a great online business idea that can make you a millionaire.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is almost one of the very first online business ideas that was born with the Internet. In a nutshell, you can become an affiliate with a company, and then make money through selling their products and services. They pay you a commission whenever you sell something. They handle the transactions, shipping, customer service and everything. All you have to do is driving traffic to their products through your affiliate links. Although there is a complicated algorithm behind the affiliate programs, they look so easy to understand at the front side.

However, to make money through affiliate marketing, you have to be a good online marketer who is able to drive targeted traffic to products and services, otherwise you can’t make any money at all. You have to either spend money on advertising on pay per click search engines and social media sites like FaceBook, or you have to have a popular website or blog that has loads of traffic. Therefore, while affiliate marketing is a great online business idea which can be so profitable, it is not everybody’s cup of tea also.

6. Creating eBooks and Online Courses

Creating and selling eBooks, is among the most popular online business ideas. There are so many who have been doing this since the Internet became accessible to the public. Many of them have made hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Creating and selling eBooks that are focused on the popular and demanding topics, is one of the best ways of establishing passive income, because the eBooks can be sold online forever while you do almost nothing. The good thing with this idea is that it is so cheap and your costs are almost zero. You can sell millions of copies of an eBook online without having to spend any publication fees. However, you have to be able to write a good eBook on popular topics if you want to make any money.

Above all, you have to create a good and popular website to market your eBook. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to advertise your eBook and still it is not clear whether you will make any profit or not. If people don’t buy your eBook eagerly and they don’t recommend it to each other, then you won’t make any profit. This is something that makes this online business idea, one of the hardest ways to make profit.

– Online Courses

It is the same with the online courses. A popular online course, can be a great source of profit. Like eBooks, it can be sold online without having to spend a lot of time and money, if it becomes popular and demanding. A video course can be sold to an unlimited number of students, because it can be watched and used online by an unlimited number of users. However, it has the same cons as creating and selling eBooks:

It is not a business idea that can make profit for everybody. Creating an online course that makes money consistently is not that easy. It needs a lot of knowledge and experience, and sometimes a lot of money to take it off the ground and make it profitable.

7. Blogging

Blogging is a great online business idea. There are so many bloggers who make thousands or even millions of dollars through blogging. Blogging is one of the ideas that I always encourage people to follow, even if they don’t want to make any money online, or run an online business. The reason is that blogging is a reason to write and make your brain work. It improves your other skills, makes you keep in touch with the people all over the world, and it can be a good booster for your business too, no matter what kind of business you have.

To make money through blogging, you have to be an enthusiastic writer who is able to write about a specific topic (niche) like business, money, Internet, computer, success, economy, investment, and things like that. Surely, it is not an easy task, and so, blogging is not everybody’s cup of tea as well. For example, you will have a hard-time to start a blog and make it make money for you, if you are a retired 60 years old person who needs to have some extra income to have a better retirement, and, at the same time you have never written any articles and you’ve never had a chance to develop some good writing skills. Above all, you can’t make money through your blog after a few months or even after a few years of blogging, specially if you choose a niche that is not so popular and demanding.

A Really Profitable Online Business Idea That Works for Everybody, Not Just for the Experts, or for the Company That Offers It

What I listed above, are good online business ideas. But they have some serious problems that prevent majority of people from making money with them. Here is the problems they have:

  1. Some of them don’t make enough profit.
  2. Most of them are hard to start and launch.
  3. Many of them are hard to promote and make them profitable.
  4. Many of them are for the professionals who are the Internet and computer experts.

So, the above opportunities can’t benefit everybody. The question is whether there is a really profitable opportunity that doesn’t have the above problems?

Before answering this question, let’s list the features of a perfect online business idea that is highly profitable:

  1. It has to be easy to start, maintain and promote.
  2. It has to be extremely profitable.
  3. Its income has to be scalable, so that its profit can be increased as much as possible.
  4. It has to be easy to follow and start for everybody, not just those who have special computer and Internet skills, or special online marketing and business experiences.

1. How Is It Possible to Offer Such an Easy to Start, Maintain and Promote Online Business?

The idea of such an online business is not new. When the Internet entrepreneurs found out that the Internet is a great place to start profitable businesses, they thought it would also be possible to offer some kinds of online businesses that are similar to franchise. They thought the success rate of such an online business could be much higher, because it made people follow a proven business plan and system. That was the time that companies offered a special kind of affiliate program that also taught the affiliates how to do the marketing to make profit.

But, such a system worked only for those who were or could become skilled and experienced online marketers.

