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Remote System Administrator Jobs: How to Make a Living with Sysadmin Home Jobs

The advancement in technology and better internet access has changed the entire dynamics of the work from home phenomenon. One of the most striking examples of this is that of the remote system administrator jobs. Traditionally, this type of crucial controls work was considered to be a completely office based job.

However, with the benefit of remote access desktop and complicated bypass process, the remote sysadmin jobs can be undertaken as effectively from home as from office. In fact, many times even companies prefer the work from home system administrator jobs that can be done remotely online, to that of an office job.

While the remote sysadmin home Jobs that can be fully done online, enable individuals to cut down on travel, wardrobe and even food expenses, it allows them to have more time with family and pursue other hobbies too. For companies too, it brings out a huge amount of cost rationalization. They do not have to deal with overhead expenses like arranging for separate office space, creating allocation in terms of electricity usage, data charges and also providing other related facilities. In short, the online system admin jobs are a win all proposition for both the employer as well as the employee.

Description of Remote System Administrator Jobs

Remote System Administrator Jobs

That brings us to the next point, what exactly does a system admin job comprise of? Understanding this fact is absolutely important as this alone will give you a fair idea of why this is such an appropriate work from home alternative. Well, there are many aspects of the sysadmin jobs.

It is a multifaceted responsibility that includes designing, maintenance and even post work. When you are handling this kind of job from home, you have to develop the capacity to balance multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Additionally, you also need to be able to anticipate concerns.

If you go for a basic definition, a sysadmin job is the complete configuration, maintenance and keeping a complete watch on the overall operation of the computer network in an organization. In short, a system administrator is the go-to person for all kinds of computer related function.

Their role is particularly important where there are complicated computer servers, multi-city computer network and international linking of servers. It is the system administrator who will look after the regular upkeep of the machines and their day to day operation. They are also the key people who help in establishing the relative reliability of these machines.

The security of the computer network and server too comprises of the sysadmin’s list of responsibilities. From creating firewalls to thwarting potential hacking effort, the system administrator looks after all of these issues single-handedly.

Whether you do a remote sysadmin job or go to office regularly for the job, you have to keep a constant eye on the performance of every machine and the entire server. You are the person who will address all the computer related needs of users in the organization and maintain a specific cost rationalization of the entire process as well.

Whether it is upgradation of machines, troubleshooting issues, incorporation of various components in the system or training new staff, all the supervision has to be undertaken by the system administrator. In short, the sysadmin is often the go-to person for any type of technical support. Computers by their very nature need in-depth understanding and let’s face it, not all of us can acquire that kind of knowledge. So in that context, the system administrator also becomes a key facilitator of the various technical functions that are undertaken by the organization.

Technical Knowhow

However, you must remember that before you apply for a system administrator job as work from home job opportunity, there are some basic qualifications you need to possess. It is not a work from home job that you can apply just because you decide to. You need to have some key qualifications for getting work from home system administrator’s job.

There are a special set of trainings that you must undertake, and you need to get specific certifications to actually bag this type of job. Only a combination of technical knowhow and deep academic expertise together brings about complete comprehension of the various intricacies.

A quick study of the many options that can help you take up remote system administrator jobs includes a degree in any of the following fields:

  1. Information technology
  2. Computer Science
  3. Electronics or computer engineering

You could also look at programs that are specifically targeted towards creating a sysadmin career through a certification or degree. This would mean that you could directly opt for in-depth study and not go through a long route involving first a basic degree and then specialization.

If you do not have a relevant degree but quite keen on getting one of the sysadmin home jobs, you could also look at gaining on ground training. In this case to gain experience, you have to get first-hand understanding of the various support systems live. You get a first-hand experience of the basic support systems that you might need to access.

This kind of training is particularly useful if you want to take up a remote system administrator jobs with small companies. They typically do not have a separate IT department, and these types of freelance remote jobs are ideal. The growing complexities of the various IT needs of a firm often necessitate some kind of sysadmin assistance but maintaining a regular team can be quite expensive.

But when you take up the work from home system administrator jobs based on specific on ground training, you are easily able to address these problems professionally. At the same time companies are not paying a bomb to support a huge technical team. They just have to hire you on a project basis and pay you on the basis of the projects that you handle.

This is exactly why a lot of academic institutions have started offering these programs at undergraduate levels as well. They are specific sysadmin roles and enable students to instantly get short-term system administration job. The gestation period as a result also gets reduced significantly.

The key problem with these roles is the dynamic nature of the technology. Often the course material could be outdated by the time the batch passes out. Often the effort that goes on to creating the entire curriculum and course material becomes irrelevant, and academics have to look at creating fresh material for the same degree.

This is exactly why the on ground training works a lot more effectively a system administration job as compared to a college degree. A college degree should only act as that of a facilitator to help you grasp all that information. However, you need to understand and have a basic perspective about computers. It is a pre-requisite though.

Candidates additionally need to know the basic computer languages. These will enable them to get an idea of the various elements of the job better and kind of support work that they have to extend. Rest, as they keep working and experiencing new issues, they can also self-teach themselves. That is one reason that remote system administrator jobs are so lucrative.

It creates an opportunity where if you are armed with basic information, you can extend it manifold depending on the nature of the job. If you are interested, you can also self-train yourself and get a detailed knowhow of the various element of the job. Moreover, as you face different type of support related problems, you will be able to create unique solutions better too.

