Writing the perfect resignation letter is never simple.

It should be pointed, but at the same time, it has to be cordial as well.

Most times, when you are quitting the organization, you are filled with absolute rage.

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But the trick is to maintain your cool and create a lasting image.

Your resignation letter has to be a unique mix of professionalism and politeness.

The idea is to craft it in a way that can ensure that your future career graph progresses unhindered.

It has to be sincere and appreciate that personal growth that you may have achieved.

Even if you are leaving due to any difference, don’t harp on it too much.

Remember this is a resignation not a document of your emotions and grievances.

In a nutshell, your resignation letter has to be simple, effective and to the point.

Resignation LetterThis fact needs to be borne out in not just the choice of format but the style of writing.

The core idea is to create maximum impact without investing a lot of time.

The fact is whether you like a job or not; resignation process is never a happy one.

The idea is to create a conducive atmosphere with your resignation letter.

You will notice that any sample resignation letter is mostly minimalistic in nature.

Well, you can add details, but you have to know how much.

Knowing where to stop is critical for a great quality resignation letter.

It is never a good idea to stretch it endlessly.

But at the same time, you should not forget to add the key details.

Most importantly it is important to highlight your willingness to cooperate.

At every instance, your resignation letter has to highlight your intent to extend a helping hand.

Resignation Letter- Format Is Crucial

This is exactly why the format is so important in case of a resignation letter.

It gives the letter a proper structure, and you get the appropriate opportunity to highlight details.

Whether it is about the starting or the ending, a proper format always enhances the outcome.

Formatting helps you to effectively organize your letter in proper order.

In that way, your style does not look haphazard either.

On the contrary, it makes your letter a lot more the point.

Moreover, it completely reduces the need to either sugarcoat the letter.

You don’t have to be too creative about how to begin or end it either.

All you have to do is simply follow a format and stick to basics.

A proper format also enables a more precise output.

You have to understand that purpose has to be conveyed.

How you convey is your choice, but it is best to keep it to the point.

Let’s Begin With The Beginning

Look at any sample resignation letter.

What is absolutely striking is the beginning of the letter.

After the basic formatting details like name, address, company and address, it states the purpose.

It straightaway mentions the effective date of the resignation.

Most times, the writer specifies the last day of the service too in this period.

So the idea is to convey the moot point of the letter right at the beginning.

There is no beating around the bush, and the reader instantly understands the purpose.

So with a beginning like that, the tone of the letter also becomes clear.

After all, this is not a love letter or a personal note.

It is an extremely formal communication.

So the idea is not to compromise the business-like feel of the letter.

Needless to mention that beginnings are crucial in this context.

They don’t just set the tone of the letter but also creates an impression.

A crisp beginning always makes the reader more interested.

They are more likely to finish the letter than otherwise.

The beginning therefore often decides how soon the reader will end it.

There is another huge advantage of crisp and precise beginnings.

It is rather minimalistic in nature.

As a result, you do not need any special language skills to compose it.

You can articulate the information in very simple words.

The whole idea is conveyed in a short and succinct manner.

This is often very important for the right impression.

Moreover, it eliminates the scope of mistakes to a large extent.

Inevitably you do not need too many words or sentences to compose a straightforward beginning.

Therefore, there are much lesser chances of making silly errors.

As a result, you are able to proceed in the right direction.

Don’t Underestimate Endings In Resignation Letter

If the beginning is an important part, the endings too are crucial.

You have to know the closing note has to convey the right type of feelings.

After all, that’s the feeling that will stay with the reader forever.

As a result, your ending too has to be strategic and positioned carefully.

It needs to address your professionalism and convey your helping nature.

Most importantly you have to convey to your boss your complete support.

It is always a good opportunity to use endings to your advantage.

For example, every effort teaches you key lessons of life.

So do a bit of soul searching and always remember to thank your colleagues.

Make a special reference to your boss’ contribution.

Don’t forget his contribution in any way.

This will make them realize how much you appreciate their contribution.

Being appreciative and humble are the basics of an ending in a resignation letter.

It always conveys a positive note to the entire resignation letter.

It makes readers appreciate the depth of your feelings.

However, remember that you don’t have to sugarcoat it either.

Instead of a flowery language, just stick to basic facts.

So you can simply mention facts like, ‘thank you for the opportunity you have given me.’

Or you can say stuff like, ‘I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities I got.’

So in very simple terms, your ending has to be positive and appreciative.

You don’t have to unnecessarily add details but simply state the obvious.

At the same time, see how well you can manage to state it in a positive tone.

This will help you keep the resignation letter simple but effective.

You can easily then use it as a platform to get a positive review in case of reference check.

The Address Is Crucial

Different companies have different ways of addressing.

In some countries and cultures, it is okay to call the boss by the first name.

But there are some, where it is not acceptable.

It is important to address your boss as Mr/Ms. XXX.

Yet again, some companies or cultures may necessitate ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’.

When you are writing a resignation letter, you have to be mindful of these subtle differences.

When you think about it, it is not too much.

But remember, your boss will start reading the resignation letter with the address.

Therefore, it becomes absolutely important, that you maintain the decorum.

You should not sound too friendly, but at the same time, it should not sound too distant.

The idea is you have to maintain the same tone that you have always maintained.

The overall address needs to be in tune with your general approach.