Couldn’t the sharing and automation features of the Internet and computer, offer something more?

Could an online business work automatically?

A business can never be 100% automated, and the human supervision and intervention is necessary, at least in some parts. But an online business can be automated in most parts, because it is done with the computer and through the Internet. Some of the sections that can’t be automated, can be done by a team who handles most part of the work for the members. If so, ordinary people who have no computer and Internet skills, can make money through such an online business system. Most parts of the system are automatic and the other parts of the system that can’t be fully automated, can be done by the team. Therefore, members only need to sign up and join the system.

It is only during the set up stage that the members have to spend some time to learn the system and set up their online business. This stage can also become simplified with the help of the experienced coaches and senior members. Therefore, such an automated online business idea, meets the first condition which is being easy to start, maintain and promote.

2. How Do They Make This Online Business Extremely Profitable?

There are three main ways of making our autopilot online business system, extremely profitable too:

a. Promoting the Big-Ticket Products

The first and most important way is promoting the big-ticket products and services that have a very high commission:

If you sell a $45 eBook through ClickBank as an affiliate, you will earn a $33.75 commission under the best condition that the vendor offers a 75% commission to the affiliates. If you sell a $19.95 book through Amazon, then you can make as low as $1.20 in each sale, because Amazon usually pays 6% commission. How many of these products you have to sell to make $10,000?

You have to sell about 300 copies of the eBook or 8,333 copies of the book to make $10,000. Selling 8,333 copies of a book is a lot of work and if you want to do it through the Pay Per Click search engines, you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertise. Although selling 300 copies of a $45 eBook is much easier, but that is not easy either and you have to spend a lot of time and money. Something which is the most important is that, you won’t make any profit at all, specially now that Pay Per Click advertising is becoming more and more competitive and expensive.

But, what if you sell a $29,995 product that makes a $10,000 commission for you?

You may say that selling a $29,995 product is much harder than selling a $45 or $19.95 product. But it is not. Such an expensive product has its own customers and when advertised and offered through the right keywords, and in the right niche, it will have the same conversion rate as a $45 or $19.95 product. For example, if you spend $2 per click to advertise a $45 eBook and you sell one copy after 200 clicks, you can sell one $29,995 product after 2-300 clicks and by spending maybe even the same $2 per click (depend on the nature of the product and the keywords you have to choose for it).

Therefore, you will become profitable by selling only one $29,995 product. So, selling the big-ticket products, is the first and most important way of making our online business highly profitable. Indeed, our online business system currently has several big-ticket products and hundreds of small products to sell and make commissions for the members. It is not only that. There is another important way to maximize the profit of our autopilot online business system. It is the idea of life-time allocation of the customers to the affiliates.

b. Life-Time Allocation of the Customers to the Affiliates

With ClickBank or Amazon, you will earn a one time commission if your referral buys the product. But, you will have no share and no commission from the future purchases of the same customer that you referred. It means you spend lots of time and money to refer customers, but then Amazon or the ClickBank vendor steals you customer. They send so many ads to the same customer that you originally referred, and the customer can make several more purchases, but you won’t get paid at all. You can’t even have access to the email addresses of the customer your refer.

In our autopilot highly profitable online business system, the customer will be allocated to you forever. Therefore, whenever he makes a purchase, they will pay you a commission.

c. Handling and Automation of the Marketing and Promoting of the Business, Customer Service, Sales, And… By the Company

This part makes the life of the affiliates and members much much easier. They just participate and get positioned. The company sets up the business for them and starts selling the products and taking care of the customers and payments for the members. Therefore, the members make money without creating their own products, dealing with customers, building websites, selling anything, having any special computer skills and any business or management experience, and without leaving the comfort of your home. These are all the features that has created an autopilot profitable online business system that its income has no limit.

3. What If the Members Want to Make Even More Money?

While the members can hire the system to make money for them, they can also boost their income if they want. There are so many ways to do that. For example, members can spend a portion of the money that they make, to promote their own business and make money. When you have a business which is strongly scalable, the business itself will be the best investment opportunity for you. It means, you can invest money in it to make it have a much higher income.

You can also create your own blog and build a community around it. You can lead your followers the same way that you were led when you joined the program. While doing this will boost your income dramatically, you don’t have to it, because the system is automated and makes money for you, as I explained above. In general, there is no limit to expand a great online business idea and make it even more profitable. When it comes to the Internet and the world wide web, the sky is the limit, specially now that there are some great business ideas available to anybody.

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