Why Are Remote System Administrator Jobs Rising?

Well, I am sure you have already understood how remote system administrator jobs can be particularly relevant for small businesses but their functional importance often goes beyond it too. Be it small towns where the scope of getting quality sysadmins are remote or large firms who are looking at cost rationalization, the work at home sysadmins are a great alternative.

In a regular workspace, there are numerous IT issues that could be bothering the employees. Now all of them might not be extremely complicated but have to be addressed nevertheless. For example, if the computer is responding slowly or the files are not being shared appropriately or perhaps a particular computer has too many temp files, they all need a sysadmin to look into it. But these are the kind of sysadmin jobs that you can easily do via remote access. Surely, the cost of hiring a person for a day and maintaining a full team 365 days a year is very different.

Therefore, you see a systematic rise in openings for remote system administrator jobs. While on the one hand, it allows talented individuals with the requisite knowhow to have a flourishing career at home; it also helps companies get a better handle on their expenses. The dual benefits often play a key role in further multiplying these types of work from home opportunities for sysadmins.

Personality Traits Important for Sysadmins

Well, you all understood the type of academic degrees that you need for system administrator home jobs. However, there are few other personality traits too that you have to develop to become professional and efficient sysadmins. If you are working from home, they are particularly more important.

1) Multitasking

While you are trying to solve one computer problem, there is 100% chance that as a remote system administrator, you get 5 other calls asking you to address 5 different problems. Given the low awareness of key computer functions and the increasing use of computers, everyone will claim that their work is important. You need to handle the entire situation deftly and provide technical support to anyone in need of it.

2) Patience

That is exactly why a remote system administrator has to be extremely patient and calm. They cannot get flustered easily and need to know how to handle a tricky situation. For example, the Chairman of the company might be facing a minor computer issue while an Executive might be facing a grave network problem; it is only through a calm and patient approach that you can work out a sustainable solution.

3) Curiosity

Information technology is one area that needs constant updation. A system administrator’s learning never ends. As technology keeps advancing and newer solutions keep coming up, an able sysadmin can remain relevant only by creating a sustainable knowledge base. The more they try to expand the scope of their understanding, the better they are able to shine through. Especially when you are working from home, it is a great advantage. This curiosity will often help you make up for any lacuna that you might face because of not attending a regular office.

Where to Find Remote Sysadmin Jobs Postings?

The easy availability of online system admin jobs is another important factor for its rising popularity. Most of the reputable online job sites like Flexjobs or Upwork or Indeed and many others like these have hoards of remote sysadmin job postings. The relative credibility of these sites is a major positive.

When individuals are applying for online system admin jobs through these sites, there is far less chance of potential scams. Moreover, sites like Upwork also have appropriate checks in place to ensure that a client’s rights and rightful payments are not compromised with. As a result, even employees posting jobs through these sites are mindful of keeping a strict vigil on this count.

Therefore broadly speaking, the overall demand for work from home system administrator jobs ensured that relevant support is also in place to address it. Companies, especially in the current economic conditions, find these freelance sysadmins a much better alternative to full-fledged staff manning the systems. Moreover, the relatively better performance track record of freelance system administrators has meant that business also gain significantly from these associations apart from the huge savings that these appointments entail.

We can easily conclude that remote system administrator jobs is that unique arrangement that puts both employees and employers in a happy state. A unique marriage of convenience and technology, remote sysadmin jobs are often more flexible in terms of seeking help. Moreover, the sysadmins home jobs are not tied down by geographical boundaries. Most of these online system admin jobs entail that individuals can connect to systems anywhere in the world from any part of the globe without any hassle whatsoever. This has, no doubt, enhanced the relative reach and access of the scope that this job entails.

A Better Option for a System Administrator to Work from Home

Work from Home System Administrator JobsAs a system administrator, it would be great to find a work from home job opportunity and work as a sysadmin through the Internet remotely. To do that, you have to be a qualified IT person and system administrator. As it is explained above, it can take you such a long time to reach such a level. You can reach this level, but the problem is will you be happy with the money that you will make after such a long time of studying, learning and gaining experience as an IT and system administrator?

The problem is the money you will make when you work for someone else, whether from home or in an office, sometimes is not enough and even if it is, you can’t make a fortune through it. You have to be happy with it as a job that you can make a living with. Your job will be under the control of someone else and he/she is the one who offers the work and controls your income. Working from home as a system administrator will have a lot of fun and advantage but can’t make you happy in long term. You will be happy if you find a sysadmin home job when you are looking for a job and need an income to make a living with. But it can’t keep you happy in long term and soon you will come to this conclusion that you will be a loser if you stick to such a job.

As an IT and system administrator, I have a better option for you that will have so many great advantages. First, you can work from home with this option too. Second, you will be your own boss and nobody is going to tell you what to do and how much you work. Third, your income is scalable and will be increased month after month and year after year, and you can become rich and make a fortune with your job. Forth, it can generate residual income for you which means your income won’t be stopped if you stop working.

When there is such an opportunity for a system administrator to work from home and have so many benefits and advantages, then why should you work for someone else? Instead of working from home as an IT, work from home as a DTWhat Is Data Technology and How It Can Make You a Millionaire?

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