If you have always maintained distance with your boss, it is better to do so now too.

At the same time, if you have always maintained friendly terms, you can continue the same.

Don’t change your approach just for writing the letter.

Remember your resignation letter is an extension of your overall approach.

You do not have to suddenly change for the sake of the letter.

Divide Your Content Into Paragraphs

Formatting the resignation letter is also about how you can divide the content.

You can think that you hardly have 200 words to convey, you can easily finish in one paragraph.

But remember, it will not just make reading difficult.

It will also make the overall experience quite boring.

So, it makes sense to distribute the overall content into small paragraphs.

It holds the reader’s interest properly.

At the same time, it will make your letter more organized.

You can use the first paragraph to convey the basic news.

The second paragraph can perhaps make a small reference to your reasons for leaving.

You don’t have to mention the specific reason why you are leaving.

But you can refer to some basic information like, ‘moving for better opportunities’.

Or you can mention that you are ‘moving for personal reasons.’

You don’t have to devote too much time or divulge a lot of information.

But at the same time, it is crucial that you are able to let the company know why you are quitting.

In this context, there is a common doubt.

Supposing you are not happy with the opportunity you have got.

Suppose the company has discriminated against you, what should you do then?

Well, you can check the sample resignation letter that I have attached.

There is no harm in mentioning that.

But remember, you have to keep the tone positive.

At the same time, you simply have to state the obvious.

Don’t invest too much time into analyzing what could be better or what the firm should have done.

You just state the reason why you decided to join another organization or quit this one.

Ask For A Letter Of Reference

Most jobs that you join, will want a reference check.

They will want to know the feedback of your former colleagues and your boss too.

Therefore, your resignation letter has to take this basic fact into consideration.

Apart from certain exceptions, most companies are professional about it.

So you keep aside your personal equations and ask for a professional letter of reference.

In this context, keeping a calm, tempered and positive tone in your resignation letter can help.

It will help your boss also forget his personal grudges.

They will be more than happy in writing a professional letter of reference.

Unless you have applied in a company that does not need it, these letters are crucial.

It goes on to help highlight your overall proficiency.

This can undeniably enhance your professional future.

It will help you make a more seamless transition, both out of this company and into a new firm.

Remember that the resignation letter you are writing is a sort of PR exercise too.

It helps you to create a positive end to your association with the existing firm.

At the same time, this also lays the foundation stone for your association with the next one.

Let’s say that the reference letter does not highlight your potential properly.

This can make your new employers develop a bias against you.

I am not saying that this is the case always.

You are quitting one job and going for another one.

You surely expect better opportunities and success.

So it is always better to make sure that happens.

A good reference letter can help you achieve this to a large extent.

So make sure you request for it in a way that your seniors are forced to write a favorable one.

The Hand Off Is Important

There is another very important element in your resignation letter.

You must state your willingness in helping the company adjust to your quitting.

Obviously, if you quit, your company has to deal with the losses.

Your firm has to incorporate a new member and train them as well.

Sometimes it may not be just an internal shift.

It may also require hiring from an external firm.

So you have to highlight your willingness for extending all type of support.

It is either offering help in looking for a successor or training the person.

In many ways, this will highlight your professionalism.

So remember you devote a reasonable amount of space to this plan in the resignation letter.

This will make your existing company understand how much you value them.

At the same time, it may help your former boss put forth a favorable note for your next job.

So, it is a win-win situation for you both ways.

It also helps establish your professionalism to the core.

Most importantly, your willingness and support also help to project your positivity.

It highlights that you are not going with any type of grudge.

You are professional and forthright in your decision.


Therefore the ideal resignation letter has to be balanced and professional.

It should not compromise on your personal ethics.

But at the same time, it should highlight your professional edge.

Your positive approach can often help you make bridges with seniors who were against you.

A positive and a focused resignation letter also goes a long way in helping you score well I reference check.

The precise and crisp language also makes communication very clear.

It makes sure that your resignation letter is not ambiguous.

It highlights your direct approach and precision in execution.

But we decided to make it easier for you.

So here is a well-constructed sample resignation letter.

It helps you implement the fundamentals of how to write a resignation letter.

Sample Resignation Letter

Name of Employee Resigning

Address of Employee Resigning

Name of the City & State

Zip Code

Telephone/Mobile Number

Email ID of Person Resigning


Date of Writing the Resignation Letter


Name of the Officer You Are Addressing

Official Designation

Name of the Organization/Firm


Address of the Organisation/Firm


Details of City & The Respective State

Zipcode Details

First Name Or Mr/Ms. Last Name (It differs from company to company)

After very careful consideration I have decided to resign as XXXX (position) effective one month from today. I have really enjoyed my time at ABC Company, but increasingly I feel that my career goals are no longer in tune with the company’s working culture. So it is time for me to move on and chart new terrain for my career.

I convey my gratitude towards all my colleagues and bonds that we have forged through my tenure here. Your guidance and mentoring played an invaluable role in shaping my professional aspiration.

Both professionally and personally, I have learned so much while working for you.I will always remember my time in this organization.

I will make sure that the transition is a smooth one and am available for any help in this matter. This includes recruiting/identifying my replacement and training to the best of my abilities. Please make sure if there is anything specific you want me to do.

Once again, it was a pleasure working here as part of your team


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